I love exploring the world via Google Earth, Street View, and various websites, doing case studies, reviewing countries and comparison, paying most attention to living conditions, real estate market, housing and apartment buildings, infrastructure and public transport.

Housing in Philippines

Are you building a house in Philippines? See sample house plans and contact me to design new house for you! The Philippines is a beautiful country until we talk about living conditions and government. One of the poorest countries in the world, ruled by one of the most corrupted governments in the world. Corruption and geography isolation …

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Housing in India

From a neutral or foreign point of view, Indian subcontinent may be one of the worst places to live (especially for women) and one of the most dangerous places to travel as tourist. This is valid for all region (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc). The economy of India can be compared with Philippines and other south-east Asian countries, but even …

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Housing in China

China seems a good place to live, despite of having a communist government. But beware that internet censorship is high, numerous popular websites such as Youtube and Blogger are considered to have offensive content so are blocked by government. On my Blogspot websites I never had a single visitor from China, but I had from …

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Housing in Europe

Housing in Europe is pretty similar all over the continent. If you though that ugly panel block public housing exists only in former communist eastern block, you are WRONG. Western Europe have ugly public housing too, but it is hidden at city outskirts and built to improve standard of living of the poor, usually inhabited by immigrants, …

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Hong Kong floor plans

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