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Dec 10

SCAM emails: I won $500.000

Every day I am the lucky winner at an online lottery, I am eligible for a donation from a recent winner of EuroMillions, I am eligible for an inheritance, or asked to help transferring several million dollars, who belongs to a recently deceased businessman, being compensated with 30-50% of the total sum of money. I …

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Aug 15

SPAM from India: Webdesign & SEO services

Never hire a SEO company emailing you saying that they visited your website, it is not ranking well in Google and promise you to be #1. They are NOT real visitors of your website and may try to scam you. Anyone can do SEO himself if you have skills and free time, if you are a busy man and need help from professionals, do a search and find a reputable …

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Apr 29

Funny: “girls” offering webcam on Yahoo Messenger

A friend of mine, got contacted by “a girl who wants to show him at webcam”, he is not speaking english so asked me to translate and tell him what to reply her. I wasted some time with him without being aware what is going on, until… Days later, I was personally contacted by a such girl. I talked …

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Feb 03

How I learned AutoCAD & architecture

My dad is using AutoCAD at workplace since I was 5 years old. We bought the first computer when I was 7 years old, for dad to work at home. I can say that I started using computer since 9 years old. At that age I was using computer by having fun in Paint and …

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