I love exploring the world via Google Earth, Street View, and various websites, doing case studies, reviewing countries and comparison, paying most attention to living conditions, real estate market, housing and apartment buildings, infrastructure and public transport.

Housing in Philippines

Are you building a house in Philippines? See sample house plans and contact me to design new house for you! The Philippines is a beautiful country until we talk about living conditions and government. One of the poorest countries in the world, ruled by one of the most corrupted governments in the world. Corruption and geography isolation …

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Housing in India

India is in attention for whole world, because it will be the most populous country in the world, surpassing China somewhere in 2022-2024, and an important hub for IT industry… but is this country a good place to live or to do business with? The Two India reality… obscene wealth & grinding poverty Point mouse cursor on photos to …

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Housing in China

China is a communist country, and the only communist country where living conditions are actually good. China was the most populous country for last 2000 years, but in 2022-2024 is going to be overtaken by India. 2010 census state that China population is 1,339,724,852 people, of which 49.68% living in urban areas, mostly in modern apartments. There are 401,517,330 …

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Housing in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for their extremely narrow and tall houses, this happened due to a former property tax based on house frontage (similar law did existed in Netherlands in 16th-18th centuries). People build houses as narrow they could, deep and tall. Originally intended for one family, many houses have been rebuild taller and owners are …

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Housing in Europe

Housing in Europe is pretty similar all over the continent. If you though that ugly panel block public housing exists only in former communist eastern block, you are WRONG. Western Europe have ugly public housing too, but it is hidden at city outskirts and built to improve standard of living of the poor, usually inhabited by immigrants, …

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