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Funny chat (2013-01-07) – She thinks I don’t speak english

This is an unusual funny chat!

I though that she came for gaming, but nooo, she started telling about personal life (is normal to tell such things to strangers?). Then asked for facebook ID and we may become long-term friends….

Typical americans are lazy to learn any foreign language, but the funny part is that she do not believe that people born in non-english countries can speak english… and thinks that I use Google Translator!! HAHAHA

Funniest parts in RED

Monday, 7 Jan, 2013
Country: United States
Page URL:
[5:25] Teoalida: Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[5:25] Visitor: i just wanted to download some sims 2 houses but am a bit confused
[5:26] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[5:26] Teoalida: What is the confusion?
[5:26] Teoalida: go in The Sims 2 section, not in World
[5:26] Visitor: ok i found it, where are you from ?
[5:26] Teoalida: country? is this important?
[5:27] Visitor: no haha i was just wondering bye now.
[5:27] Teoalida: for your curiousity
[5:27] Teoalida: why bye?
[5:27] Visitor: i dont need any help i was just gonna talk to you lol
[5:27] Visitor is now known as Amber
[5:28] Teoalida: I love talking even if is not about giving help
[5:28] Amber: well ill tell you a bit about myself my name is amber, i am a single mother, of a two year old and i live in the us.
[5:30] Teoalida: Are you telling such details to everyone on internet?
[5:30] Teoalida: I would ask you how long are you playing, how many expansions pack do you have, not about personal life
[5:31] Amber: no the usa is a big place. there are alot of single mothers, and first name can not be tracked hahaha. ok . i just was talking while downloading stuff. i have no need to come to your housee or visa versa. lol moms just have more in common
[5:32] Amber: i dont really talk about games.. hahah you did talk to me first. bye now
[5:33] Teoalida: Since you searched “sims 2 small starter houses downloads” I though that you are a gamer
[5:33] Teoalida: I have non-gaming stuff too
[5:34] Amber: how do you know what i search? that is creepy
[5:35] Teoalida: Any website admin that TAKE CARE about his website would look at what people search… to improve the website
[5:35] Amber: ok you must be from china using translattion. because people here in the USA dont do that yet
[5:36] Teoalida: and for me is useful to give proper answers
[5:37] Teoalida: I don’t understand how China and translation is related with watching visitors searches

[5:37] Teoalida: I am from Romania
[5:37] Teoalida: 3 of my The Sims 2 houses are based on real romanian buildings
[5:38] Amber: wow. thats awsome. i am looking at them now. is this your job?
[5:38] Teoalida: Gaming can’t be a job

[5:38] Amber: in the usa if you have enough people look at your site, you get paid. did you know this
[5:38] Teoalida: And I really don’t consider myself a gamer… I work part-time in graphic design and architecture
[5:39] Teoalida: Get paid…. for visiting website? I don’t think so
[5:39] Teoalida: I can earn money having ads on website, based by people clicking the ads
[5:39] Teoalida: not by people looking at website
[5:40] Amber: your translator is very cool. does everything come out right in your language with this or do you have to peice words together
[5:41] Teoalida: What translator??
[5:41] Amber: do you speak english? i have a friend from romania she speaks romainian
[5:42] Teoalida: What…. do you think that people outside of USA can’t speak english?
[5:42] Teoalida: How you can think that…
[5:43] Amber: well people outside of roamania cant speak romanian. usually. our language is more common, i know but most us citizens cannot speak more then english. do you know this? why would i expect differently

[5:44] Teoalida: Yes I know, US people are lazy to learn foreign languages
[5:44] Amber: no they dont need them we have no reason
[5:44] Amber: you do cause everythings here
[5:44] Teoalida: but the rest of world… probably about 30-50% of world population understand basic english
[5:45] Teoalida: but MY english is good?
[5:47] Amber: this is because everything is here. and we have a big population and are free and people tend to wanna come here. and yes it is pretty good. some writing is off thats why i thought you were using a translator. but nothing that someone cant understand
[5:47] Teoalida: I don’t understand “ok you must be from china using translattion. because people here in the USA dont do that yet” …. does my english looks BAD like being generated by a translator?
[5:48] Teoalida: Ooohh OK… seems that native english people realize that I am not native english speaker
[5:50] Teoalida: I have romanian friends who do not believe that I can write without translator…. and when they visited me at home they were surprised!
[5:50] Teoalida: English, spanish, portuguese… no longer need translator
[5:53] Amber: thats great . the world is so different in different places.
[5:53] Amber: but your houses are awsome
[5:54] Teoalida: Yes… many Western Europe schools teach you at least 2 foreign languages
[5:55] Amber: wow. sorry i am a young one lol if you cant tell. and have only been to one place outside of the us, and it was costa rica, lol and they dont speak ANY english there. i guess i thought everywhere was like that .
[5:55] Teoalida: My school didn’t taught me any, I learned them myself from TV movies with subtitles
[5:56] Teoalida: same in Latin America, a full-spanish continent so no need to learn other languages
[5:56] Teoalida: So good that I learned spanish, I can do business with latin american people

(chat too long + some details no need to be public)

[6:27] Teoalida: Anyway…
[6:27] Teoalida: Talk tomorrow? I go to sleep
[6:27] Amber: sure , sweet dreams
[6:27] Amber: what time is it there?
[6:27] Teoalida: 06:27
[6:28] Teoalida: = sunrise soon
[6:28] Amber: oh crap lol. good night
[6:30] Teoalida has left the conversation
[7:32] Amber has left the conversation

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