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Category: F.A.Q. & important info

Survey results

4th survey (voting time September 2013 – August 2014) I switched to PollDaddy because it have “other” (people can type their own answer) or limit the number of choices, thus giving me a better image what people are looking for. Unfortunately PollDaddy free accounts have fixed poll designs, making poll wider would automatically enlarge text to a disturbing too big size. Switched …

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Have you noticed how I calculate databases? Non-rounded prices are almost everywhere on my website. Not just for car databases but also for other products made by me in www.teoalida.com/store. Some databases price is exactly the number of models included, or if the number of models is not suitable for price, it is multiplied by a …

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Do you provide PHP scripts?

Because of large number of databases that I am selling, and because each customer have different requirements in integrating my database in his website, there is not possible to make ONE plugin and give it to every customer purchasing a database. Several free plugins for WordPress do exist (example WooCommerce YMM search) but it can …

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