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Crazy american in Singapore (2012-10-12)

An american living in Singapore had no idea what is the metric system!
Then he started to talk like a crazy kid for 40 min… funniest parts in RED!

Friday, 12 Oct, 2012
* Visitor 96935371 is requesting to chat.
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Page URL:
[17:57] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin. If you need anything more or just wanna chat, ask me here!
[17:57] Visitor: hello
[17:57] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[17:57] Teoalida: what’s up
[17:59] Visitor: how do you measure the hdb floor plan
[17:59] Visitor: as in whats the conversion
[17:59] Teoalida: if all HDB floorplans come with dimensions…?
[17:59] Teoalida: What to measure?
[17:59] Teoalida: what conversion?
[17:59] Visitor: in what measurement??
[18:00] Visitor: like cm, m, ft?
[18:00] Teoalida: Isn’t obvious that meters?
[18:00] Visitor: huh
[18:00] Visitor: so its like 1000m living rooms?
[18:00] Teoalida: size in square meters and dimensions in milimeters
[18:00] Teoalida: Are you a inch/feet lover?
[18:00] Visitor: how to convert to feet
[18:00] Visitor: YES
[18:01] Teoalida: I though that everyone born in Singapore use primary metric system
[18:01] Visitor: IM AMERICAN
[18:01] Visitor: YOOO
[18:01] Teoalida: oh lol
[18:01] Visitor: so how
[18:01] Teoalida: American never heard of metric system or what?
[18:01] Visitor: no lah
[18:01] Visitor: only got yards
[18:02] Visitor: coz my house in america very big not like singapore house
[18:02] Teoalida: Yes I know, american houses are about 200 sqm in average
[18:02] Visitor: oh
[18:02] Teoalida: HDB average is 95 sqm
[18:02] Visitor: so small?
[18:03] Visitor: what about the living room?
[18:03] Teoalida: Hong Kong average is 40-50 sqm… so BE HAPPY in Singapore!!
[18:03] Visitor: i didnt say im not happy in singapore!
[18:03] Visitor: I LIKE SMALL THINGS
[18:04] Teoalida: Do you got citizenship? or stay as foreigner?
[18:04] Visitor: both

[18:04] Visitor: so… how do you convert to feet?
[18:04] Teoalida: Foreigners usually don’t ask about HDB so I though that you are true singaporean
[18:04] Visitor: teach me master
[18:05] Teoalida: 1m = 10.7 sqft
[18:05] Visitor: houses in singapore are very expensive..
[18:05] Teoalida: 1sqm = 10.7 sqft, sorry
[18:05] Visitor: i dont want sqfeet
[18:05] Visitor: i just want feet
[18:05] Visitor: from mm how to convert to sq ft?
[18:05] Teoalida: Do you know that Google have convertor too?
[18:05] Teoalida: Try https://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=30+meters+%3D+%3F+feet&oq=30+meters+%3D+%3F+feet&gs_l=hp.3…6422.15187.0.15297.…1.1.d6hsef3iHRE
[18:06] Visitor: not reliable, unlike you 😉
[18:06] Teoalida: unlike me? LOL… don’t say that you even as american didn’t knew that 1 feet = 30.48cm
[18:06] Visitor: coz my house is in yards so i wouldnt know..
[18:07] Teoalida: Start > Programs > Accessories > Calculator… how I am more reliable?
[18:07] Visitor: in every single way
[18:07] Visitor: coz you’re beautiful just the way you are

[18:07] Teoalida: https://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&q=1+sq+yard+%3D+%3F+sq+m&oq=1+sq+yard+%3D+%3F+sq+m&gs_l=serp.3..19j0j0i33.1140.1718.0.2046.…1.1.u1LbUvcL0sw
[18:07] Visitor: so normal living room like 2 room flat is less than 6 ft right?
[18:08] Teoalida: 1 sq yard = 9 sq ft
[18:08] Visitor: and so..?
[18:08] Teoalida: Living rooms are 3-4 meter wide
[18:08] Teoalida: = 10-13 feet wide
[18:08] Visitor: where are you from? can we use this as an interview?
[18:08] Visitor: for the living room part
[18:09] Teoalida: What interview? what is the purpose?
[18:09] Visitor: of teaching me conversion
[18:09] Teoalida: Based on website content… can you guess from where I am?
[18:09] Visitor: africa
[18:09] Teoalida: OMG
[18:09] Teoalida: What do you see about Africa on my website?
[18:10] Visitor: everything!!!
[18:10] Visitor: ITS IN AFRICAN
[18:10] Teoalida: Be serious… wha is african?
[18:10] Teoalida: btw where do you live now? condo, owned, rented HDB…?

[18:10] Visitor: we need to know if the avg living room enables multi player mode for kinect that requires 6ft from each player and 6ft from the screen
[18:11] Visitor: i live under the overhead bridge
[18:12] Visitor: helllo??????????????
[18:12] Teoalida: Be serious
[18:12] Visitor: im serious o.o

[18:12] Teoalida: 6 feet? No bedroom or living room is so narrow
[18:13] Teoalida: Bedrooms are usually 9 feet or more and living rooom 10 feet or more
[18:13] Visitor: but after putting in furniture etc is there stil space to play the kinect?
[18:13] Visitor: living room not bedroom!
[18:13] Teoalida: I am not sure what is kinect, what furniture?
[18:13] Visitor: kinect is a game
[18:14] Teoalida: I am not in gaming
[18:13] Visitor: that requires at least 6 feet distancew from the player and the machine
[18:14] Visitor: like normal furniture like sofa?
[18:14] Teoalida: Be sure that fits in all
[18:14] Teoalida: sofa should be max 3 feet deep
[18:15] Visitor: even 3 room flat is ok?
[18:15] Teoalida: yes
[18:16] Teoalida: Be serious… how you can say [Visitor 96935371] i live under the overhead bridge ????
[18:16] Teoalida: btw if you are american… can you tell me if is correct what I wrote on www.teoalida.webs.com/america.htm ?
[18:17] Visitor: sure dude, i will check it out yo
[18:17] * Visitor is now viewing http://www.teoalida.webs.com/america.htm *
[18:17] Visitor 96935371 has left the conversation


* Visitor 96935371 is requesting to chat.
IP: (, Country: Singapore, City: Singapore
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[18:17] Visitor: y’know
[18:17] Visitor: im not a housing expert
[18:18] Visitor: i only live in american houses but i dont know about the others
[18:18] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[18:18] Teoalida: I see
[18:18] Visitor: so where are you from?
[18:18] Teoalida: I even think that you never saw a house plan ever
[18:18] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin, if you need any help or just want to chat, reply here!
[18:18] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/aboutme.htm *
[18:19] Visitor: thats why i took a look at your website
[18:19] Teoalida: You can treat me as a singaporean, I know more about it than about any other country
[18:19] Visitor: so you are singaporean?
[18:19] Teoalida: Even if I don’t live here… hahaha
[18:20] Visitor: youre from milky way?!
[18:20] Visitor: O.O
[18:20] Teoalida: www.teoalida.webs.com/myhome.htm surprisely?
[18:20] Visitor: ALIEN
[18:20] Teoalida: How old are you?
[18:20] Teoalida: Your language is like a child of some american parents moved in Singapore
[18:21] Teoalida: btw About me page give enough info or I missed anything?
[18:21] Visitor: esp emperor penguins
[18:21] Visitor: are you male or female
[18:22] Teoalida: Male
[18:22] Visitor: alida is a male’s name?!
[18:22] Teoalida: no but Teoalida may be… hmm, in some languages sound as female name
[18:22] Teoalida: it’s just a business name
[18:22] Visitor: my motto is I want to live in Singapore with a Japanese wife in an apartment with Korean home automation, drive a German car and eat Italian food while watching Mexican movies and listening to Brazilian music
[18:23] Teoalida: hahaha
[18:24] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/apps/blog/ *
[18:25] Visitor: how can you hate handicapped people
[18:25] Teoalida: hmm…. is this a form of racism?
[18:25] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/apps/blog/show/18166362-funny-chat-with-jhonny *
[18:25] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/funnychat.htm *
[18:26] Teoalida: Seems that we can be good friends?
[18:26] Teoalida: Add me in messenger or give me an email
[18:26] Visitor: iloveteoalida@gmail.com
[18:27] Teoalida: Stop such jokes!
[18:27] Visitor: ok i have to go now, bye bye im gonna take the flight back to america because houses in singapore are just too small for me
[18:27] Teoalida: or are you trying to make a Funny Chat funnier than the Funny Chat page where are you looking now?
[18:28] Visitor: you mad dog?!
[18:28] Teoalida: There are few houses in Singapore over 10.000 sq ft… you only need to be rich
[18:28] Visitor 96935371 has left the conversation


* Visitor 79222353 is requesting to chat.
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[18:31] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin, if you need any help or just want to chat, reply here!
[18:31] Visitor: hello ;D greetings from america
[18:31] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[18:31] Teoalida: Where in America?
[18:32] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/apps/blog/*
[18:32] Visitor: the big apple YO
[18:32] Teoalida: How you could travel so fast?
[18:32] Teoalida: AND keep your Singapore IP?
[18:32] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/apps/blog/show/18188531-pink-color-is-gay– *
[18:32] Teoalida:
*** Visitor 79222353 is requesting to chat.
IP: (cm228.omega9.maxonline.com.sg), Country: Singapore, City: Singapore
Page URL: http://teoalida.webs.com/apps/blog/show/16354975-chatting-with-website-visitors
Reply here to chat with the visitor ***
[18:33] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/apps/blog/show/16354975-chatting-with-website-visitorsReply
[18:33] Visitor: ARE YOU A ROBOT?
[18:34] Teoalida: Are you crazy? imitating others?
[18:34] * Visitor is now viewing http://teoalida.webs.com/apps/blog/ *
[18:34] Visitor: i dont understand
[18:35] Teoalida: You saw that screenshot with visitor calling me robot!
[18:36] Visitor 79222353 has left the conversation

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