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Bad website, nothing interesting (2013-08-30)

Friday, 30 Aug, 2013
Country: India
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[11:08] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, just drop here a message!
[11:08] Visitor: bad website
[11:08] Visitor: no iinformation
[11:08] Visitor: nothing to ask
[11:08] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[11:08] Teoalida: can you browse more pages?
[11:08] Teoalida: is full of information
[11:09] * Visitor is now viewing *
[11:09] * Visitor is now viewing *
[11:09] Visitor: not interested
[11:09] * Visitor is now viewing *
[11:09] Visitor: layout is very bad
[11:09] Teoalida: then how did you came here?
[11:09] * Visitor is now viewing *
[11:09] * Visitor is now viewing *
[11:09] Teoalida: Webs is a FREE hosting
[11:09] Teoalida: and one of the worst hosting nowdays
[11:09] Teoalida: that’s why layout is bad
[11:10] Teoalida: that’s why I made a new WordPress website since Aug 2012
[11:10] Visitor: not interested bye
[11:10] Teoalida: if you are not interested, why did you came here?????
[11:10] Teoalida: How did you found me, what was the google search?
[11:10] Visitor has left the conversation

Please note that he was NOT referring at, but instead at (my FORMER website, where since 2012 I left on it only the most non-interesting pages). But anyway, since he came here via Google means that he was “looking for something”.

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