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Sometimes I get funny messages from website visitors!

ANGRY Filipino customer

How I can help someone addressing me cursing words? I try to be nice even with the angry people because some people may swear me then turn into customers (example), but the following one keep swearing me that I can’t help… is not clear what help he needed. Note: I have no proof that he is from Philippines, I …

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What this guy wants from me?

What does this person wanted from me!!!??? Every day, I am contacted by few people from Singapore for info about HDB and chit-chat, I am also contacted by people all around the world for architecture / CAD design services. I differentiate customers by chit-chatters by the way they address me and by what pages they click. …

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Funny singlish with Lim Pei

There’s IMPOSSIBLE to read this chat without laughing… That’s a truly funny singaporean english. Using lots of words that I do not understand, including the overused ARH and LIM BEI words which at end I figured that may have been his name. Funiest parts in RED!   Chat started on Sunday, January 04, 2015 5:16:54 PM Country: Singapore …

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