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Since 2012 I am copying in Notepad the contents of website pages, for backup purpose, but primarily for statistical purpose, to track how much my website is GROWING over years.

This website is NOT a blog. Although I use WordPress platform and write Posts, the updates are done by adding more info in existing posts rather than adding new posts.

Optimum articles should be between 1000 and 2000 words, which means pages sized about 10-20 KB or more in case of pages with many images or tables (as HTML codes use bytes but do not count as words). I split up some pages when they became too long, but pages like HDB Floor Plans and List of BTO projects should not be split.

Probably this is why numerous people complain that website is cluttered, too much text, too much info on each page, etc. Since 2013 I try to avoid enlarging pages unnecessarily, but some times I cannot resist adding more info as new ideas came in my mind.


published websiteWordPress website
Total number of pages315054606675
Total page size (KB)5787758757388961315
About pages
About me (home page)200910.210.710.317.320.422.4
About my lifeAug 201211.417.417.925.426.4
Website changelogOct 2012?24.029.6
Website page statisticsJan 20168.1?
Website traffic statisticsMar 20121.95.5??13.2
Bad website design? You can help!20158.5
Chatting with website visitorsJul 2013??12.5
Portfolio design
Architecture Design Rules200912.
Architecture Design Archive200929.229.233.336.339.943.2
Architecture Apartment Design200934.043.944.152.551.356.5
Architecture House Design201016.221.729.846.651.259.7
Palace Design200914.114.116.416.922.323.3
Car Design20094.
Interior DesignMar 2013?2.93.6
HDB Floor plans > AutoCAD .DWGJun 20132.32.43.9
Miscellaneous DesignOct 20123.
WebdesignDec 20131.93.63.6
AutoCAD Settings20104.14.14.1deleted
Portfolio databases
List of databases201515.0
Car Database201110.015.018.7separate website
Skyscrapers DatabaseNov 201511.6
Geography DatabasesJul 20154.8
Music Database
(split from Biography)
Apr 20122.42.4??2.7
Screen resolution statisticsJul 2014?15.1
Screen size calculatorJul 2014?5.8
Portfolio gaming
Games (NFS and GTA,
split up in Nov 2011)
Age of EmpiresSep 20124.
Beetle Crazy CupNov 20112.
Caesar 3Nov 201112.824.924.926.126.328.2
Grand Theft AutoNov 20111.
Need For SpeedNov 20111.
The Sims 2200937.061.461.
Housing around the World
Best Cities in the World201011.412.412.611.912.412.6
Housing around the World
(in 2012 I split up page into
different pages for each region)
Dec 200977.5
North AmericaMay 2012(10.4)14.617.19.49.816.2
South America
(split up from America page)
Oct 201214.917.118.2
EuropeMay 2012(12.0)15.216.821.144.146.6
ChinaMay 2012(2.7)
Hong KongMay 2012(15.3)16.216.617.519.219.4
JapanMay 2012(3.78)
North KoreaMay 2012(2.34)4.74.512.516.428.1
South KoreaMay 2012(8.7)16.719.220.526.331.0
SingaporeMay 2012(15.9)20.621.822.424.427.4
MalaysiaMay 2012(2.48)
PhilippinesMay 20123.33.28.918.020.0
IndiaMay 20122.
AfricaJul 20155.8
Hong Kong floor plansJan 201140.542.440.647.047.548.8
Hong Kong statisticsJan 20117.
Housing in Singapore
HDB floor plansDec 200964.784.994.8106.0105.199.5
HDB flat types20124.56.47.310.811.7
HDB flat sizes analysis20136.57.07.6
HDB price trends
(split up from HDB floor plans)
Nov 20128.810.39.0
HDB statistics20118.310.911.
HDB uncommon facts
(split up from HDB statistics)
Nov 20125.98.212.7
HDB database
(split up from HDB statistics)
Nov 2012?14.643.6
HDB resale database
(split up from HDB statistics)
Nov 2012?3.63.3
Condo databaseOct 201511.4
List of BTO & DBSS projects201159.576.984.4
List of BTO projectsNov 201254.558.764.8
List of DBSS projects
(split up from List of BTO projects)
Nov 20129.09.311.8
List of BTO brochures2014?66.6
List of SERS sites201119.
List of SBF launches20142.84.1
List of SIT estates
(split up from HDB floor plans)
List of HUDC estates20116.
List of Executive Condos20126.06.39.511.713.8
List of major condos201117.017.017.411.612.2deleted
List of pre-BTO precints20133.23.23.3
Map in AutoCADJan 20162.7
Most beautiful houses201112.012.011.9
Romanian-language section
Despre mineDec 2012??15.3
Harta Ploiesti20095.79.69.8??15.9
Micul Trianon Floresti200918.018.018.2??30.8
Geografia Romaniei20093.03.93.9??8.3
Salina Slanic2014?10.6
BiografieDec 2012??3.55
Statistics trafic2014?1
For users
Webs Review201210.3remained on website
Webs Tips & Tricks20123.05.5remained on website
Webs Credits Toolbar20123.85.9remained on website
Webs template list20126.56.5remained on website
Other pages
Life in my country201129.227.431.0remained on website
Funny chat201129.829.8remained on website


I created my website originally on (free hosting) in April 2009, I created a new website using WordPress platform on paid hosting in August 2012 and I moved content from former website between October and December 2012.

Pages saved from website include all HTML codes. Pages saved from WordPress website lack some HTML codes, thus some pages in December 2013 appear to be smaller size than in October 2012.

There was a single page “Housing around the World” dating from 2009, reaching 77.5 KB in January 2012, split up in 9 individual country / region pages in May 2012.

The Sims page was split into a sub-website (separate WordPress installation) in February 2013, reaching 60+ pages at end of 2013.

Car Database page was split into a sub-website (separate WordPress installation) in April 2013, having 10+ pages.

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