Additional HDB Floor Plans, rare layouts (temporary page)

I created this page to avoid overlading the MAIN PAGE /singapore/hdbfloorplans/ which have too many images, eating too much server bandwidth, people complained about slow loading website.
let the main page only for most common ~100 floor plans. Additional floor plans that I consider interesting, will be added on this page instead.

1960s rare HDB floor plans


1970s rare HDB floor plans

The lift level 4-Room New Generation unit within 5-Room Standard blocks

The lift level 4-Room New Generation unit within 5-Room Improved blocks

1980s rare HDB floor plans

Unusual, unique 1984 block with 3-Room Model A (74 sqm) at Geylang Serai

Rare Jumbo flat formed from two 4-Room New Generation flats, making a single unit per floor with 2 entrances. Found in Woodlands blocks 115, 119, 124.

Two examples of (Jumbo) Executive Apartment created from one 3-rm with one 4-rm, and one example of converting three 3-Room Simplified flats into two 4-rm flats.

Jumbo flat comprised by 3S and 4S flats Jumbo flat comprised by 3A and 4A flats

A strange 5-Room Improved Maisonette (133 sqm), 4-storey block in Hougang, no corridors
5I-M (133 sqm)

1990s rare HDB floor plans

UNIQUE, 1997 Premium contract Tampines blk 498 (atrium block) composed by 4-Room Model A (106 sqm), 5-Room Improved (126 sqm) and Executive Apartment (144-148 sqm).
Premium Executive Apartment from Tampines Block 498 (144 sqm)

UNIQUE, 1998 Bedok blk 140 with 5-Room Improved (121 sqm), 3 balconies!
5-Room Improved from Bedok blk 140 (121 sqm)

UNIQUE, 1997-1998 Premium contract Bukit Batok blk 288/289 (atrium block) composed by Executive Apartment (144 sqm) and Executive Maisonette (165 sqm), EA have 3 balconies!
Premium Executive Apartment from Bukit Batok 288/289 (144 sqm)EM (165 sqm)EM (165 sqm)

UNIQUE Executive Apartments from Pasir Ris donut block and Bukit Panjang
Executive Apartment from Pasir Ris Street 13 (146 sqm) Executive Apartment from Bukit Panjang (142 sqm)

UNIQUE, HDB Penthouse Maisonettes
They are located in topmost floor of some 1990s precincts in Bishan (52 units, up to 199 sqm), Choa Chu Kang (12 units, 182 / 215 sqm), Queenstown-Strathmore (4 units, 192 sqm), (source), also unknown number of units in Hougang (176 sqm) and Pasir Ris (189 sqm).
Bishan Penthouse Pasir Ris Penthouse Pasir Ris Penthouse

Executive Maisonette from Pasir Ris 1xx (189 sqm)

Premium: Sembawang Blue Riverview (2001) with 4-Room (102 sqm), 5-Room (118 sqm), and Executive (137 sqm)
4-Room Premium (102 sqm) 5-Room Premium (118 sqm) EA Premium (137 sqm)

Nice-shpaed 5-room apartment with central living room, allow 4 spacious bedrooms (unlike other 5-room from similar period having 3 bedrooms and larger living room). From Toa Payoh block 122.

2000s rare HDB floor plans

Executive Apartment from Anchorvale Gardens

BTO/SERS era mix: 2-Room Studio (45 sqm) from Commonwealth View SERS, 3-Room (66 sqm) from Straits Vista BTO, 4-Room (90 sqm) from Membina Court SERS, 4-Room (90 sqm) from Kallang Heights SERS with bad-shaped living room, 4-room with central living room from unknown area. Point mouse cursor on photos for details!
2-Room Studio (45 sqm) 4-Room (90 sqm) from Membina Court 4-Room (90 sqm) from Kallang Heights 4-Room

Unusual narrow 3-Room from Sengkang, does anyone know BTO name?

Treelodge @ Punggol: premium BTO with 4-Room and unusual 5-Room Loft units
Treelodge 4-Room Treelodge 5-Room Loft

THIS is how does look a block full with unsold Executive Apartment (140 sqm?) split into 2-Room (52 sqm?) and 3-Room (83 sqm), 5 sqm lobby, resulting in a fucking crazy layout! Notice window position for living room and master toilet! I am curious if they built another bomb shelter for the 2-Room! This is from Sengkang, but converted blocks are also in Jurong West.
3-Room floor plan (83 sqm) converted from Executive Apartment


Worst HDB flats – contrasting HDB layouts

Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, blk 383-395 (Goodview Gardens, 2005), probably identical with Farrer Park blk 11-15 (2004). 4-Room Model A, possible the WORST HDB layout, TINY living room with blocked view, being 4×4 it is impossible to put a TV, sofa and dining table, space-wasting hallway to bedrooms, bad shape of common bedrooms.
Sengkang, blk 297-299 (Compassvale Green, 2001), Premium Executive Apartment, one of the craziest-proportioned HDB flats, HUGE living room and tiny bedrooms, no hallways, contrasting with Bukit Batok ones.

4-Room (90 sqm) from Bukit Batok Goodview Gardens (blocks 383-395) EA (134 sqm)

7 thoughts on “Additional HDB Floor Plans, rare layouts (temporary page)

  1. Hi…

    Could i check with you if the following design (floor plan) can be found in clementi, dover, jurong east or queenstown areas?

    HDB1993-1998EA Corner (toilets are not back to back) I wasnt able to cut and paste the image here.


  2. I’m staying in Bukit Batok West avenue 5, BLK390, Goodview Gardens. To me, it is a lovely place. There are different deign of gardens around each of the block, 2 pavilions are designed and built in between of blk 39388 to 390 and Blk 391 to 395. The background of the block series is the Military camp. Thats the reason why HDB created this unique strcuture to block window view from the residences.

    The spacious living room has unblocked greenary view for my 5 rooms units.

    I agree with you that the living room space is a bit congested for 4 room units here.

    However, I DISAGREE on such way you commond it as ” possible the WORST HDB layout”. Come on, I believe if you will only choose to buy a house when you like it. Same here, WE LOVE GOODVIEW GARDENS, it is our HOME SWEET HOME !

  3. Unusual narrow 3-Room from Sengkang, does anyone know BTO name? -> This is Fernvale Crest, in Sengkang West next to Jalan Kayu.

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