Funny Singaporean making weird claims about future of Singapore

A random visitor started to give me interesting but CRAZY info about future developments of Singapore, future HDB towns, future MRT lines, also saying that Concept Plan 2011 will be released on 15 July 2012, etc…
Can someone confirm if this is REAL, what parts from what he is saying are REAL?

Chat transcript:
(15:04:28) Teoalida Hello, as the website admin………. Do you need help or have any questions? Reply here to start a live chat with me! (for praises/critics leave comments at bottom of each page)
(15:04:28) Visitor 2012, also need Western Water Catchment New Town in the near future…… together with Tebing and Mandai.
(15:11:31) Teoalida Too many
(15:11:48) Visitor can they have Poyan New Town, very near to Jalan Sungei Poyan?
(15:11:58) Teoalida I saw on Wikipedia about Western Catchment… but not soon
(15:12:07) Visitor why not soon?
(15:12:24) Teoalida First Tengah and Seletar
(15:12:35) Visitor then wh at?
(15:12:50) Teoalida Can you estimate in which year the first blocks of next new town will be topped?
(15:13:05) Teoalida First blocks in Punggol opened in 2001
(15:13:06) Visitor 2018 for Tengah, 2020 for Seletar
(15:13:25) Teoalida btw, which MRT line will serve these?
(15:13:39) Visitor Holland and Seletar lines.
(15:13:42) Teoalida Where is the Concept Plan 2011??????? I want to see new MRT lines
(15:14:11) Teoalida Concept plan 2001 didn’t had so many lines because not so many towns were planned
(15:14:22) Visitor can’t find but it will be released on July 15, 2012. New MRT lines are Holland, Seletar, LCK and Tampines, + Crossrail.
(15:14:42) Teoalida Who said that will be released on 15 july?
(15:14:45) Visitor Lim Chu Kang Line. I would wonder will they have MRT line that go via Western Water Catchment. Southwest Line will stop at Poyan West anyways.
(15:16:58) Teoalida
(15:17:10) Teoalida There’s no such lines… where you got such great info?
(15:17:21) Teoalida also what is Crossrail?
(15:17:30) Visitor since 2008. Crossrail will link Blk 157,
(15:17:45) Visitor Blk 123, Jalan Lapang, Zi Teng House, Ion Khatib via Wrexham and Pasir Laba.
(15:17:58) Visitor Pasir Laba will definitely have MRT. So Wrexham will be.
(15:18:20) Visitor Pulau Tekong will never have MRT, because it will still be military area forever. Unless there are serious incidents again, 100 deaths per SAF year.
(15:18:32) Visitor then have to transfer all to YourStudent Great Truce Army.
(15:18:49) Teoalida where you got such great info????????!!!!!!!!
(15:18:57) Teoalida block 123 and 157 in WHICH town?
(15:19:00) Visitor Tampines
(15:19:42) Teoalida Can’t understand why to be such line in Tampines
(15:19:51) Visitor so that can link students
(15:19:52) Teoalida I already hate eastern half of Downtown line
(15:19:58) Visitor why?
(15:20:09) Teoalida Are you agree with its path?
(15:20:12) Visitor yes.
(15:20:26) Teoalida That was former planned as Eastern Region loop line
(15:20:39) Visitor But built a tram in Singapore please. Tampines lah.
(15:20:56) Teoalida If the loop proposal was scrapped, why Downtown line turn south to Expo?
(15:21:11) Teoalida The two new stations in Tampines are too close
(15:21:32) Visitor must be at Tampines West (Blk 803) and ngee ann secondary school. Downtown Line should also go to Changi Coast and Pedra Branca.
(15:21:37) Teoalida I will rather put a station at western end of Tampines…. rather than Bedok Reservoir
(15:22:00) Visitor where is it?
(15:22:03) Teoalida Then the line shall be continued along Loyang Avenue to serve Pasir Ris and possible extension towards Changi Village
(15:22:05) Visitor and tell it to skip Bedok Reservoir.
(15:22:34) Visitor Lim Chu Kang planning area got 93 units, now become LCK Central, got 140 unsold units for casino people.
(15:22:50) Teoalida What casino?
(15:23:00) Visitor like kallang sers
(15:23:05) Teoalida Can’t understand this
(15:23:21) Visitor is the downtown line going pedra branca?
(15:23:24) Teoalida Are you working at URA or got official info from somewhere?
(15:23:31) Teoalida Or these are just YOUR OWN proposals?
(15:23:43) Visitor not sure. but Downtown Line sure can go pedra branca, just your proposals one. Lim Chu Kang Line also. Southwest line oto.
(15:24:46) Teoalida What’s up with Pedra Branca?
(15:24:51) Visitor island
(15:25:11) Teoalida I mean how is that little island related with MRT?
(15:25:53) Visitor can built there?
(15:25:57) Visitor built MRT.
(15:26:11) Teoalida Do you know how big is that island and where is placed?
(15:26:21) Visitor around it only one station.
(15:26:23) Teoalida Nobody will live here
(15:26:29) [Visitor page reloaded. New URL: ]
(15:26:44) Visitor cos is only?
(15:27:30) Teoalida First, think about Ubin and Tekong
(15:30:59) Teoalida ?
(15:34:20) [The visitor has left the chat. You can close this session with /bye or wait in case the visitor comes back.]

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