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Crazy greek swearing (2013-04-22)

Monday, 22 Apr, 2013
Country: Greece
Page URL:
[18:11] Visitor: Fuck yuo
[18:11] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[18:11] Teoalida: For?
[18:11] Teoalida: Do you have a legit reason to fuck me?
[18:12] Visitor: For not go to sleep hhhiiiiii
[18:12] Visitor: ick
[18:12] Visitor: nop msm
[18:12] Teoalida: I go to sleep in 7 hours
[18:12] Visitor: imaki
[18:12] Visitor: do t cere
[18:12] Visitor: ass
[18:13] Visitor: bich
[18:13] Teoalida: I have no idea what you were looking for or how do you found my website
[18:13] Teoalida: But you’re rude and FUNNY
[18:13] Visitor: Google bich
[18:14] Teoalida: I know that google what was exact search words?
[18:14] Visitor: You tooooooooo
[18:15] Teoalida: But what was exact search words?
[18:15] Visitor: Hay do skype
[18:16] Teoalida: Skype not, Yahoo and Gtalk are enough for me
[18:18] Visitor: My name memo
[18:25] Visitor: Need a houde
[18:25] Teoalida: What is houde?
[18:30] Visitor has left the conversation

In case he corrected Houde = House, I would say this: Are you serious? I see that you DID NOT EVEN visited any of my architecture-related pages

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