Worldwide global automobile database

Warning: car specifications vary between cars sold in various countries (even if model name is the same), due to this reason any database that include more details than make, model and production years should be should be specific to one country or in worst case, to a continent. Beware of websites like CarQueryAPI mixing cars sold in multiple regions, not accurate for any market and missing models even from US and EU markets. Read more.

The below “worldwide” databases include only make, model and production years.

Car Models List XLS

Car Models List have separate row for each model generation (example Golf 1 to Golf 7) with production years indicated for each, and single row if a car is sold in multiple countries under different names. Updated every few months. Read more.

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Car Nameplates List

Car Nameplates List have a single row for each nameplate regardless of how many models wore it, sometimes define totally different models (example: Ford Fusion is a mid-size sedan in North America and also a mini MPV in Europe), and separate row for each alternative name sold in various countries. Separate row is also for sister cars such as Fiat Bravo / Brava, VW Golf / Jetta. Updated yearly. Read more.

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Car Models List DOC

The original version of Car Models List in .DOC format. This is intended for consulting and reading only. Web developers are advised to purchase the above Car Models List in .XLS format that can be quickly imported in a MySQL database. Free product with no guaranteed updates. Read more.

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Car Models Timeline

Same cars like in Car Models List but displayed in an easy-to-visualize timeline chart. Free product with no guaranteed updates. Read more.

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Car sales figures

Table with number of cars sold, breakdown by make and model, from 1948 to present, but most makes sales figures are available only for recent years, usually American sales figures starts at 1970, European at 1990 or 1997 and Chinese at 2003. Updated yearly in February.

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Automobile production

Table and chart with number of cars produced in each country from 1999 to present, 39 countries included. Does NOT contains makes and models. Updated yearly in March.

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