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Is possible (and legal) to obtain a mobile phone numbers database?

I CAN help you if you need web scraping services to collect phone numbers (or any other kind of data) that is voluntarily published on the internet by their owners. For example I made a script that input MCST from 0001 to 4600 in bca.gov.sg enquiry and created Condo Database with Management Corporations, an Excel file …

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Football Database

Download free SAMPLE: 2018-FIFA-World-Cup.xls Took me about 5 minutes to compile this table sourcing data from Wikipedia using “XPath Helper” extension for Chrome. If you are interested in similar table for all FIFA World Cups 1930-2018, UEFA Euro Cups and other football tournaments, please contact me. If you have any suggestion how to make this …

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Screen size calculator – we hate widescreens!

In December 2018 I decided to merge this article into https://www.teoalida.com/database/screenresolution/  

Screen resolution statistics

As graphic designer and enthusiast in computer history, I became curious how the monitor dimensions evolved over the years and which screen resolutions were most popular, so I created the below Excel files as data analysis. Monitor size calculator .XLS – Excel table that calculate monitor dimensions (width and height) in mm, screen area, pixels size, etc. I made to …

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Airports database

Are you looking for a database of airports and other airfields in Excel format for research or to make a website? Here is a database for you: Download SAMPLE: Airports-&-Airfields-Database-SAMPLE.xls Buy FULL database: This is one of the databases given by an Indian programmer using Python to scrap data from websites for his studies of …

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Singapore car database

Are you a car parts shop, car rental, dealership, tuning, insurance company, or any other business that deal with cars? Or you just need a table with cars sold in Singapore in Excel format to make a website, a mobile app, or data analysis for a school project? I spent several hours coding a scraper …

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Laptops & computer components database

Since I made in 2016 a very complete and accurate Mobile Phones Database, several people asked me if I can make a database of laptops or computers. This is a trouble: while phones have under case same specifications, and we have websites like gsmarena.com which shows all phone models from most popular manufacturers from 1994 …

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World hotels database

I made a small database of the 721 hotels in Singapore: www.teoalida.com/database/Hotels-Database-SAMPLE.xls I am interested to extend the project for all countries but I need support from at least 3 people. I am expert in real estate and automobiles (see other databases made by me), so a hotel database is a NEW field for me. Please …

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Colors database RGB & HEX

First time I made such table was in 2004 (15 years old) when I spent few days making in Paint an image with 48 hue levels and 32 lighting levels (Excel 97-2003 was limited to 56 colors). In 2018 I remade it in Excel, adding RGB values for easier use, the job took about 4 …

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Cryptocurrency markets

Download FREE sample: Cryptocurrency-markets-SAMPLE.xlsx Buy FULL database: This is one of the databases given by an Indian programmer using Python to scrap data from websites for his studies of data analysis and machine learning, with permission to sell it via my website. Source of data: coinmarketcap.com > click each coin > click Historical Data. Current …

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