Databases confusing?

The names (list, timeline, database, etc) are confusing?
I agree… but I lack imagination for a better naming system.
Feel free to view samples and propose better product names!

Note that until late 2012, I though that DATAbase = technical data, I did not knew that DATABASE means any XLS / SQL table regardless if is a simple make/model list. Correct naming for technical data’s database is the SPECS.

However I keep using the naming Car Models List = NO SPECS, Car Models Database = SPECS. Except for Car Models Encyclopedia which isn’t a XLS.

Naming in
Naming in
Naming in
Apr-Oct 2013
Aug 2013
Naming since
Nov 2013
Car Models List Car Models List Car Models List Car Models Database Car Models List
Car Models Timeline Car Models Timeline Car Models Timeline ???? Car Models Timeline
Car Database List
(sorted alphabetically)
Car Models Encyclopedia
(sorted alphabetically)
Car Encyclopedia Car Models & Bodies
& Engines Encyclopedia
Car Models Encyclopedia
bodies, dimensions, engine list
Car Database Timeline
(sorted by year)
Car Models Database
(re-sorted alphabetically)
Car Database
Body Specs
Car Models &
Bodies Database
Car Models Database
bodies & dimensions
The BIG Car Database Car Versions Database Car Database
Engine Specs
Car Models & Bodies
& Engines Database
Car Models Database
detailed engine specs


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