Fake customer @ architecture – 10 sqm tiny house (2013-02-07)


First, imagine someone coming to your store and ask for price without choosing a product! Especially when the customer came to my Miscellaneous page, he may not refer at any standard “product” but at anything else.

Second, he is asking me to design a Guinness Book-record house.

Third, he asked my help then say that I can’t help and himself have a better solution.

Funniest parts in RED!

Vietnam is well-known for “tube houses” extremely thin and tall houses with narrow facade.
Example (discovered later): http://www.bantinnhadat.vn/kien-truc-nha-ong-4-5x12m.html – 5-storey house.
But still can’t imagine that a house in 10 sqm can be a realistic project.

Thursday, 7 Feb, 2013
Country: Vietnam
Page URL: https://www.teoalida.com/design/miscellaneous/
[19:52] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[19:54] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin! Here I also offer ideas and design services… how I can help you?
[19:56] Visitor: for how much money?
[19:56] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[19:56] Teoalida: for?
[19:56] Teoalida: What is your project?
[19:56] Visitor: just give a number first
[19:57] Teoalida: I offer a lot of different services, what are you interested?
[19:57] Visitor: name some and give some number
[19:58] Teoalida: For example in architecture I use 2$ per sqm
[20:01] Teoalida: What was your Google search? how do you found my website?
[20:04] Visitor: dont remeber i searched for something related from some months ago in the internet cafe and then today suddenly rememeber
[20:04] Teoalida: suddently remember what?
[20:04] Teoalida: I have A LOT of different and unrelated things on my website
[20:04] Visitor: the name of your site
[20:05] Teoalida: I guess that you got lost and can’t find exact page? Tell me what you remember
[20:05] Teoalida: some months ago I didn’t had teoalida.com, I had teoalida.webs.com
[20:06] Visitor: is it important? I think I dont remember the webs part so I type .com only and ended up here
[20:07] Teoalida: OK, but still didn’t understand what you remember, or what services are you looking for
[20:08] Visitor: should be architecture I think. mm, not sure

[20:08] Teoalida: www.teoalida.com/design/houseplans this?
[20:10] Visitor: that should be it.
[20:21] Teoalida: So… what do you think?
[20:22] Visitor: about your work?
[20:22] Teoalida: Yes…. and about if you need something from me
[20:24] Visitor: erm, it is standard. u think u can design anything good in a square of land of area 10 m2?
[20:25] Teoalida: what is standard?
[20:25] Teoalida: Do you mean 10x10m of land?
[20:26] Visitor: standard, erm, nad but not outstanding.
[20:26] Visitor: 3.3×3.3
[20:26] Teoalida: I don’t understand this part
[20:26] Teoalida: wtf
[20:26] Teoalida: 10 square meters?
[20:26] Teoalida: that is the size of ONE bedroom
[20:27] Teoalida: Do you own ONLY a 3.3 x 3.3 meters land or what? I am confused
[20:27] Visitor: yet but we only have that much land and it is already very costly.
[20:27] Teoalida: Or do you want a kids playhouse or other funny house?
[20:28] Visitor: you are being rude. we only have that much land to build a house and you call it funny? So you are only that good.
[20:28] Teoalida: Smallest lots I ever heard are 40 sqm in Philippines… where is your 10 sqm land?
[20:29] Teoalida: Sorry if you see this rude… but is too unusual to believe
[20:29] Teoalida: Normally the governments regulate the minimum lot size
[20:30] Teoalida: And you simply can’t have a REAL house on that space… I think that is a confusion
[20:30] Visitor: I think you can see which country I come from, but here in suburban area we have this small lot, is it ok?
[20:32] Teoalida: Yes I see Vietnam… but I am contacted by sometimes by people working overseas, or building in other country, or using proxies, so I need to double check
[20:33] Teoalida: and, can you tell me what is in neighbors? how big are neighbors lots?
[20:35] Visitor: the sizes vary but we do have some family with lots of the same size or a bit larger in the area.
[20:36] Teoalida: Can you get inspired by them? Can I see them?
[20:38] Teoalida: I remember a 3-storey triangular house in Japan being considered the smallest house in the world… bigger than yours, I still cannot imagine a PROPER house on 10 sqm
[20:40] Visitor: how can I show them? take a pic and show you? no way it takes too much effort. those lots are not common. hm, you shouldn’t waste time chatting to me because I don’t think you can design one that suits our need any way.
[20:40] Teoalida: Do you think that someone else can?
[20:41] Teoalida: Yes take a picture because I need to see that to believe… I love seeing uncommon things
[20:41] Teoalida: for now, tell me how tall are them
[20:41] Visitor: houses in those lots?
[20:42] Teoalida: I had a friend in Vietnam and he told me about living conditions and housing… I was impressed by the tube houses, BIG and narrow, 3-4m wide and 15-20 meters long, he never told me about existence of smaller houses
[20:42] Visitor: I think some architects in Vietnam can because they are used to their country having a lot of shabby houses. But maybe I will ask for some consultation after all, we don’t have much money right now.
[20:45] Teoalida: So how tall are the houses in neighbors
[20:45] Teoalida: staircase itself may take 4 sqm
[20:45] Visitor: The I guess you are even suprise that there are houses that are 2m wide. you firnd, he still lacks visions.
[20:45] Teoalida: i saw a so-called 1m wide house in Brazil
[20:45] Teoalida: but the back side was bigger
[20:46] Teoalida: http://freshome.com/2007/11/06/narrowest-house-in-the-world-just-1-meter-wide/
[20:46] Visitor: then that’s just the entrance but I tell about the overall width of the house
[20:46] Teoalida: Does people live happy in them?
[20:47] Teoalida: btw how big is your family?
[20:47] Visitor: I dont know but for our situation, it’s already good. I have a wife and a son. 3
[20:47] Teoalida: if 10 sqm, can you make 1 bedroom on third floor, living on second, kitchen on first…?
[20:49] Visitor: heh? no way do we have a kitchen on 1st floor. your vietnam friend should have told you about that, about how we usually arrange our rooms?
[20:49] Teoalida: living on first floor, kitchen above?
[20:49] Teoalida: USUALLY living and kitchen are on SAME ground floor
[20:50] Teoalida: because kitchen need to have a back door
[20:51] Visitor: of course if possible. any way you can’t offer much hellp. Because our living conditions are like that.
[20:51] Teoalida: how narrow can be a staircase?
[20:52] Teoalida: if make staircase on one wall, will remain 3.3 x 2.3m for bedroom, OK for this, but there’s no space for living, kitchen, bath
[20:53] Teoalida: How many floors do you think that you can do?
[20:54] Teoalida: Can you show me any kind of plans, photos found on internet, of any such small houses in Vietnam? I am curious… and maybe I can help for your house
[20:54] Visitor: oh, I think I have much a better solution than yours. After all I own the lot. thanks anyway but you can’t help, ask your vietnam friend for more information about Vietnam living. bye
[20:55] Teoalida: Can you show me your solution? I don’t believe
[20:56] Visitor has left the conversation

He left without leaving any email so I am unable to contact him. I was VERY CURIOUS if anyone else was able to provide him a solution for a 10 sqm land and what solution he got!


Update: the above chat was a JOKE!

When I said “I had a friend in Vietnam” I was referring at a girl who I met first time in The Sims game, which is often annoying me on Yahoo Messenger. When the girl was online I showed her the above chat for an opinion. She said that Vietman does have such small house.

SURPRISE! Few months later, I gave her on Yahoo Messenger a link to a particular page of my website to ask for an opinion, by this way accidentally seen that she had SAME IP with the person asking for 10 sqm house.

She admitted that was playing role of a random stranger, having FUN with me and trying to prove that I don’t have enough experience in architecture, etc… Enough or not enough experience doesn’t matter, I already had a lot of thankful customers, but for realistic-sized houses. I asked him permission to make the chat public on my website.

In conclusion: the above chat was NOT a potential customer, but a JOKE from my The Sims friend!

I should have realized that, due to the improper way she started chatting, and because she did not came via a Google search. But I treated her with seriousity and even sent the chat to some friends in architecture, being curious if anyone can make a 10 sqm house.

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