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Should I treat everyone like a potential customer?

Who said that I should treat each one like a potential customer?
This is the best example of person who contacted me just for friendship!

Wednesday, 27 Mar, 2013
[23:26] Visitor: hay
[23:27] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[23:27] Teoalida: hello
[23:27] Teoalida: How I can help you?
[23:27] Visitor: what`s your name
[23:27] Visitor: I can
[23:28] Visitor: taking with me
[23:28] Teoalida: All friends call me Teoalida so…?
[23:28] Visitor: so what
[23:29] Visitor: wher are you
[23:29] Teoalida: still here
[23:29] Visitor: wher are you from
[23:30] Teoalida: www.teoalida.com/myhome here I live in case you are soooo curious
[23:30] Teoalida: BUT can I know why do you came here? what was your google search?
[23:30] Visitor: in your page
[23:31] Teoalida: You came in a FUN page and try to make one more funny chat, or you was looking for something serious then went in FUN section?
[23:31] Visitor: about me
[23:33] Visitor: housing design
[23:35] Visitor: you have facebook
[23:35] Teoalida: I have it too but I don’t use currently
[23:37] Visitor: my names is hane and Iam from palistine
[23:38] Visitor: are you amirican
[23:39] Teoalida: I gave you a link with photos from my home
[23:39] Teoalida: if you can recognize my country by photos
[23:40] Visitor: ok
[23:40] Teoalida: I usually tell such things AFTER giving what do you want…
[23:41] Teoalida: but OK… I am from Romania, now can you tell me what do you want?
[23:41] Visitor: thats good
[23:42] Visitor: Recognition.
[23:44] Visitor: Are you an engineer
[23:44] Teoalida: Designer
[23:44] Teoalida: but I did engineering design too
[23:45] Visitor: what you design
[23:46] Visitor has left the conversation

He quitted suddently, leaving me in confusion what he wants from me, why did he contacted me. Next day he contacted me again, this time via Yahoo Messenger:

Teoalida (9:33:16 PM): hey
Teoalida (9:33:20 PM): who are you?
H. (9:33:28 PM): hay
H. (9:33:55 PM): I toking to you yesterday
Teoalida (9:34:28 PM): I don’t remember this name/ID
H. (9:34:59 PM): in the company
H. (9:35:17 PM): I am from palistine
Teoalida (9:35:24 PM): ooohhh
Teoalida (9:35:29 PM): now I remember
Teoalida (9:35:36 PM): but what was the reason for contacting me?
H. (9:36:11 PM): pooooring
H. (9:36:50 PM):
Teoalida (9:37:17 PM): What was your google search? how do you came to my website?
Teoalida (9:37:46 PM): ” I toking to you yesterday” is not enough, I talk with 10 anonymous people on website everyday
H. (9:39:14 PM): are you her
Teoalida (9:39:34 PM): Yes but I have no idea what do you want from me
Teoalida (9:40:26 PM): Perhaps something related with designing stuff?
H. (9:41:37 PM): I want to took with someone taking english languge
H. (9:42:20 PM): do you live in amirica
Teoalida (9:42:29 PM): in Romania
H. (9:44:22 PM): I did not expect it
Teoalida (9:45:02 PM): C’mon…. 30-40% of world population speak basic english
Teoalida (9:45:44 PM): even if just 5% are native english
H. (9:47:33 PM): What do you mean
H. (9:47:48 PM):
Teoalida (9:48:39 PM): What you didn’t expect
H. (9:49:11 PM): you from Romania
Teoalida (9:49:14 PM): didn’t expected that people born outside of US and UK to speak english?
Teoalida (9:49:35 PM): or didn’t expected my country based of website content… but I gave you link with photos from my home
Teoalida (9:49:42 PM): www.teoalida.com/myhome
Teoalida (9:50:18 PM): btw, you do not look the type of people that I want
H. (9:51:27 PM): why
Teoalida (9:51:38 PM): I am usually contacted by foreigners for business puroposes… that’s why I didn’t understood what are you looking for
H. (9:54:21 PM): Causeless
Teoalida (10:05:27 PM): hmm I’m gonna add you in my list, but please tell me something about you, skills, interests

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