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Crazy FAKE customer @ webdesign services (2013-06-08)

WTF!! I am designer working in architecture field…. and this guy hire me to design a website for him despite that I have NOT stated anywhere that I offer webdesign services!

2 days earlier I had a little talk with an Indian Web Development company who spammed my email. Initially I told him that I am webdesigner (referring that I designed my website), he misunderstood that I am in webdesign business (referring at design BIG websites for people, which I am NOT) and suggested me to outsource my work to him. I re, for too high prices.

Today guy is talking like a noob, first asking my price, then offering $400, but not explaining exactly what he wants!
I suspect that he is a friend, employee, partner with the person who talked 2 days before. However, they are not in same city. He came directly, not from any search engine like Google or via a link, opened only the home page and started chatting in less than 1 minute. This unnatural behavior indicate that he was TOLD by someone to contact me, he was told that I am webdesigner and to check my prices… aka FAKE customer.

Saturday, 8 Jun, 2013
Country: India
Page URL: https://www.teoalida.com/
[13:14] Visitor: Hi
[13:14] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[13:14] Teoalida: Hello
[13:15] Visitor: How r u ?
[13:16] Teoalida: Fine as everyday
[13:16] Teoalida: are you same person from yesterday?
[13:16] Visitor: no
[13:16] Visitor: new
[13:16] Teoalida: so what are you looking for?
[13:17] Visitor: i want be your web design
[13:17] Visitor: let me know .what is cost
[13:17] Visitor: ?
[13:17] Teoalida: saying Hi before my greeting being triggered and asking about me instead of what are you looking for is typical for returning customers
[13:18] Teoalida: To design a website for you?
[13:18] Visitor: more than 15 page
[13:18] Visitor: what is cost
[13:18] Visitor: ?
[13:18] Teoalida: Number of pages matters less, what I should do more exactly?
[13:18] Visitor: ys
[13:19] Visitor: show me cost.
[13:19] Teoalida: Cost depending by what I should do
[13:20] Teoalida: Some may want just to buy hosting+domain+install WordPress, while you… what do you want
[13:20] Visitor: s
[13:20] Visitor: same thinking
[13:22] Teoalida: btw, how did you realize that I am webdesigner (did you read the footer?)… yes, I have some skills because I designed this website myself, but I never promoted me as webdesigner
[13:22] Visitor: i have only $400
[13:23] Visitor: you can do this my work
[13:23] Teoalida: That’s much
[13:23] Teoalida: How much work I need to do? I don’t understand
[13:23] Visitor: more than 15page
[13:23] Teoalida: number of pages isn’t important
[13:24] Visitor: i dont know about this matter
[13:24] Visitor: only i have some business
[13:25] Visitor: i want to be one site your create
[13:25] Teoalida: Let me give you an example: a local friend told me that will visit me, asking me if I have PayPal, he give me cash money to buy domain name via PayPal, install WordPress on a free hosting then let him to upload pages
[13:25] Visitor: i will talking tommorw
[13:25] Visitor: in this matter
[13:25] Teoalida: and I asked him 30$ for this
[13:25] Teoalida: since was free hosting
[13:26] Visitor: now time iambusy
[13:26] Teoalida: leave an email to prevent losing contact
[13:27] Visitor: bye
[13:28] Visitor has left the conversation

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