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Crazy customer confusing me @ Car Database

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In this chat I made few mistakes. This isn’t a potential customer lost. He was looking for American-market car database and at that moment, the available car database are for European-market. He had NOTHING to buy from me. But I am afraid that he left… with a bad image about me!

This due of confusion caused by the fact that he wasn’t tracked by clicky.com, I do not know if he noticed the announcement of UPCOMING American Car Specs database, and I am still not sure if he was ASKING if the available databases have the following fields, OR he was SUGGESTING these fields for the upcoming database.

QUOTE of the message shown on website (I do not know if he saw it)
American car specs database – under planning as June 2013
Tell me WHICH SPECS are you looking for, and I will tell you if is possible!
My personal idea is 14 technical specs + year, make, model, trim, body… contact me for SAMPLE!
Do I should provide also a make-model-trim without specs? I wonder who would need TRIM but no SPECS.

Thursday, 18 Jul, 2013
Country: United States
Page URL: https://www.teoalida.com/cardatabase/modelslist/
[20:47] Teoalida customer service (trigger): Hello from website admin! Do you enjoy my databases? If you have questions or requests, just drop here a message!
[20:54] Visitor: Need to know if you have the following fields for your databases; ID Make Model Trim Year Car Category Car Engine Position Car Engine Car Engine Type Car Values Per Cylinder Car Max Power Car Max Torque Car Compression Car Top Speed Car Fuel Car Transmission Car Acceleration Car Drive Car Seats Car Doors Country of Origin Car Front Tire Car Rear Tire Car Chassis Car Co2 Emissions Car Turn Circle Car Weight Car Towing Weight Car Total Length Car Total Width Car Total Height Car Max Weight with Load Car Front Brake Types Car Rear Brake Type Car Cargo Space Car Fuel Highway Car Fuel Mixed Car Fuel City Car Fuel Tank Capacity
[20:54] Visitor: do you have any complete exampels for say, one car?
[20:54] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[20:54] Teoalida: That for future american specs database?
I shall say instead: This is your suggestion for the American Specs Database shown in Future projects? (I was an idiot and didn’t realized that he copied the list of specs from Pluup)
[20:54] Teoalida: You want a lot
[20:55] Visitor: just comparing
[20:55] Teoalida: much more than the 14 planned by me
[20:55] Teoalida: and I am in doubt where o you can find all them especially tires, Co2, brake types
[20:56] Visitor: OK, do you have the field names for your databases? (i.e. make, model, engine size, etc….) yours may do
[20:56] Teoalida: wait to upload you the sample
[20:57] Visitor: are you going to provide a sample?
[20:57] Visitor: here for me to upload?
[20:59] Teoalida: https://www.teoalida.com/cardatabase/wp-content/uploads/Car-Database-US-by-Teoalida.xls here is what I planned
[20:59] Teoalida: so thank you for suggestion of specs necessary
[20:59] Teoalida: unfortunately too many to know where to find them
[20:59] Visitor: Your welcome and thank you
[21:00] Teoalida: Do you think that my format with 14 specs will get sales?
[21:01] Visitor: How long have you been doing this?
[21:01] Teoalida: the US one or databases in general?
[21:01] Teoalida: Euro ones are started in 2003
[21:01] Visitor: car databases for what ever country
[21:02] Teoalida: since 2003 I started them and uploaded reguraly
I forgot to say that the US Database was started ONLY 1 MONTH AGO, he being the first person who suggesting specs so for this was the first person rewarded with the sample (this sample is not displayed on website because is just an experiment and no US database is available for sale at this moment)
[21:03] Visitor: OK, so you have a history, for the basic info yes, I think it should help in sales
[21:03] Visitor: and thank you again
[21:03] Teoalida: I have
[21:03] Teoalida: About Me and List of updates
[21:04] Visitor: ok
[21:04] Teoalida: but most buyers do not even check these pages
[21:04] Teoalida: I am a little confused about all this talk
[21:04] Teoalida: How many pages/files did you opened?
[21:05] Teoalida: in this chat you appear to be from US but in website traffic stats I have no visitor from US
[21:06] Visitor: Im from the US I opened one and the way you worded it, you did not show the actual fields in the database, you should get that up there
[21:06] Teoalida: You have some strange thing to hide yourself from visitors list!!!!
[21:06] Teoalida: And which one did not show
[21:07] Teoalida: All of them have headers for each column
[21:07] Teoalida: I don’t understand what you see that did not show
[21:08] Visitor: Car-Models-List-by-Teoalida-SAMPLE
[21:08] Teoalida: Make Model Sold in Western Europe Sold in North America European classification Years produced American classification Model Years (US/Canada)
[21:08] Teoalida: What is the problem? what else do you want?
[21:09] Visitor: Nothing, I was trying to help you, I won’t bother you again
[21:09] Teoalida: wait
[21:09] Teoalida: I have column names in first row
[21:10] Teoalida: so what “you did not show the actual fields in the database” ????
[21:10] Teoalida: Can you help me to understand what I missed, what you do not see or what I need to add?
I would rather say “if you want to help me, please offer a real help, not suggesting something done already”
[21:11] Visitor: you should alo list the names of the actual fields right on the website because people will not have to take extra steps to see what the fields are http://www.pluup.com/us-canadian-cars-database.html?gclid=CK_Up5a7ubgCFc2j4AodtmUAmg
[21:11] Visitor: I have to go
[21:11] Teoalida: Pluup do not provide sample
[21:11] Teoalida: I provide sample XLS, so I wrote the fields at top of XLS
[21:11] Teoalida: instead of separate page
[21:12] Visitor: I know, but the do provide the firelds right on the site
[21:12] Visitor: I have to go
[21:12] Teoalida: is this so important?
[21:12] Teoalida: just click the sample and see them
[21:12] Teoalida: I would NEVER buy the Pluup one… exactly because it do not provide ACTUAL SAMPLE
[21:12] Visitor has left the conversation

When he left I was typing this: What guarantee do you have that you get data in all the fields indicated on website, and not just EMPTY FIELDS?

Also I forgot to say: I already have wrote ON WEBSITE what data contains each database. QUOTE:

the original decision was (to simplify the database and minimize duplicate data), to include in the Engine Database the 8 most important technical specs in my opinion (engine type, displacement, horsepower, torque, acceleration, top speed, fuel efficiency, fuel type), as shown in most car magazines (example), additionally, I added body type, doors, engine and transmission layout.

But I admit, not in exact manner (one per row) like Pluup… don’t you think that Pluup is quite SEO-aggresive? the “car” word repeats 39 times in this page.

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