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Funny customer @ architecture – how to measure my land (2014-02-26)

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Wednesday, 26 Feb, 2014
Country: Philippines
Page URL: https://www.teoalida.com/design/houseplans/

[15:47] customer service @ teoalida.com: Hello from website admin! Here I also offer ideas and design services… can I help you with anything? Just drop here a message!
[15:53] Visitor: hi ijust want to know what is the length and width of my 90sqm land
[15:53] Visitor: it is rectangular in shape
[15:53] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[15:53] Teoalida: You bought the land and you ask me for dimensions?
[15:54] Visitor: yes.. it would be great if u can help me/
[15:54] Teoalida: That’s funny… how I can know?
[15:54] Teoalida: actually… we can measure it in Google Eartth
[15:54] Teoalida: if you know the address… find it in satellite photo
[16:01] Visitor: ahm o so sorry . so its not possible to compute it or something like that ? i didn’t know the address but it was a vacant lot near my house..
[16:01] Teoalida: you don’t know math?
[16:01] Teoalida: 90 sqm can be 6x15m or 9x10m
[16:02] Visitor: anyway i am thankfull with your help
[16:02] Teoalida: or 8 x 11.25m
[16:02] Teoalida: What are you calling help? Teaching you how to multiply numbers?
[16:03] Teoalida: That is learned in 1st grade of school
[16:04] Teoalida: are you also interested to build a house on that lot?
[16:06] Teoalida: Or you / your parents already have a house, and you’re young kid, curious about land dimensions,but don’t know how to calculate land area?
[16:07] Teoalida: Sorry for offence but you’re an unusual chat
[16:19] Visitor: im sorry but i am using this icovia room planer and the site is requesting for the dimension and length and ft. and depth and ft, that i can’t understand.., and i am looking at this floor plan at this site and i am interested because the area was near the same of the area i want to build house and the chat box suddenly appeared and i thought the people chatting is kind to help.,, im sorry for the disturb. i know basic math but i just thought that architect or engineer or someone else knew the dimension that quick if i told them that my land is rectangular and it has 90square meter.. sorry im just trying to find some help
[16:20] Teoalida: This is not disturbing
[16:20] Teoalida: I love helping random strangers
[16:20] Teoalida: but you was really weird
[16:21] Teoalida: But do you own the land? would be funny to not know dimensions of your lot
[16:21] Teoalida: get a measuring tape
[16:25] Teoalida: And is really funny how do you expect anyone regardless of profession to be able to measure your lot remotely, without personally visiting your lot with a measuring tape (which you can do yourself)… actually I can measure the lot with approximation of 1 meter if you give me address and I see it in satellite photos
[16:37] Visitor has left the conversation

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