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Crazy indian swearing (2012-11-12)

PAGE PROPOSED FOR DELETION. It adds no value to my website.

Monday, 12 Nov, 2012
Country: India
Landing page :
[17:48] Teoalida: Welcome to my website! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[17:49] Visitor: Hi gandwe
[17:49] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[17:49] Teoalida: gandwe?
[17:50] Visitor: Gandwe means a man who have been fucked for more than 100 times…LOL
[17:50] Teoalida: I don’t think so
[17:50] Visitor: What all this fuck here about??
[17:51] Teoalida: I could as well ask you: What the fuck do you want?
[17:51] Visitor: I thought this is a fucking shop..
[17:51] Teoalida: What are you looking for?
[17:51] Teoalida: or What was your google search?
[17:52] Teoalida: I have a little shop too: www.teoalida.webs.com/apps/webstore/
[17:52] Visitor: I googled bawli gand…then comes your site
[17:52] Teoalida: “bawli gand” ?
[17:52] Teoalida: I googled it just now, I don’t see my website in first one hundred results
[17:53] Visitor: translate this…
[17:54] Teoalida: From what language I should translate?
[17:54] Visitor has left the conversation

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