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Crazy customer @ Car Database

Crazy customer!
Using a rude and harsh language, nonsense critics, suggesting things that I was already doing and contradicting himself… Craziest parts in RED

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Monday, 25 Feb, 2013
Country: Spain
Page URL:

[22:40] Teoalida: Hello from website admin! What type of database are you looking for? I am glad to help you…
[22:42] Visitor: somebody there?
[22:42] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[22:42] Teoalida: obviously
[22:42] Visitor: i’m a bit confusing
[22:42] Visitor: i’m looking for a db
[22:43] Teoalida: Because I offer too many formats for too different people?
[22:43] Visitor: with speed, power, aceleration, displazament
[22:43] Teoalida: Car Versions Database should help you
[22:44] Visitor: 12000 models?
[22:44] Teoalida: yes… and depending how much history do you want
[22:45] Visitor: well, i hope you don’t get bored
[22:45] Visitor: i was looking for something similar to
[22:45] Visitor:
[22:45] Teoalida: Bored? why… I love chatting with foreigners
[22:45] Teoalida: You’re from Spain but interested in Australia?
[22:45] Visitor: sorry, i mistaked
[22:46] Teoalida: btw this Pluup… how they can sell at SAME price the databases with different number of models and year period
[22:46] Visitor:
[22:46] Visitor: lol you know where i’m from
[22:46] Teoalida: also, it was abandoned in 2011 or they forgot to change the image?
[22:47] Visitor: lol i dunno
[22:48] Visitor: but threy have 200k+ records
[22:48] Teoalida: That’s another thing that put me in doubt
[22:48] Teoalida: How could be so many?
[22:49] Teoalida: How many duplicates or what is the difference between the versions of same model
[22:51] Visitor: alredy own this db
[22:51] Visitor:
[22:51] Teoalida: Is there any SAMPLE of what they sell?
[22:51] Teoalida: did you bough anything from Pluup?
[22:51] Visitor: and it’s pretty small (arround 10k models) after check
[22:51] Teoalida: or was concerned about something… and came at me?
[22:51] Visitor: the features i need
[22:52] Visitor: i’m about of it
[22:52] Visitor: and i found this site
[22:52] Teoalida: offer NO technical specs
[22:52] Visitor: just i’m looking the best at the best price (like everybody)
[22:52] Teoalida: so what is the purpose of selecting a Trim?
[22:53] Visitor: yes, carquery has about 10k (of the 55k total)
[22:53] Visitor: with full features
[22:54] Visitor: power,acc, torque, max speed, weight, fuel, engine position and displacement
[22:54] Visitor: i can send you a plup example
[22:54] Teoalida: probably the old cars lack of specs?
[22:54] Visitor: i think all cars lacks
[22:55] Visitor: i do an script to discart all other cars with not that specs
[22:55] Teoalida: so what do you mean that 10k out of 50k ….?
[22:55] Visitor: and i gave 10k
[22:55] Teoalida: Script? you can do this using FILTER in Excel
[22:56] Visitor: well, i don’t have a fucking idea of excel
[22:56] Teoalida: LOL
[22:56] Visitor: so i made an script to convert it to sql
[22:56] Visitor: and by the way i do the discart
[22:57] Visitor: well… so i’m sorry but i tihink i will buy the pluup version
[22:58] Visitor: if you want a sample
[22:58] Teoalida: Hope you don’t buy it ONLY to give me a sample
[22:58] Teoalida: Then we both realize that it is not updated for long time and will buy my one too
[22:58] Visitor: lol, i already have an example
[22:58] Teoalida: From where? show me
[22:58] Visitor: LOL
[22:59] Visitor: email?
[22:59] Teoalida:
[22:59] Teoalida: But how did you got it? if you want to email me instead of giving a link
[23:01] Visitor: oh just some time ago i contacted
[23:01] Visitor: with few question
[23:01] Visitor: like specs ratings
[23:01] Visitor: they told me about 74% of all records with all metioned specs
[23:04] Teoalida: did you chatted with anyone?
[23:05] Teoalida: Anyway, send me the sample, i am curious
[23:05] Visitor: no, just email
[23:05] Teoalida: and they told you anything about last update?
[23:05] Visitor: i sent it some billons years ago
[23:07] Teoalida: so can you email me the Pluup sample?
[23:08] Visitor: i sent to you the email a lightyear ago!
[23:08] Teoalida: The messenger didn’t made any sound of receiving email
[23:09] Teoalida: checked now including SPAM folder, isn’t any new email
[23:10] Visitor: well you should wait a little more
[23:10] Teoalida: That’s not normal… is Yahoo BUG
[23:10] Visitor: i’m thinking.. do you want to buy it… together? lol
[23:10] Teoalida: btw, about my database I can say that 100% of cars have engine size and power
[23:11] Visitor: not size, position
[23:11] Teoalida: Performance data lack for the cars not imported in Europe, about 2%
[23:11] Teoalida: And I have a separate sheet with old cars with incomplete data
[23:13] Teoalida: or you can send me to too
[23:13] Teoalida: GOT IT NOW
[23:13] Visitor: lol
[23:14] Teoalida: At least I thank you for telling me these, for understanding my database, not like others who see the one-brand SAMPLE and think that it is all what I have and go away
[23:14] Teoalida: Do you have any suggestion?
[23:15] Teoalida: For such cases
[23:16] Visitor: so you got the email?
[23:16] Teoalida: They have individual rows for each year?
[23:16] Teoalida: This explain the large number of models
[23:17] Teoalida: Is this US database?
[23:17] Teoalida: I want sample of European one
[23:17] Visitor: wtf is that link? a top ranking comments? lol
[23:17] Teoalida: Torque_lbs_feet LOL
[23:18] Visitor: you have 2 files
[23:18] Teoalida: checked both
[23:18] Visitor: american and european (bmw only)
[23:18] Teoalida: I see Acura and BMW
[23:19] Teoalida: at Acura, is OK to have inch and mm in same column?
[23:19] Teoalida: I can separate them in one minute
[23:20] Teoalida: No problem for my Excel skill but it would look better to not be in same column
[23:20] Teoalida: a top ranking comments? WHAT?
[23:21] Visitor: the link you gave me
[23:21] Teoalida: Do you have any suggestion for such cases: ??
[23:21] Teoalida: = At least I thank you for telling me these, for understanding my database, not like others who see the one-brand SAMPLE and think that it is all what I have and go away
[23:22] Visitor: yeah, i mean there is a lot of differents chats
[23:22] Teoalida: Anyway, if you buy the Pluup one, come back and tell me what is the update status
[23:22] Visitor: do i spect to be there? lol
[23:22] Teoalida: Where do you see LOTS OF CHATS?
[23:22] Visitor: btw how many models do you have
[23:22] Visitor: if you repeat the model each year?
[23:22] Teoalida: There’s chat with someone like you but he misunderstand my website
[23:23] Visitor: i see a lots of different chats captures… below…
[23:23] Teoalida: Average model life 6-8 years
[23:23] Teoalida: but each model have more versions
[23:23] Teoalida: a mid-life change of engines
[23:23] Teoalida: repeating each version for each year probably will make 3-4 times more models
[23:24] Teoalida: Still don’t understand how could be 250.000 on that database
[23:24] Teoalida: They repeat something else, not just each year
[23:24] Visitor: lol, i’m not sure how know offical car data
[23:24] Visitor: maybe is there
[23:24] Teoalida: I recently heard from american visitors that repeating years is common in USA
[23:25] Teoalida: where they organize based by Model Year
[23:25] Visitor: well.. here there are atleast a model per year
[23:25] Teoalida: hey you know?
[23:25] Visitor: maybe big changes are mades 2-3 years
[23:25] Teoalida: AutoKatalog release each year with 1800 models in 1990s, 2000 models in 2000s, 3300 models in 2013
[23:26] Teoalida: Totalizing last 20 years = 45600 models
[23:26] Teoalida: including ones not imported in Europe
[23:26] Teoalida: so how they could have 5 TIMES MORE MODELS?
[23:26] Visitor: that it’s only americans?
[23:26] Teoalida: AutoKatalog = german car magazine
[23:27] Visitor: oh
[23:27] Visitor: so yeah, seems weird
[23:27] Teoalida: even if they make separate rows for manual and automatic transmission, and all cars have both transmissions… still not possible
[23:28] Teoalida: btw, how they get such detailed data?
[23:28] Visitor: i will contact to know if they still alive…
[23:28] Visitor: they say 2001-2013
[23:28] Visitor: but in the news there is not any update since 2012
[23:28] Teoalida: I though that AutoKatalog offer the biggest collection of technical data, about 30 columns
[23:28] Visitor: you can buy it?
[23:29] Teoalida: Probably lack of buyers, they no longer can pay people to collect data
[23:29] Teoalida: How many buyers do you think that have a website like my one or their one?
[23:30] Visitor: i don’t know but i don’t know too
[23:30] Visitor: how fuck you have 5 millon visits
[23:30] Teoalida: Can I tell you my statistics?
[23:30] Teoalida: 5 million? where do you see that
[23:31] Teoalida: I have a Traffic Stats page clear enough
[23:31] Visitor: oh i see…
[23:32] Visitor: i read the “ranking of this website”
[23:32] Visitor: and i trhought that was the visitors
[23:32] Teoalida: Ranking = smaller number means better
[23:32] Visitor: (and i was thinking.. that imposible lol)
[23:36] Teoalida: So do you saw ? I don’t see in visitors list opening that page
[23:37] Visitor: i see the image
[23:37] Visitor: but who cares about it?
[23:37] Visitor: people just want a product…
[23:37] Teoalida: but click it to see exact visitors on each page
[23:38] Teoalida: I told you to check because I wanted to say that the ratio is 1 buyer at 100 visitors
[23:38] Teoalida: do you think that this is normal?
[23:38] Visitor: i use clicky some weeks ago too
[23:38] Teoalida: it increased anyway
[23:38] Visitor: good shit
[23:38] Teoalida: I think that the reason for few buyers in the past was offering WRONG database formats
[23:38] Visitor: oh yeah, it’s ever better than normal
[23:39] Visitor: adsense has 1/1000 for a single click lol
[23:39] Teoalida: I offered list of models in .DOC format for FREE and database with technical data in .XLS format
[23:39] Teoalida: as soon as I made a list of models in .XLS, it was bought by 4 people in january
[23:40] Teoalida: I didn’t though that people WOULD agree to pay for a list of models without technical data
[23:40] Visitor: well.. IMHO i understand NOW
[23:40] Visitor: what your pages offer
[23:40] Teoalida: so probably would had more buyers past year if I wasn’t offering them free?
[23:41] Teoalida: I keep offering FREE in .DOC format as it cannot be used for many purposes
[23:41] Visitor: are you talking about cars only?
[23:41] Teoalida: Past year the database with dimensions sold one per month, this year I sold 3 databases with engines
[23:42] Teoalida: Did you clicked the arrows “
[23:42] Teoalida: i talk about cars… want to talk about other stuff too?
[23:43] Visitor: google keyword tools say
[23:43] Visitor: 33k times “car database” is searched in the world
[23:44] Teoalida: so you’re also SEO expert?
[23:44] Teoalida: now how do you know how many websites open each searcher?
[23:44] Teoalida: according … 472 visitors landed via Car Database
[23:45] Visitor: i don’t know if you are always joking
[23:45] Teoalida: sold 4 Car Models List and 2 Car Versions Database … better than 1:100
[23:45] Visitor: or you’re a rude
[23:45] Teoalida: always joking? Did I EVER joke?
[23:46] Visitor: so you are a rude
[23:46] Teoalida: Give me an example where I was rude?
[23:46] Visitor: bad mannered?
[23:47] Teoalida: Where?
[23:47] Visitor: “seo expert” shit…
[23:47] Teoalida: What is rude here?
[23:47] Teoalida: I was surprised that you said about Google keywords and searches in the world
[23:48] Teoalida: few people know that
[23:48] Visitor: I thought you were being sarcastic
[23:48] Visitor: abyway… your domain name and web stuff doesn’t help at all
[23:48] Visitor: to get you
[23:48] Teoalida: I have no idea if you are specialized in anything but YOU said that don’t know a shit about Excel
[23:49] Teoalida: Pluup domain name help in anything?
[23:49] Visitor: well.. pluup has google adwards aswell
[23:49] Visitor: and they has 5 of 7 products related with cars
[23:49] Teoalida: I am confused
[23:49] Visitor: you have 5 products and billons of words for others stuff
[23:49] Teoalida: Domain name have little importance…. website title but especially CONTENT is important in Google
[23:50] Teoalida: did Pluup advertise? Adwords, Adsense?
[23:50] Visitor: yeah, adwords (i dont know now)
[23:50] Teoalida: I should use adwords too? I was thinking… maybe later
[23:50] Teoalida: first, let’s be sure that I offer what people are demanding
[23:51] Visitor: well… imho i should do
[23:51] Visitor: an specific web for this databases
[23:51] Teoalida: I constantly get requests to change something
[23:51] Visitor: with DATABASE IN BIG at everywhere
[23:51] Visitor: and few ferraris
[23:51] Visitor: (you know what i mean..)
[23:51] Teoalida: BIG FONT saying Database?
[23:51] Teoalida: or more keywords in the page?
[23:52] Teoalida: Soon I will change the banner
[23:52] Visitor: what i’m trying to say
[23:52] Teoalida: instead of carpark photo I should put an excel photo
[23:52] Teoalida: but this isn’t an issue
[23:52] Teoalida: bounce ratio is low for Car Database visitors
[23:52] Visitor: is that you need o get visitors, but then gives him trust and quality banners
[23:53] Teoalida: I know, but there’s one thing EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than this
[23:53] Visitor: there is not a single fuking car in the whole web lol
[23:53] Visitor: i NEED TO READ wtf!!
[23:53] Visitor: hehe
[23:53] Teoalida: To offer what people want… example, check this one too
[23:53] Visitor: i mean people buy fantasy… not excel pics
[23:54] Teoalida: one week ago someone intended to buy, asked me for Gmail ID, then on Gtalk told me that can’t use the database because is not in MySQL format
[23:54] Teoalida: soon I asked a past buyers and he told me how easy converted XLS in MySQL
[23:54] Visitor: i think putting the sql file is a extra value
[23:55] Visitor: but not the final word
[23:55] Teoalida: then, yesterday another visitor gave me a very different idea
[23:56] Teoalida: Regading the Car Versions Database… so far nobody was looking in all the data I offer
[23:56] Teoalida: some wanted engine size and power
[23:56] Teoalida: others fuel efficiency
[23:57] Visitor: aham
[23:57] Teoalida: There are models with same engine size and power, but different acceleration (probably gearbox changed during model life) … by deleting performance data, you will get duplicates… hope is not a problem
[23:58] Teoalida: These looking for engine size and power were the insurance companies
[23:59] Visitor: well.. you can remove duplicates “in 1 minute with excel” lol
[23:59] Teoalida: in 1 min I can separate data between columns and remove empty data
[23:59] Visitor: anyway, due you are in wordpress
[23:59] Teoalida: not removing duplicates
[23:59] Visitor: i suggest you some template like that
[23:59] Visitor:
[23:59] Teoalida: WordPress is good or not?
[23:59] Visitor: a great name (database-gay or whatever)
[24:00] Visitor: and few cars
[24:00] Teoalida: a…. template?
[24:00] Teoalida: I see here a hosting service
[24:01] Visitor: i’m sure desing and presence is what you need
[24:01] Teoalida: btw, yesterday visitor told me that I could not just offer MySQL database, but to make subscription system, other websites taking data from my database = I update my database and it get updated on all websites, no need customers to come and ask for sending updates
[24:01] Visitor: no.. that is an example
[24:01] Visitor: of a hosting service
[24:01] Teoalida: but I have NO IDEA how I can do that… he said that is webdesigner and may help me
[24:02] Visitor: that is a template
[24:02] Visitor: with “random text” to see how it’s look
[24:02] Teoalida: btw, why did you said fewer Ferrari?
[24:02] Visitor: instead of hosting you can put your databases
[24:02] Teoalida: oh hmm…
[24:02] Teoalida: that was an example text
[24:03] Teoalida: But what is the difference between my Graphene and that theme?
[24:03] Teoalida: other than the theme is harder to read, not enough contrast
[24:03] Visitor: what?!
[24:03] Visitor: well that was just one template
[24:03] Visitor:
[24:03] Visitor: there you have thoushands to buy
[24:04] Visitor: you should look like others
[24:04] Teoalida: There are more than thousands FREE themes on
[24:04] Visitor: you current desing doesnt transmitted presence at all
[24:04] Teoalida: I only need imagination
[24:04] Teoalida: and I though that I choose Graphene as one of the best possible themes
[24:05] Teoalida: what is the IMPORTANT difference between me and they?
[24:05] Visitor: because you are selling a fuking excell screenshot
[24:06] Visitor: and they sheel an AWESOME DATABASE with a pic of a ferrari on the background
[24:06] Visitor: LOL
[24:06] Teoalida: Pluup?
[24:07] Teoalida: I think that a screenshot of Excel suit better than a picture with cars
[24:07] Teoalida: I already have a banner with cars, so…. ?
[24:07] Teoalida: what if I put in banner both a car and excel screeenshot?
[24:08] Visitor: well.. if you believe yourself
[24:08] Visitor: ask you why 299 of 300 people leave the page
[24:08] Teoalida: When did I said that 299 of 300….?
[24:08] Teoalida: I said buyer ratio 1:100
[24:09] Visitor: if i was at the pluup page but when your “support” (like this chat) i’m sure i buyed the db time ago
[24:09] Teoalida: bounce ratio is about 30% while all website have 50%
[24:09] Visitor: i said 299 of 300 LEAVE the page
[24:10] Teoalida: Better to say, most visitors STAY on my page, opening all Excel files, then some leave after more than 10 min without buying any or contacting me for more details
[24:10] Teoalida: without even checking the Store for prices
[24:11] Visitor: better to say, 299 of 300 leave without buy anything…
[24:11] Teoalida: conclusion: they need a database but don’t like my format, OR they have trouble understanding that is a SAMPLE and they can buy FULL database – did you read this chat?
[24:12] Teoalida: OR… they want everything FREE
[24:12] Visitor: of course
[24:12] Visitor: there are a lot of reasons
[24:12] Visitor: but you can mask it with design lol
[24:12] Teoalida: if the website template was the problem, visitors would leave WITHOUT clicking any file
[24:12] Teoalida: but they click a lot!
[24:13] Teoalida: Talking about the banner, I am undecided WHICH of the Excel tables to put as screenshot in banner
[24:14] Teoalida: or maybe I should put none? just a big text CAR DATABASE and a small text above it THE MOST UPDATED, eventually another small text under it 1945-2013, make, model, dimensions, engines…?
[24:16] Visitor: that ok to me
[24:16] Visitor: but with a great background image
[24:16] Visitor: you should put shits like that
[24:16] Teoalida: a background over entire page?
[24:16] Visitor: no… a banner with that text
[24:16] Teoalida: any background image will make scrolling harder
[24:16] Visitor: and a great image
[24:17] Teoalida: that’s Vortec Space background of windows
[24:17] Teoalida: but yes, I will replace the banner with carpark with a banner with TEXT and a image of Excel table
[24:19] Visitor: so you wan’t to buy pluup db with me?
[24:19] Teoalida: Why I would buy it?
[24:20] Teoalida: I am proud to do myself instead of buying others
[24:20] Visitor: i’m going to dinner, regards quirky guy
[24:20] Teoalida: did you was thinking about paying each half of the price?
[24:20] Teoalida: and use it both?
[24:21] Teoalida: I have no reasonto use it… use yourself for what do you need, company, website or whatever you are
[24:21] Visitor: i don’t understand you
[24:21] Visitor: just see you were very interesting on pluup
[24:21] Visitor: was just a question
[24:22] Teoalida: I am not interested in buying, just to study competition
[24:22] Visitor: no problem, see you
[24:22] Teoalida: and I love discussing with someone about it
[24:22] Visitor: lol ok
[24:22] Teoalida: I would like to discuss too
[24:23] Teoalida: I don’t understand what they actually sell and what is the purpose of that
[24:23] Teoalida: the price is HUGE as they offer NO technical data
[24:23] Visitor: omg what a pretty web
[24:23] Visitor: i wanna buy
[24:23] Teoalida: I select year, make, model, then nothing else appear
[24:23] Teoalida: so what is the purpose of selecting?
[24:24] Teoalida: and if I click Purchase, I see licenses… wtf are these licenses, how they work?
[24:24] Visitor: i think they host by you
[24:25] Visitor: the database
[24:25] Teoalida: so, exactly what the yesterday visitor suggested me?
[24:25] Visitor: and you don’t need to have a great server
[24:25] Teoalida: hmm…
[24:25] Teoalida: need to talk with him to see if I can do my database in same way in the future
[24:25] Visitor: if you have too many visits
[24:25] Visitor: but i think this is not the way
[24:26] Visitor: maybe 1 of 100 peoples is than dumb
[24:26] Visitor: to don’t know how install it on a server…
[24:26] Teoalida: but about the PAGE, do you have any suggestion what to do with the text as I keep adding more and more text after each customer asked me a bunch of questions (what is the data source, what is update frequency, etc) before buying
[24:26] Teoalida: I don’t understand
[24:27] Teoalida: Do you praise or criticize their system of licenses?
[24:27] Visitor: i hate it
[24:27] Teoalida: so do you prefer downloadable XLS too?
[24:27] Teoalida: AND my buyers of Car Versions Database were not installing it on any server
[24:27] Teoalida: They use it for internal company usage… in XLS format
[24:28] Visitor:
[24:28] Visitor: that looks good
[24:28] Visitor: but i don’t see how many records
[24:29] Teoalida: the problem is not that some don’t know how to install database on a server, but is a great idea to update it automatically as the author update it, without redownloading
[24:29] Teoalida: 249$ OMG
[24:30] Visitor: you see?
[24:30] Visitor: i want that database
[24:30] Visitor: because “looks good”
[24:30] Visitor: and i can test in the server
[24:30] Visitor: with nice selects
[24:30] Teoalida: Buy it if you want it… you’re from Spain and they offer US market
[24:30] Teoalida: I am confused, what do you praise and what criticize
[24:30] Teoalida: what is the purpose of selecting in this way
[24:31] Teoalida: instead of showing all table at once and filter or sort it?
[24:32] Visitor: is a way to wrap a shit in a nice wrapping paper and sell like is gold
[24:32] Teoalida: OR do you refer at website interface instead of database itself?
[24:32] Visitor: yes
[24:33] Teoalida: anyway I got it… I should change website again
[24:33] Teoalida: just that I lack of ideas
[24:34] Teoalida: anoher idea was to make separate pages for each database (Model list, Database with dimensions, database with engines)
[24:34] Teoalida: eventually a first page with all them, with More info at each
[24:34] Visitor: you shoukd put it like the template of server hosting
[24:34] Teoalida: that on left side on screen, and on right side to make a list of FAQ
[24:34] Visitor: each together
[24:34] Visitor: with differents prices
[24:34] Visitor: and different images
[24:34] Teoalida: again expandable text boxes
[24:35] Visitor: and with images i mean marketing images
[24:35] Teoalida: separate image at each database? for those who don’t have Excel installed?
[24:35] Visitor: not excel images
[24:35] Teoalida: should be better to click ONE image and see 4 formats of database
[24:35] Teoalida: so what images?
[24:35] Visitor: well, now i’m going to dinner
[24:35] Visitor: see you!
[24:36] Teoalida: Come back in 1-2 days to see new banner
[24:36] Visitor: btw
[24:36] Visitor: you are in the US?
[24:36] Teoalida: LOL I told you earlier about german car magazines
[24:37] Visitor: what!! lol
[24:37] Teoalida: Does my english is good enough like for US citizens?
[24:37] Visitor: well.. so you are
[24:37] Visitor: pro vettle gay?
[24:37] Visitor: vetel
[24:37] Teoalida: if I was in US I would sell European Car Database? and so little US databases?
[24:37] Teoalida: but actually I live in Romania
[24:38] Visitor: lol
[24:38] Teoalida: AutoCatalog is no longer published here since 2009
[24:38] Teoalida: I bought AutoKatalog from
[24:38] Teoalida: seems that you didn’t clicked arrows to expand text
[24:38] Visitor: well, we will talk
[24:38] Visitor: nice to meet you
[24:39] Teoalida: because I SAID on the page that I am in Romania
[24:39] Visitor has left the conversation

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