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I design house plans, apartment blocks, realistic 3D models, interior design, as well as cars and mechanical... everything that can be designed in AutoCAD! I also offer paper-to-CAD redrafting service at low price!

Paper to CAD drawing conversion services

Most AutoCAD designers offering paper-to-CAD conversion simply put the scanned JPG and draw over it every line, often making various identical drawing elements at different dimensions, aka low-quality CAD drawing. Personally I offer quality paper-to-CAD conversion services, taking care to make every element of drawing a rounded dimension, and in case of floor plans of various buildings, I will …

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Other CAD Design

Do you though that I work only in architecture? WRONG! I can do almost anything in AutoCAD! I am often working in architecture because I posted few dozens house models on website. But here I show the floor plan and 3D design of the… largest salt mine in Europe! See real photos from mine. Designed in 2008 for fun / …

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Web Design

If you need a little help how to create, improve or optimize a website, feel free to contact me! If you need someone to create a website from scratch and maintain it full-time in your place, then I am NOT the right person. I am writing this page in 2013 because some people attempted to hire me to design websites …

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