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Worst english ever (2012-09-02)

Thinking that your english level is bad? The below guy beat anyone!
How I am supposed to understand? Also, what does mean “mam”?

Sunday, 2 Sep, 2012
Country: Philippines
Page URL: http://teoalida.webs.com/singaporehdbfloorplans.htm
[14:58] Visitor: how to plan if the floor plan is 120,95 sqm?
[14:59] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[14:59] Teoalida: Do you want to design a house?
[14:59] Teoalida: or interior design for an existing house?
[14:59] Teoalida: or apartment?
[14:59] Visitor: i want a design for a house.
[15:00] Teoalida: I guess that a house so you shall land in House Design page rather than in Singapore HDB floorplans
[15:01] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin. If you need anything more or just wanna chat, ask me here!
[15:01] Visitor: it is serving there mam? it is an assignment of mine.
[15:02] Teoalida: Do you mean design services? yes I can do
[15:02] Visitor: yes mam.if it is ok from you?
[15:03] Teoalida: yes
[15:03] Teoalida: But I am confused what you want
[15:03] Visitor: house plan,but the squaremeasurements is 120,95.
[15:04] Teoalida: What is length and width of land?
[15:04] Visitor: yes

[15:05] Teoalida: Anyway check www.teoalida.webs.com/housedesign.htm first
[15:05] Teoalida: I need length and width
[15:05] Teoalida: and why do you add .95 ?
[15:06] Visitor: it can be the width is 95 or 120 as long as it is a floor plan mam
[15:07] Teoalida: you should say 120 x 95 …. but what unit of measurment is that?
[15:08] Visitor: square meter mam
[15:08] Teoalida: I ask you about length and width, NOT only square meters…. and no house can be 120 meters long

[15:10] Teoalida: if a HOUSE, please check www.teoalida.webs.com/housedesign.htm
[15:10] Visitor: I’m sorry I’m a first timer of this that is why i don’t how to say.BUT MY TEACHER GAVE the measurement are 120,95.it depend on me if how i do the plan house mam.
[15:11] Teoalida: Oh so is a university project?
[15:11] Teoalida: I though that you have land and want to BUILD a house
[15:12] Visitor: yes mam it is a project..if you help me it’s a big thankfull.im worried so much of this..
[15:12] Teoalida: Most request are from people that build houses, no students
[15:13] Teoalida: For students, get inspired from my past projects
[15:13] Visitor: I am not allowed for this mam?
[15:13] Teoalida: If you have a clear request and learn some english, I can design for you
[15:14] Visitor: can you do that to me mam?
[15:15] Teoalida: Your teacher didn’t gave you clear data
[15:16] Visitor: yes mam your right.
[15:17] Visitor: but it’s ok mam i will just get an example from your designs.
[15:18] Teoalida: Tell me which is the best or which suit you
[15:19] Visitor: like wht mam?
[15:20] Teoalida: Tell me which of my designs is the best or which suit you
[15:21] Visitor: the house plan mam.

[15:27] Visitor has left the conversation

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