TERMS OF SERVICE – Can I use for web building or commercial usage?

The car databases are intended to be use by one business entity or in one location

You are allowed to use in commercially in your business or company, or convert in SQL database for your commercial website, for example to make a drop-down box and display data for each car model.
If you design websites for other people, you are allowed to use the database for multiple websites but should purchase once for each website, as each website is a different customer. You are advised to inform the end-customer to contact me every time wants to have database updated.
For other website-related usages please ask.

You are allowed also to alter the database and add your own data.
Web developers and other people who alter the database are advised to send me back the database after manipulation (1-make sample is enough)… to help me offering more suitable data structure in the future, and also for your benefits, to send you updates in your preferred layout (if possible) and save (part of) your time re-manipulating it.

You are NOT allowed to redistribute, resell or post the full tables on other websites.
Customizing database does not mean that the work is yours and no longer need to obey my terms. Adding more data or converting the data other formats such as SQL and integrating in a software made yourself, for purpose of reselling, is also NOT allowed (exception in case of mobile apps that does not target business entities, but ordinary people, and are given free).
If a friend want to use same database like you in his own business, tell him to buy another copy from me.
If you want to resell my data as database, paid mobile app or paid service, we should make an agreement to pay me a small percentage of sales revenue.

If you want to sell the database integrated in a software that is given for use to other business entities, we can discuss a reseller agreement and you should pay me some percentage of the sales you do.

If I would limit to personal usage, I don’t think that hobbyist and students can afford my prices. The prices were set after I realized that most buyers are businesses, if you are student or you are making something non-profit, I am sorry but I cannot set different prices for different usage.

After purchase (or even before), take few minutes to leave a public comment
Leave comment either on the individual database page, either on first post with all databases.
Avoid quick praising like “Thank you Teoalida, great website, you deliver the database in seconds“.
Take time to write a longer comment and review the database itself. Take example from Damir comment or from this detailed review received via email.

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