Do I annoy people?

I don’t understand this… I was talking nice (I think) and he is saying that I annoy him. From first rows is NOT CLEAR if he needs my services or he is asking questions for pure curiosity. I was willing to offer him a little FREE HELP but he quit!

Sunday, 4 Aug, 2013
Country: Ireland
[13:10] Visitor: hi
[13:11] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[13:11] Teoalida: hello
[13:11] Visitor: do you only do building design?, not web design
[13:11] Teoalida: These are very different activities
[13:12] Teoalida: but I made the website myself
[13:12] Teoalida: can I call myself a webdesigner?
[13:12] Visitor: ye
[13:12] Visitor: lol
[13:12] Teoalida: Can I say that I offer webdesign services?
[13:13] Teoalida: in my opinion I can… BUT without learning PHP no customer will ever pay me any significant sum, because HTML is easy and everyone can do it
[13:14] Visitor: are you trying to annoy me?. you wanna put me on:
[13:14] Teoalida: I don’t want to annoy you
[13:14] Teoalida: Funny chat is for someone who annoyed me
[13:14] Teoalida: anyway, what are you looking for? why do you ask?
[13:14] Visitor: do you know anyone who designs websites for free?
[13:15] Teoalida: You look like a Webs user asking for curiousity, sorry if I made any confusion
[13:15] Teoalida: hmm… let me guess, did you came here to HIRE ME to design a website for you?
[13:15] Visitor: i accidentally deleted a website that took me forever to make this morning and i cant be bothered to re-make it. lol
[13:16] Teoalida: Don’t expect such service to be free
[13:16] Teoalida: I constantly get webdesign offers via email with prices $100-300+
[13:16] Teoalida: Can I help you re-making it?
[13:17] Visitor: do you gain revenue from this site?
[13:17] Teoalida: but first… since is YOUR website how I am supposed to know what I should put on it?
[13:17] Teoalida: I suggest to check Google Cache… maybe you can recover pages
[13:17] Teoalida: and yes I earn revenue
[13:17] Visitor: a lot?
[13:18] Teoalida: yes, a lot more than by using typical AdSense
[13:18] Teoalida: in case you are one of many people who think that ads are the only way of making money
[13:18] Teoalida: Architecture is an expensive business, you know?
[13:19] Visitor has left the conversation

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