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Funny chat “give me a problem” (2013-02-16)

A student need my help, but do not ask me precise questions, I wait for him to ask me something, but he looks worried that I do not answer… but what I COULD answer?
I post it here because is funny and to check if someone else is able to understand what I shall give him… please tell me if I made any mistake!!

Saturday, 16 Feb, 2013
Country: Tunisia
Page URL:
[21:35] Teoalida: Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[21:36] Visitor: hello i have a project to do but i did not understand any thing
[21:37] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[21:37] Teoalida: about what?
[21:37] Teoalida: Hope I can help you!
[21:38] Visitor: about choosing a big city and
[21:39] Teoalida: I know a lot about Hong Kong housing in case this is what do you need
[21:40] Visitor: thing about a problems that related to over crowdness of any city
[21:40] Visitor: yes
[21:42] Visitor: no you choose a big city and you thing about a problems that faces by this city and then you may thing about a solution
[21:42] Teoalida: Jammed roads and pollution
[21:43] Teoalida: they are lower in Hong Kong compared with less-dense cities such as Shanghai and Sao Paulo
[21:44] Visitor: zhat you say
[21:44] Teoalida: Solution? make a good public transport like in Hong Kong and set a tax for registring vehicles like in Singapore
[21:44] Visitor: what you say please
[21:45] Visitor: no i need to do a resarch please help me
[21:45] Teoalida: How I can help you? I don’t understand
[21:45] Visitor: wait
[21:48] Visitor: my teacher want me to do a resarch about ; choosing a big city and thing about a solution related to over crowdness of the city an finally try to find a solution to over come these problems
[21:49] Teoalida: I told you already… what else I should tell you?
[21:49] Visitor: first step ; proble,s related to over crowdness of the city and then a solution
[21:50] Visitor: hhhheeeeyyyyyy
[21:50] Visitor: zhere are you
[21:51] Visitor: where are you
[21:51] Teoalida: OK so what I should tell you?
[21:52] Teoalida: or give you
[21:52] Visitor: ya5i makontech ta9ra fech 9e3da n9oulek
[21:53] Visitor: gimme a notes about my topic
[21:53] Visitor: please
[21:54] Teoalida: I already told you some notes
[21:54] Teoalida: Traffic jams and pollution
[21:54] Visitor: thank you but it is short
[21:54] Teoalida: Most big cities have that
[21:55] Visitor: i need ;ore devolpment of that topic
[21:55] Visitor: hhhhheeeeeyuyyyy
[21:56] Teoalida: I wait for more info from you
[21:57] Visitor: i need a problem that bycity faces
[21:58] Visitor: hhhhhhheeeeeyyyyyy where are you
[21:58] Visitor: pppppppsssssssssssssssssstttttttt
[21:58] Teoalida: Want to know where I live or what?
[22:00] Visitor: no we choose hong kong then we need to find a problems related to over crowdness of this city
[22:00] Teoalida: “i need a problem” and how I CAN “give you a problem”
[22:00] Teoalida: There’s not many problems in Hong Kong compared with others
[22:01] Teoalida: main problem is apartment sizes and huge prices
[22:01] Visitor: we can choose another city
[22:01] Visitor: yes
[22:01] Teoalida: But this is not due of crowdness, is due of government who own all land and do not lease enough land to new developments
[22:02] Visitor: listen to me my native language is araic so i cant speak english verry well
[22:03] Visitor: be patient please
[22:03] Teoalida: Thus developers are encouraged to make apartments smallest as possible to fit as many units possible
[22:03] Visitor: yes i agree with you
[22:03] Teoalida: I see, not a good english
[22:03] Visitor: yes
[22:03] Visitor: but i study it
[22:04] Visitor: now
[22:04] Teoalida: I know more about Singapore than Hong Kong but here are even fewer problems
[22:04] Visitor: yes no problem
[22:05] Visitor: we need a three promblem and three solution
[22:05] Visitor: big city yes
[22:06] Teoalida: Can you browse my website, the rest of pages under Housing around the World?
[22:06] Visitor: please can you huryy up i have so;e thing to do
[22:06] Teoalida: especially which have a lot of problems but not due of crowdness
[22:06] Visitor: yes
[22:08] Visitor: okay thank you i want to live because my sister want to take the computer good night thank you very much
[22:09] Teoalida: Hope you come back AND HOPE that my website will help you
[22:11] Visitor: okay thak you i cant came again because many problems nice to meet you sir or madem
[22:12] Visitor: please how can i delete the message that i chated with you please
[22:13] Visitor: hhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyyy
[22:13] Visitor: pppppsssssssstttttttt
[22:13] Teoalida: If you close website, all messages get lost (unless you save them), are you worried?
[22:13] Visitor: yes
[22:14] Visitor: ppppppssssssstttttt
[22:16] Visitor: where aer you please talk to me
[22:16] Teoalida: I though that you have to leave
[22:17] Visitor: no i have some thing to do
[22:17] Visitor: in the historiaue
[22:17] Teoalida: If you can, read Latin America… for more problems
[22:17] Visitor: historique
[22:17] Visitor: yes thank you
[22:18] Visitor: wt is latin america
[22:19] Visitor: do you know more about tunisia
[22:20] Teoalida: I see that you are from Tunisia, but don’t know much
[22:21] Teoalida: there are some public housing…
[22:21] Teoalida: but Libya have a lot of apartment blocs
[22:21] Visitor: how do you know that im from tunisia
[22:22] Teoalida: Any website admin can see location of all visitors
[22:23] Visitor: yes your from china
[22:24] Visitor: i beeginning to study english
[22:25] Teoalida: And that’s how I see when someone send me a message: Country, city IP, and page URL
[22:27] Visitor: what was it
[22:28] Visitor: please tell me
[22:28] Visitor has left the conversation

Saturday, 16 Feb, 2013
[22:31] Visitor: hello
[22:31] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[22:31] Teoalida: Do you lost connecion?
[22:31] Visitor: yes
[22:34] Visitor: i cant undrestand the project so i will do it tomorrow enchallah
[22:34] Visitor: ppppppppssssssssstttttt
[22:35] Teoalida: I can’t understand your “ppppsssstttt” too
[22:36] Visitor: no thing just to say hhhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy
[22:37] Visitor: where are you from
[22:39] Teoalida: here I live
[22:40] Visitor: what is it
[22:41] Teoalida: Photos from my home
[22:41] Visitor has left the conversation

Saturday, 16 Feb, 2013
[22:50] Visitor: good bye
[22:50] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[22:51] Teoalida: you came back just to say bye?
[22:51] Visitor has left the conversation

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