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Non-sense chat: Where is my cow? (2013-12-28)

Saturday, 28 Dec, 2013
Country: Ireland
Page URL:
[23:48] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, just drop here a message!
[23:48] Visitor: cows go moo
[23:48] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[23:48] Teoalida: LOL?
[23:48] Teoalida: What are you looking for????!!!
[23:49] Visitor: cows
[23:50] Teoalida: Someone looking for cows wouldn’t land in my website
[23:50] Visitor: i lost a cow and i was wondering if its on your websites
[23:50] Visitor: i cant find my cow anywhere
[23:50] Teoalida: You should be some kid looking for having fun on random websites
[23:50] Visitor: no. i just want my cow back
[23:51] Visitor: im a farmer
[23:51] Visitor: hello??
[23:51] Teoalida: I have no idea what to say
[23:51] Visitor: have you seen my cow?
[23:51] Teoalida: :))
[23:52] Visitor: please, have you seen it?
[23:52] Teoalida: I saw a chicken
[23:53] Teoalida:
[23:53] Visitor: i`ve been looking everywhere for my cow
[23:54] Teoalida: You’re the one with Wrestling website, right?
[23:54] Visitor: what? no.
[23:55] Teoalida: who is unable to pay hosting and domain but pretended to pay me half of supposed revenues… and send me me that employment form just to steal my personal info?
[23:55] Teoalida: in this case is a country coincidence
[23:55] Visitor: no, im not him
[23:55] Teoalida: but you should be someone who visited my website before
[23:56] Visitor: maybe its 1 of my bros your talking about
[24:07] Visitor has left the conversation

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