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As passion for architecture and love for Singapore, I made own research about housing since 2009. I published as Singapore HDB History, Photos, Statistics and Floor Plans in Dec 2009, added BTO & DBSS list in Mar 2011, and 10+ more pages in 2012.

Database of landed housing

During 2016 2 people impressed by HDB and Condo databases created by me, asked me if I can create one more database of landed houses (street address, street number and postal code). So I created one for Woodgrove Estate in April 2017:

Landed Housing Database SAMPLE .xls

If the Condo Database is made using web scraping software (automatically), the landed houses database can only be made manually like in the …

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HDB Annual Reports 1927-present

KZ, one of the biggest fans of my website and hobbyist regarding HDB history, went 4 times to National Library and photoed all annual reports of SIT and HDB as well as other publications about HDB. He gave me the photos (just for me), the photo collection being a mess, I spent a great amount of time sorting them. I personally did not wanted to publish his low-quality photos on my high quality website, but several people asked me to …

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HDB Application Rate

HDB InfoWeb Appliation Status page does provide the application rate for last BTO project and SBF, breakdown by flat type. I compiled an Excel table with a summary of application rate for every BTO and SBF launch from 2010 to present and offer it for free download together with HTML pages.

Until October 2015 site redesign, the application rate for past BTO far back as Aug 2010 was still accessible via direct …

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List of BTO prices

Have you ever wondered what were the HDB flat prices in the past, but have a hard time digging for prices around various news websites and forums?

In 2016 I spent about 10 hours compiling selling price ranges of all BTO flats in one Excel database that allow you to compare flat prices by town, by flat type, etc. If you have any suggestion how to make table easier to use, leave a comment!

Buy BTO prices …

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List of old SIT estates

This page was split up from which became too long, after I wrote too much information about demolished SIT estates, which is not of interest for typical visitors of my website who are looking for floorplan of standing HDB blocks.

List of SIT developments:

Note: SD = Street Directory, actual building year unknown so I have indicated the year of first Street Directory which displayed the street around blocks.

near Lorong Limau, first houses ever built by SIT, …

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Most beautiful HDB

I explored all estates of Singapore via Google Earth and screened several HDB blocks with distinctive architectural styles. The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me.

Vote the most beautiful HDB blocks! Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc. You can vote multiple images.

Bedok Reservoir blk 633-649 Lots of squares and decorations

Bukit Panjang blk 607-624 White with blue splashes …

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Most beautiful houses

I explored all corners of Singapore via Google Earth and screened the best houses I saw, a variety of bungalows, semi-detached and terraced houses. Do you know other houses? Tell me the address and I may add in the poll. The voting results may influence the future of houses designed by me.

Singapore houses are the most beautiful in the world. Due to country size, only few people, the rich class can afford a landed property. Terraced houses have …

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Most beautiful condo

I explored whole Singapore via Google Earth and screened several condos, but there are so many condos… I do not know which ones to choose for posting there and let people to vote. You can come with suggestions! The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me.

Vote the most beautiful CONDO! Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc. You can vote multiple images. Arcadia Garden 1980s …

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Update list

Several people asked me when the page was last updated. If today I correct a spelling error, can be considered updated today? Last update matter less… instead, please report if I forgot to add something, or suggest what else to add, and I may update it today!

List of updates for Housing in Singapore section

Note that my website was originally on (hosted by Webs free hosting), started in April 2009. I did not wrote update log until Dec …

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List of Executive Condos

TOP date color legend

1999-2000 (13 EC) – 2003-2008 (10 EC) – 2013-2015 (15 EC) – 2016 (11 EC) – 2017 (7 EC) – 2018 (6 EC) – 2019 (3 EC) – under construction (4 EC) – awaiting launch (2 EC) – Total: 71 EC

Executive Condominium (EC) is a form of subsidized housing built by private developers, having same eligibility restrictions like HDB (family nucleus, citizens and permanent …

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