Funny singaporean claims that HDB will stop construction in 2015 and prices will skyrocket

A crazy guy is trying for 1 hour to convince me that HDB will die, that after 2015 construction of new flats will slow down and stop some day due of limited land, HDB resale prices will rise, etc.

He shall leave a PUBLIC comment on website to share his “realistic” thoughts to everyone… but nooo, he is wasting his time on chat, wasting my time too, telling his non-sense thoughts to only to me. I have to publish the chat there for him.

I don’t understand what he actually wanted FROM ME!!!!

Friday, 4 Oct, 2013
Country: Malaysia
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[20:17] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, just drop here a message!
[20:23] Visitor: Be reasonable ,how the Price be lower, when 35-40 years ago Singapore population only 2.3 million, that already takes big chunk of Singapore scare land consist 27 estates in facts to accommodates 2.3m…now towards additional 4.6 million where these where to get huge land to build 44 estates? as big as Ang Mo Kio,alone ?
[20:24] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[20:24] Teoalida: I don’t understand what is the relation with prices
[20:24] Teoalida: prices are influenced by supply and demand
[20:24] Teoalida: and concept plan is made for 6.9 million people
[20:24] Visitor: exactly…..
[20:24] Teoalida: 1.4 million HDB units
[20:24] Teoalida: and still leave 20% of land for forest and parks
[20:25] Visitor: where the land come from?
[20:25] Teoalida: But I am in doubt how will look Singapore beyond year 2030, beyond 6.9 million people
[20:25] Teoalida: maybe they will demolish most 12-storey blocks and built 60-storey instead?
[20:25] Teoalida: like Hong Kong
[20:26] Visitor: have been to HK….hardly 60 storey
[20:26] Teoalida: when?
[20:26] Teoalida: see the number of floors
[20:27] Visitor: using turbine water pump? you think easy to raise water volume if 60 storey
[20:28] Visitor: come on…it take .27 estates to accommodates 2.3 citizens before…ang mo kio,toa payoh bedok marine parade,jurong bedok,woodland many more….27 estates
[20:29] Visitor: all hdb land filled up
[20:29] Teoalida: There’s lots of empty land in existing estates
[20:29] Teoalida: You don’t see how half of Bukit Merah was demolished?
[20:30] Visitor: where additional land come from for additional 4.6
[20:30] Teoalida: and replaced with 30-40 storey blocks?
[20:30] Teoalida: look in Annual Reports at project ultimate
[20:30] Teoalida: they plan to fit 1.4 million flats in EXISTING 27 estates
[20:31] Teoalida: then with Tengah and Simpang could be even more
[20:31] Visitor: did you know,bukit timah,botanic garden,telok blangah…..belong to one entity…sultan of Johor..many more
[20:31] Teoalida: but there’s another problem… need to be built more office buildings for all these people
[20:31] Teoalida: anyway I am sure that industrial areas will be redeveloped too
[20:31] Teoalida: with higher-rise buildings
[20:32] Teoalida: and some industrial areas will be turned in residential
[20:32] Visitor: you telling me 90 % hdb land …..
[20:32] Visitor: no commercial or future reserved land?
[20:33] Teoalida: who said that?
[20:33] Visitor: come on that’s realistic view…..
[20:33] Teoalida: current HDB towns use 10% of area
[20:33] Visitor: tell where?
[20:33] Teoalida: c’mon open Google Earth or Google Maps
[20:33] Visitor: name one estate
[20:33] Teoalida: to see a realistic view of land usage
[20:34] Teoalida: how small are HDB estates compared with Jurong industrial area or the landed houses spawning from Bukit Timah to Bedok
[20:34] Visitor: demolished old flat? nonsense……they refurnished and upgrading even 4 years olds….now you telling they going to demolished
[20:35] Visitor: 40 years old
[20:35] Teoalida:
[20:35] Visitor: come on…..
[20:36] Visitor: facts
[20:36] Teoalida: some blocks upgraded in early 1990s are now scheduled to demolition
[20:36] Teoalida: but what are you doing there?
[20:36] Visitor: not easy…that why they offering limit bto
[20:36] Teoalida: are you trying to prove that prices will NOT fall?
[20:36] Teoalida: or are you student and planning land usage?
[20:37] Visitor: buid bto squeeze in between mature and none mature
[20:37] Visitor: no land
[20:37] Teoalida: this should be a great fact
[20:37] Teoalida: see clearly the coverage of HDB towns
[20:38] Teoalida: as ~1995
[20:38] Visitor: yes never fall
[20:38] Visitor: as LKY said…..don’t sell
[20:38] Visitor: appreciating …..that’s the truth
[20:39] Visitor: money is the game……….others just wayang
[20:39] Teoalida: > Town sheet > Residential area of all HDB towns is 7435 hectares… 74 square km, when country size is 720 square km
[20:40] Visitor: now smaller and smaller…….no more 4/5 room build…..future 2/3 room only……
[20:41] Teoalida: you’re wrong again
[20:41] Visitor: im telling you…..
[20:41] Teoalida: average flat size in BTO projects rose from 78 sqm in 2009 to 83 sqm this year
[20:41] Teoalida: due of rising ratio of 5-room
[20:41] Teoalida: also they introduced 3gen flats… even if just 5sqm bigger than previous biggest
[20:42] Visitor: compare to 20 years ago 127sq or 10 years ago 121sq
[20:42] Visitor: now 110 sq….
[20:42] Visitor: 5 room
[20:42] Teoalida: From where did you got all these wrong facts?
[20:42] Teoalida: such as 2/3-room only?
[20:44] Visitor: common hdb offer 150,unit 5 room 4 rm-300 unit ,900 unit 2/3 rm
[20:44] Teoalida: which one offer that?
[20:44] Visitor: that’s average
[20:44] Teoalida: Have you seen ?
[20:44] Visitor: almost all bto
[20:44] Teoalida: I show here exactly number of flats by type
[20:44] Visitor: some bto no 5 rm even
[20:45] Teoalida: some BTO no 3-room too
[20:45] Teoalida: you can see that there’s slightly more 5-room than 3-room
[20:45] Visitor: wrong all bto a must 2/3 rm
[20:46] Teoalida: YOU are the one lacking real facts
[20:46] Teoalida: perhaps you’re living in a block of studio/3-room
[20:46] Teoalida: because there are few such blocks… just FEW
[20:47] Visitor: come ……total 25,000 unit build for 4 years
[20:47] Teoalida: > Statistics based on resale transactions > average flat size is 97 sqm
[20:47] Visitor: 20,000 new citizen yearly….. Singapore citizen wait lor…
[20:47] Teoalida: and check HDB Annual Reports for REAL FACTS
[20:48] Teoalida: 25000 BTO flats are launched this year
[20:48] Teoalida: same for on-coming years
[20:48] Teoalida: only 2002-2008 had low construction of new flats
[20:48] Teoalida: how old are you?
[20:49] Teoalida: and are this questions related with any work or school project?
[20:49] Visitor: how 25,00o build……for new citizen?.
[20:50] Visitor: why hdb not build robustly… before….50,000 to 100,000
[20:50] Teoalida: AND for young couples who currently share a flat with their parents
[20:50] Teoalida: don’t forget that singles are allowed to buy new 2-room flats since july
[20:50] Teoalida: are you complaining tha there’s TOO FEW or TOO MANY new flats comparing with population rise???? I am confused
[20:51] Visitor: do know the generation Y population yearly in singapore?
[20:51] Teoalida: HDB production was NEVER more than 40000 flats per year … see
[20:52] Visitor: come on…..these how they built ramp up..yishun
[20:52] Teoalida: next update:November 2013 when Annual Report 2013 will be released
[20:52] Teoalida: I guess that 25000 flats were topped
[20:53] Visitor: yes 25,000 unit…that accommodates yearly new comers
[20:53] Visitor: 2015 slow down….
[20:54] Visitor: no more than 25,000 perharps 5,000 unit in 2015
[20:54] Visitor: land scare
[20:54] Visitor: did you know that
[20:54] Visitor has left the conversation

Friday, 4 Oct, 2013
[20:57] Visitor: you think what I said……there’s no more like before we have huge land as 27 estates
[20:57] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[20:57] Teoalida: Did you lost connection?
[20:57] Visitor: yes
[20:58] Visitor: its not easy to build 50 storey storey….duxton prove that
[20:58] Teoalida: so are you saying that construction will slow down in 2015 due of lack of land? WRONG
[20:58] Teoalida: There are lots of land
[20:58] Visitor: where
[20:58] Teoalida: Bukit Batok West, Tampines North, Punggol waterfront, Simpang, Tengah
[20:59] Teoalida: Where do you live
[20:59] Teoalida: now I see… you appear to be from Malaysia
[20:59] Teoalida: do you have Google Earth?
[20:59] Visitor: bidari..north tampines,waterfront……price million
[20:59] Visitor: where to you said
[21:00] Teoalida: activate Historical imagenery and see how slow the HDB towns expanded last 10 years
[21:00] Teoalida: what you don’t understand??
[21:00] Visitor: are you sure Malaysia…..proxy I can be in London…tooo
[21:00] Teoalida: 80% of Singapore population live in 10% of land
[21:01] Visitor: come on lah… new land….you’re saying old estate
[21:01] Teoalida: 5% of population live in landed houses which use MORE AREA than all HDB estates
[21:01] Teoalida: and these landed houses may be demolished some day (I hope)
[21:02] Visitor: how
[21:02] Visitor: not possible all are freehold
[21:03] Visitor: they not farmers of 60s
[21:04] Visitor: to co broke…..enbloc faces so many problem,….now individual pices of small lots of owner….you make me laugh
[21:04] Teoalida: another stupidity
[21:05] Visitor: reads 2015onward hdb is slowing down building hdb flat
[21:05] Visitor: in masterplan
[21:06] Visitor: that’s why i’m laughing to your block
[21:06] Teoalida: I have no idea if you’re singaporean spending all life in HDB estate, never saw a map, and don’t know how much land is… or you’re malaysian and don’t imagine high-density living of Singapore
[21:06] Visitor: come on….tell me….where in Singapore
[21:06] Visitor: I tell you exactly
[21:06] Teoalida:!data=!1m4!1m3!1d53764!2d103.73138!3d1.36449!2m1!1e3&fid=7
[21:07] Teoalida: This trapezoidal shape can be Tengah New Town
[21:07] Teoalida: and you can see it’s similar in size with Jurong West
[21:07] Visitor: you’re funny
[21:07] Teoalida: = 70000 units, 240000 people to live there
[21:07] Teoalida: I am funny? at least I am not annoying like you!
[21:08] Visitor: 27 estates to accommodates 2.3 million…..future add 4.6 does rings the bell
[21:08] Teoalida: what 4.6 ?
[21:08] Visitor: million
[21:08] Teoalida: each decade come 1 million, not more
[21:09] Visitor: facts every year 20,000 new immigrant citizens
[21:09] Teoalida: learn there for REAL FACTS
[21:09] Visitor: I don’t to say
[21:09] Visitor: know
[21:09] Visitor: you still denial
[21:09] Teoalida: each year come around 100.000 people in average… and if your stupid fact with 20.000 would be real, would be even better! 50 years to get an additional million people
[21:10] Visitor: 20,000 yearly till 2030
[21:10] Visitor: citizens
[21:11] Visitor: now 500,000 pr
[21:11] Visitor: 1.5 workforce
[21:11] Visitor: 3.3 citizen now
[21:12] Visitor: how to accomodates
[21:12] Teoalida: What is current population?
[21:12] Visitor: low affordable home
[21:12] Teoalida: I hope that you know at least this fact correctly
[21:13] Visitor: 5.3
[21:13] Visitor: increasing…daily
[21:14] Visitor: many pr in processing
[21:14] Visitor: why hdb slow down 2015 then?
[21:15] Visitor: 156 over subscription for 1 unit 2 rm ?
[21:15] Visitor: why
[21:16] Teoalida: hold on… trying to find some news article
[21:16] Visitor: bto in hougang lah bro
[21:16] Visitor: you make laugh
[21:17] Teoalida: There was an announcement that HDB will built at least 100.000 BTO flats over last 5 years
[21:17] Teoalida: = 20000 per year
[21:18] Teoalida: so why do you keep saying this stupidity that in 2015 will slow down?
[21:18] Visitor: last 5 years forget it….now 156 chasing for 1 unit lah
[21:18] Visitor: truth
[21:18] Teoalida: applicant ratio for BTO is 3:1
[21:19] Visitor: you want facts I give you
[21:19] Teoalida: 2.6:1 this launch
[21:19] Teoalida: a proof that is still in undersupply, backlog wasn’t cleared as they said
[21:19] Visitor: you estimation
[21:19] Teoalida: Give me LINKS to official announcements of your false FACTS
[21:19] Visitor: alamak you
[21:20] Visitor: wait
[21:20] Teoalida: and I still don’t understand what do you want from me, trying to convince what? to rewrite some parts of website? you could tell me exactly what to write
[21:21] Teoalida: or leave a public comment on website to show your “corrected” facts… I am curious how many will blame you for stupidities
[21:23] Visitor:
[21:24] Visitor: your stupidity hardly to understand
[21:24] Teoalida: What I should see in this page?
[21:26] Visitor:
Strong demand from singles has led to a high rate of application for new flats in the latest HDB sales exercise.
As of 5pm, there were over 150 singles for each of the five two-room units in Hougang.
Two other estates were popular with singles.
There were over 40 singles for each unit in Punggol, and about 15 singles for each unit in Choa Chu Kang.
[21:27] Visitor: you see all are over subscription
[21:28] Visitor: understand..its since 2010…have heard someone said…… hit first lottery if got selected
[21:28] Teoalida: This translates to an overall application rate of about 2.94 times.
[21:28] Teoalida: Look at OVERALL ratio
[21:28] Teoalida: I can as well show you under-subscription… 0.4:1 for Sembawang 4-room in May 2013
[21:28] Teoalida: but I already told you that BTO is still un undersupply = oversubscription
[21:28] Visitor: you don’t get it…don’t you
[21:28] Teoalida: what is the problem? what are you trying to contradict?
[21:29] Visitor: trying to tell you…….its show. unaffordable
[21:30] Visitor: singaporean
[21:30] Visitor: that’s facts
[21:30] Teoalida: Not all, but MOST BTOs are oversubscribed… that’s why HDB launch more and more, and why do you say that in 2015 will slow down???
[21:31] Visitor: now hdb not interested to build anymore……..just like giving his responsibility to bank
[21:31] Visitor: for loan…..private for home…get it
[21:32] Visitor: that’s is the future
[21:32] Teoalida: Show me a link, source for that stupid fact that HDB slow down or is not building anymore
[21:32] Visitor: now telling in your blog…..just opposite
[21:33] Visitor: go search for yourself…………
[21:33] Teoalida: Can you stop wasting my time via chat… and leave a comment on website?
[21:33] Visitor: all sign already on wall… still in this tate of denial
[21:34] Visitor: bye
[21:34] Teoalida: I have comment boxes, YOU have the chances to make public on my website your thoughts
[21:34] Visitor: never mind……why should I? since all you’re saying just opposite
[21:34] Teoalida: otherwise, do you want to publish this chat to show to everyone your fact/claims?
[21:35] Visitor: I’m telling you ,HK is the best example……..shoebox apartment is future home for singaporean
[21:36] Visitor: facts
[21:36] Visitor: 40 to 50 sq ft
[21:37] Teoalida: True, more and more <500 sq ft units were launched in recent years in private developments
[21:37] Visitor has left the conversation

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