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Dec 10

List of SERS sites

Outram Park DemolitionSelective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme was launched in 1995 to demolish old blocks and build new blocks in nearby location to house the affected residents.

Note: this list is NOT a list of all demolished blocks.
Demolition of Rental blocks started in 1980s. I believe that some owned flats were demolished too before SERS. For example Dawson estate had over 100 blocks but only 3 of them (blk 6A, 6B, 39) appears in the list of SERS sites. Do not say that all others were rental. At least terraced houses were owned.
My guess is that there was a pre-SERS unnamed demolition programme, while SERS means demolition and build new blocks nearby. Who can confirm this or help me with more info, please leave a comment!

See also: List of SERS sites in Excel spreadsheet, and potential future SERS sites!


Date Town Completed SERS Site* Designated Replacement Site
Street Name Block No. Street Name Block No.
1 22 Aug 1995 Bukit Merah
(Tiong Bahru)
Boon Tiong Road /
Tiong Bahru Road
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 13 (Phase 1)
1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15 and 16 (Phase 2)
Boon Tiong Road
Boon Tiong Road
2A, 2C
4A, 8A, 8B
2 1 Sep 1995 Toa Payoh Lorong 2 Toa Payoh 145, 147, 151 and 152 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh 141, 153, 153A, 154 to 156
3 8 Nov 1995 Bukit Merah Depot Road 103, 110 and 111 (Phase 1)
105, 107 and 112 (Phase 2)
Depot Road
Depot Road
103A, 103B, 104A, 104B, 106A and 106B
109A, 109B, 111A, 111B, 112A and 111B
4 8 Feb 1996 Bukit Merah Redhill Road 67 and 77 (Phase 1)
71 and 72 (Phase 2)
Redhill Close
Lengkok Bahru
Redhill Road
68 to 70
63A and 63B
73A, 74A and 77A
5 30 Apr 1996 Queenstown Margaret Drive
Forfar House
6A and 6B
Stirling Road 181 to 184
6 28 May 1996 Bedok Chai Chee Road 6 and 7 Chai Chee Road 10 and 11
7 30 Jun 1996 Ang Mo Kio Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 309, 315 and 316 (Phase 1)
307 and 308 (Phase 2)
Ang Mo Kio Street 32
Ang Mo Kio Street 31
350 to 354
309A, 315A, 315B and 316A
8 9 Sep 1996 Jurong West
(Taman Jurong)
Corporation Drive / Hu Ching Road 139 to 145 Yung Sheng Road 177 to 180 and 184
9 5 Dec 1996 Queenstown
(Buona Vista)
Holland Drive 18 and 19 Strathmore Avenue 55 and 56
10 17 Feb 1997 Toa Payoh Toa Payoh Central 79 Lor 2 Toa Payoh 142 to 144
11 Toa Payoh Toa Payoh Lorong 2 89 Lor 2 Toa Payoh 142 to 144
12 Ang Mo Kio Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 454 and 455 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 700A, 700B and 700C
13 Bukit Merah – Tiong Bahru Kim Tian Road 126 and 127 Kim Tian Road 119B, 119C and 119D
14 Bukit Merah Nile Road 51, 53 and 54 Kim Tian Road 131B and 131C
15 25 Apr 1997 Ang Mo Kio Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 580 to 582 Ang Mo Kio Street 52 596A, 596B, 596C and 596D
16 Queenstown
(Buona Vista)
Dover Crescent 24 and 28 Dover Crescent 17 to 19
17 Kallang
Syed Alwi Road 3 to 5 Jellicoe Road 813, 815 and 816
18 17 Oct 1997 Jurong West
(Taman Jurong)
Tah Ching Road 135 to 138 Yung Sheng Road 181 to 183
19 Clementi Clementi Avenue 3 439 and 440 Clementi Avenue 3 454 to 456, 458 and 460
20 Bukit Merah Alexandra Road / Tiong Bahru Road 136A, 137A, 136 to
140, 142 and 145
Jln Membina
Kim Tian Place
19 to 23
121 and 121A
21 13 Feb 1998 Bukit Merah
(Telok Blangah)
Telok Blangah Drive 78, 80 and 81 Telok Blangah Heights 86 and 88
22 Jurong East
(Teban Gardens)
Teban Gardens Road 12 to 14, 17 and 19 (Phase 1)
21 to 23 (Phase 2)
Teban Gardens Road 60 and 62 to 65
23 21 Jul 1998 Central Short Street / Prinsep Street 1 to 7 Farrer Park Road 11 to 13 and 15
24 Central Short Street 11 to 13 Farrer Park Road 11 to 13 and 15
25 Central Outram Park 21 to 23 and 27 to 29 Cantonment Close 8, 9, 11, 13 and 16 to 19
26 7 Oct 1998 Toa Payoh
(Upper Aljunied)
Upper Aljunied Lane 1 Pine Close 1
27 Bukit Merah
(Tiong Bahru)
Jalan Membina Barat / Lower Delta Road 24, 31 and 32 Jln Membina 118A, 118B, 118C and 118D
28 Bukit Merah
(Tiong Bahru)
Lower Delta Road 102 and 103 Jln Membina 118A, 118B, 118C and 118D
29 Lim Chu Kang Lim Chu Kang Road 3, 4 and 5 Boon Lay Drive 268A, 268B and 268C
30 18 Mar 1999 Kallang
Tronoh Road 7 and 8 McNair Road 108B and 108C
31 21 Mar 1999 Bukit Batok
Hillview Avenue 1 to 8, 10 and 12 to 14 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 383 to 386, 387 to 390 and 391 to 395
32 29 Oct 1999 Toa Payoh Toa Payoh Lorong 1A 136, 137 and 140 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh 145 to 147 and 152
33 Toa Payoh Toa Payoh Lorong 1 164 to 167 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh 145 to 147 and 152
34 Geylang Dakota Crescent 68, 70 and 72 Jalan Tiga 39, 43, 45, 47 and 49
35 20 Feb 2000 Sengkang Punggol Road /
Buangkok South Farmway 1
1, 2, 5, 206 and 207 Compassvale Lane 207A, 207B, 207C and 207D
36 Bedok Bedok North Road 83 Bedok North Road 180 to 183 and 185
37 Sembawang Sembawang Road 1 to 5 Wellington Circle 508A, 508B, 508C, 509A, 509B, 510A and 510B
38 30 Jul 2000 Bukit Merah
(Telok Blangah)
Telok Blangah Heights 70 and 71 Telok Blangah Heights 85 and 87
39 Central Outram Hill 14 to 16 Cantonment Close 12
40 12 Aug 2000 Clementi Clementi Ave 4 311 to 314 Clementi Avenue 3 457, 459, 461 and 462
41 17 Feb 2001 Queenstown Margaret Drive 96 Strathmore Avenue 48 to 52
42 Queenstown Stirling Road 172 to 175
43 3 Mar 2001 Seletar Seletar Road 1 to 4 Fernvale Lane 403A, 403B, 403C, 403D, 404A,
404B, 405A, 405B and 405C
44 Seletar Seletar West Farmway 6 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7
45 11 Mar 2001 Kallang
(Boon Keng)
Upper Boon Keng Road 6, 8, 9 and 10 Upper Boon Keng Road 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D
46 13 Jan 2003 Queenstown Tanglin Halt 50 to 54 Tanglin Halt Road 89 to 91
47 Queenstown Commonwealth Drive 57, 61 and 67 to 73
48 15 Jan 2003 Toa Payoh Lorong 5/6 Toa Payoh 28, 30, 32 and 33 Toa Payoh Central 79A, 79B, 79C, 79D and 79E
49 20 Feb 2003 Geylang Jalan Pasar Baru / Geylang Serai 1 to 3 Eunos Crescent 31 to 36
50 24 Feb 2003 Bukit Merah – Havelock Havelock Road / Taman Ho Swee 29, 31 and 33 Jalan Membina 25A, 25B, 26A, 26B, 26C, 26D, 27A and 27B
51 16 Jul 2004 Bedok Bedok South Avenue 3 46 to 50 Bedok Central 219A, 219B, 219C, 219D, 220A, 220B,
220C, 221A, 221B and 221C
52 19 Jul 2004 Queenstown
(Buona Vista)
Dover Road 30 to 32 and 34 to 39 Dover Crescent 28A, 28B, 28C and 28D
53 28 Jul 2004 Jurong West
(Taman Jurong)
Tao Ching Road 103 and 105 Tah Ching Road 337A, 337B, 337C, 337D and 338A
54 28 Mar 2005 Clementi Clementi Avenue 3 436 to 438 Clementi Avenue 3 441A and 441B
55 Clementi Clementi Avenue 3 445
56 21 Apr 2005 Queenstown
(Buona Vista)
Holland Avenue / Drive 14 to 17, 22 and 23 Holland Drive 18A, 18B, 18C and 18D
57 25 Nov 2005 Kallang
(Boon Keng)
Upper Boon Keng Road 20 Bendemeer Road# 38A, 38B, 38C, 38D and 39A
58 Geylang Sims Drive 54, 56, 57, 59, 60 and 62 Upper Boon Keng Road# 5A, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D
59 29 Dec 2005 Queenstown Margaret Drive 6C Strathmore Avenue 61A, 61B, 61C, 62A and 62B
60 Queenstown Commonwealth Avenue 27A
61 Queenstown Commonwealth Avenue 39A
62 22 Mar 2006 Jurong West
(Boon Lay Gardens)
Yung Ping Road / Yung Kuang Road 5 to 10 Kang Ching Road 338B, 339A, 339B, 339C and 339D
63 Jurong West
(Boon Lay Gardens)
Boon Lay Drive 180,181,182 and 184 Jurong West St 64@ 675A, 675B, 676A, 676B, 677A,
2677B, 677C, 678A, 678B, 678C and 678D
64 Jurong West
(Taman Jurong)
Boon Lay Avenue 216,217,219 and 220 Jurong West St 93@ 986A, 986B, 986C, 987A, 987B,
988A, 988B, 988C, 989A, 989B,
989C, 989D, 990A, 990B and 990C
65 21 Apr 2006 Bukit Merah Zion Road 88 to 92 Havelock Road 52 to 58
66 22 Jun 2006 Ang Mo Kio Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2/3/4 246 to 252 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 307A, 307B, 307C, 308A, 308B, 310A, 310B and 310C
67 8 Dec 2006 Queenstown
(Buona Vista)
Ghim Moh Road 9 to 12, 9A and 12A Ghim Moh Link 22, 23 and 26 to 28
68 23 Feb 2007 Bukit Merah Henderson Road 94 and 96 Kim Tian Road 126A, 126C, 127A, 127C and 127D
69 Bukit Merah
Silat Walk / Kampong
Bahru Hill / Silat Road
17 to 19 and 22 to 31
70 28 Jun 2007 Clementi Clementi Avenue 1 401 to 404, 407 to 409 Clementi Avenue 1 416 to 418, 420, 421, 423 to 425
71 12 Jul 2007 Jurong East
(Teban Gardens)
Teban Gardens Road 2 to 11 Teban Gardens Road 20 to 23
72 8 Aug 2008 Queenstown Commonwealth Drive 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 Commonwealth Drive Blocks 50 to 54
(Commonwealth 10)
73 8 Nov 2009 Bukit Merah Bukit Merah View 110, 111, 113, 114 Boon Tiong Road Blocks 9A, 9B, 10A and 10B
(Tiong Bahru View)
74 13 Feb 2011 Clementi Clementi Avenue 5 321 to 323 Clementi Avenue 3 Blocks 440A to 440C
(Clementi Cascadia)
75 9 Nov 2011 Bedok
(East Coast)
East Coast Road 1 to 3 Chai Chee Road Blocks 807B and 807C
(Ping Yi Greens)
15 Nov 2011 Central Rochor Road 1, 2, 3, 4 Upper Boon Keng Rd 8A, 8B, 8C
(Kallang Trivista)
76 3 Dec 2011 Bukit Merah Redhill Close 1 to 3, 5 to 22 Henderson Road Blocks 95A to 95C, 96A and 96B
(City Vue @Henderson)
77 29 Dec 2011 Jurong West
(Boon Lay Gardens)
Boon Lay Drive 167 to 172 Jurong West Central 697A to 6097C, 698A to 698C
(Jurong West Blossom)
78 25 Jun 2012 Woodlands Woodlands Centre Road 1A and 2A Woodlands Drive 70 Blocks 717A and 717B
(Admiralty Vista)
79 27 Jun 2014 Queenstown Tanglin Halt Road / Commonwealth Drive 24 to 32, 33 to 38,
40 to 45, 55, 56,
58 to 60 and 62 to 66
Margaret Drive (Site A)
Margaret Drive (Site B)
Dawson Road (Ste C)
Dawson Road (Site D)
Strathmore Avenue (Site E)
80 3 Aug 2016 Clementi West Coast Road  513 to 520 Site A: Clementi Avenue 1
Site B: West Coast Link

* A completed site is one where all residents have vacated their sold flats.
# The replacement flats at Bendemeer Road and Upper Boon Keng Road were offered to the flats owners of Sims Drive (S/Nos. 57 and 58).
@ The replacement flats at Jurong West St 64 and Jurong West St 93 were offered to the flats owners of Boon Lay Drive (S/Nos. 63 and 64).

Interesting facts

Depot Road Estate built in early 1970s was fully redeveloped starting from 2000 except the 25-storey 5-room point blocks. HDB Press Release says this: Blocks 113 and 114 have not been included for SERS. These two point blocks are 25-storeys high with a total of 192 units of 5-room sold flats. Given their existing height, it is more viable to upgrade these blocks than to redevelop them. Hence they have been scheduled for the Main Upgrading Programme by the year 2000, in tandem with the redevelopment works in Phase II.

Hillview Estate built in 1977-1978 was the biggest SERS site and most controversial. Originally only the low-rise blocks were scheduled for demolition, but would left three 25-storey blocks in middle of nowhere so they decided to demolish entire estate, being the first 5-room point blocks blocks to be demolished, in 2006 (note: they were NOT the first demolished 25-storey blocks. In 2003 they demolished three 25-storey blocks of 4-room (possibly rental) at King George’s Avenue).
I heard 3 different stories about reason of demolition. Political stories: opposition ward at elections, so HDB decided to mix the residents in Bukit Batok. Paranormal stories: estate was haunted by ghosts and Pontianak. Army stories: nearby camp had to be upgraded to high security camp and the 25-storey blocks allowed espionage (however the army camp can be viewed also from Bukit Panjang 30-storey blocks).

Shortest-living HDB blocks were Bedok South Avenue blk 9, 10, 11, 1-room rental blocks built in mid-1970s, demolished around 1990.

How to identify future potential SERS sites

– SERS is currently done only where height restrictions allow redevelopment into 30+ storey blocks. Geylang, Hougang, Tampines, etc, are limited to 20 floors or less, so cannot get SERS until Paya Lebar airbase will be closed in 2030.
– So far only blocks built up to 1980 are selected for SERS, but this rule may change soon.
– Look in HDB Map Services for lease year, but it is when tenants were allowed to buy flats and does not always mean built year. For example Redhill Close blocks were built in 1955 and leased on 1 May 1983.
– Look in Google Earth / Maps satellite photos for blocks with large spaces between them.
– Look in URA Master Plan for areas with plot ratio 3.0, 3.5 or higher, but 2.8 areas may be also included.
– Look in Enquire status of upgrading programmes to check if the block never had upgrading programmes had no upgrading programmes recently. If HDB invested in any upgrading programme, it is not likely to SERS it 20 years at least.

There is NO rule to demolish blocks of given age. According Press Release of 22 August 1995Only a small number of estates/areas are likely to be considered for redevelopment under SERS. They will be the exception rather than the rule. These are old HDB estates developed at low density, or selected blocks which can be redeveloped with adjacent vacant land to give a better yield of flats

Height limit matter: blocks 210-224 built in phase II of Toa Payoh, 1975-1978, having large space between blocks were likely to get SERS and be redeveloped in 40-50 storey blocks, while MacPherson estate built in 1960-1965, despite of being older, was selected for MUP instead of SERS because the blocks were packed close apart, and the proximity of Paya Lebar airbase height limit of 18 floors, do not allow redevelopment in higher density. The only blocks demolished in MacPherson were 1/2-room rental blocks, demolished during 1990s.
However Toa Payoh blocks were selected for LUP in 2011, also NRP in 2013 and HIP in 2012 and 2014. Why these blocks were apparently reserved for SERS then suddenly HDB done 3 upgrading programmes in 3 years, is a big mystery… does anyone know what was PAP support ratio in this precint?

Depot Road blk 103, 110, 111 built in 1975 and Ang Mo Kio blk 309, 315, 316 built in late 1970s were identified for SERS in 1995 and 1996 and demolished around 2000 after 25 years. But as 2016, NO 1980s block was identified for SERS (except Punggol Road 206 and 207, because rural centres (farmer blocks) were damaging the modern image of Sengkang new town).

Potential SERS sites spotted by me + non-SERS sites that people asked about

Many owners of pre-1980 flats ask when they will get SERS or what is the average age at which blocks get SERS.
Future SERS sites is a HDB top secret information, only few employees knowing about this, to prevent price speculation, if there are rumours about a future SERS site, people will value more their flats and will make SERS programme more costly for HDB, which compensate residents based on market price.

Nobody can answer WHEN a block will be SERS. Don’t ask such questions
– You can be sure that a block will be demolished only when the SERS site is announced. Instead, we can be sure which blocks will be NOT a SERS site next 10-20 years.
HDB e-service enquire status of upgrading programmes may have errors. In 2010 I checked all pre-1980 blocks one by one and compiled the HDB Database in Excel for purpose of seeing all blocks at once, database which I updated in 2015 checking all blocks including those checked in 2010. Marsiling Drive blk 27-29 and 33-34 showed in 2010 that got MUP in 1997 and LUP in 2004, but now as 2015 the e-service do not show the LUP but only the MUP. Google StreetView confirm the LUP done in 2004. I assume that similar errors exist. I do not have time to counter-check all blocks.
– You are advised to check yourself Google Streetview and eventually go personally at the block and talk with residents to check possible unlisted upgrading programmes.

In 2010 I identified few potential SERS sites with NO upgrading programmes, but most of them were meantime selected for LUP (except Toa Payoh Lorong 8, Tiong Bahru, Old Airport) while only Bukit Merah View, Clementi Avenue 5 were selected for SERS, proving how HARD is to predict correctly.

In 2011 for the first time upgraded blocks were selected for SERS: Boon Lay and Redhill which had MUP in early 1990s but were not technically feasible for Lift Upgrading Programme). LUP started in 2001 and is scheduled to end in 2014. However, some blocks received lifts stopping at every floor during MUP in 1990s, so they do not need also LUP, making predictions HARDER. But, any block that still do not have lifts that stop at every floor is very likely to get SERS. Anyone who spot such blocks is invited to leave a comment!

I listed below over 10 potential SERS sites with MUP in 1990s and no upgrading programmes after 2000.

We had a big surprise in 2016 to have first blocks with LUP selected for SERS: West Coast Road blocks 513-520 (IUP 1998, LUP 2008), in this case hundreds of blocks with lifts upgraded turn into potential SERS sites? Predictions became IMPOSSIBLE!

As 2016, only blocks built up to 1980 received SERS. I believe that in the future SERS programme will be extended to the New Generation blocks built in early 1980s, allowing redevelopment to start in Bukit Batok and Jurong East, but the Model A blocks introduced in 1982 and Simplified blocks introduced in 1984, as well as Executive flats introduced in 1984, will not be selected even in 2030s. I am curious where maisonette owners will move? Moreover blocks built after 1990 blocks are designed with stronger structure to last even more so may reach their end of 99-year lease.

However, no building can last forever (unless they have solid interior like Egypt pyramids) and this put under question how Singapore will look in second half of 21th century.

Between 2008 and 2016, only 9 SERS sites were announced, total 7570 flats. At this rate, 285 years are required to replace all 241343 flats built between 1970 and 1980. It is obvious that SERS is highly selective and only a small amount of these flats will be selected for redevelopment in the near future, making impossible to predict which blocks will be next SERS sites. Some day, frequency of SERS sites should be increased, nobody can answer if this will happen next year or after 10-20 years.


York Hill Estate, there are 8 rental blocks and 3 ownership blocks (8, 9, 10) which got MUP in 1994 but nothing else. But first HDB need to build enough rental replacement blocks. Someone should check how many units are empty, when majority of rental blocks gets empty, SERS may come for the owned blocks!

Jalan Batu blocks 1-14 underwent MUP in 1996 but nothing else, they sit on prime land, may get SERS soon.

Ang Mo Kio

Last SERS site: 2006, so we expect a new SERS site soon.

Blocks 207-208, 215-216 underwent MUP in 1998 including lifts that stop at every floor, but were excluded from subsequent upgrades affecting neighbor blocks, together with block 217 1-room rental and nearby carpark, can free a large piece of land.

Blocks 303-306, 319-321 also underwent MUP in 1998 and nothing else, there is a rental block nearby (318).

No other SERS sites are expected in Ang Mo Kio, all blocks got LUP or MUP in late 1990s or later.


Chai Chee blk 30-40 (built early 1970s) underwent MUP in 1993 but no LUP so may be a SERS site, maybe during 2020s. blk 33-34 got LUP in 2012 making entire estate less likely to get SERS.

Bedok blk 22-30 got MUP in 1996 then nothing else.

No more SERS sites are expected in Bedok, all blocks got LUP or MUP in late 1990s or later.


Sin Ming blocks 22, 23 24 got MUP in 1995 and only block 25 got LUP in 2009, this is a sign that other 3 blocks are reserved for a future SERS site (thanks to Low Joo Ling comment).

Bukit Batok

Starting from 2014 I have been asking by multiple people if various blocks in Bukit Batok will get SERS (example: Justin comment). Even if Bukit Batok have potential of redevelopment into 30-storey blocks, there is NO sign that SERS programme will be extended to 1980s towns in the near future, also all blocks in Bukit Batok got LUP, so I am 100% sure that will be NO SERS in Bukit Batok until at least 2030. I think that residents are spreading false rumours!

Bukit Merah

Tiong Bahru post-war blocks (built 1948-1954) are not feasible for LUP due of staircase position. This is a potential SERS site but many people (including me) hope that they will be put under conservation, like the nearby pre-war blocks.

Bukit Ho Swee estate got MUP in phases in 1992, 1994, 1996, then the blocks from first 2 phases got LUP in 2006 (probably MUP in 1996 upgraded lifts too), although it does have potential of redevelopment to 40+ storey, the LUP guarantee that will NOT get SERS sooner than MacPherson estate.

Bukit Timah

Farrer Road blocks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 got MUP in 1994 and HDB Enquire Status of upgrading programmes says clearly that no LUP was announced. Clearly a SERS site! (thanks to KZ for spotting this out). Update: blocks 1 and 5 got LUP in 2011-2012.


No more SERS sites are expected in Clementi, all blocks got LUP or MUP in late 1990s or later.
Unbelievable! Blocks 513-520 that got LUP in 2008 were announced for SERS in 2016, at just 5 years since last SERS site in 2011


MacPherson estate, although built in same time with Tanglin Halt, did not got any SERS to date, because of the proximity of Paya Lebar airbase which limit height to 18 floors. However, the 2013 announcement that Paya Lebar airbase will be closed, and the lack of other upgrading programmes after MUP done in 1993-1994, indicate that SERS will come in distant future.
There are 5574 dwelling units in the blocks 21-83 built in 1960s (excluding add-on blocks built 1990s), probably will be redeveloped in 2-3 phases, starting from late 2020s.
Can someone check if the MUP-upgraded lifts stop at every floor?

Jurong West

Taman Jurong blk 116-122 underwent MUP in 1998 but nothing else, may get SERS during 2020s.

Boon Lay blk 207-215 underwent MUP in 1997 but nothing else, they have very big spaces between blocks thus suitable for SERS, but where the replacement blocks can be built? HDB filled all available land in Jurong West with BTOs.

Pandan Gardens blk 410-412 did not got LUP in 2009 when neighbor blocks got. They got only IUP in 1994 and as far I know IUP do not upgrade lifts like MUP, so they are likely a SERS site, but how soon?


Old Airport Road Estate blk 2-32 were built in 1950s, however these blocks never appeared in HDB resale transactions listings, someone told me in 2013 that all them are rental blocks and many flats are vacant, and in 2014 all news websites announced that will be cleared in 2016 and 15 of 17 SIT blocks will be demolished for an “immediate redevelopment”.

Old Airport Road blk 93, 95, 97, 99 built by HDB in 1960s are ownership flats, got MUP in 1992 and nothing else. I believe that they may get SERS around 2017 when the rental blocks will be cleared, the replacement blocks for these 4 blocks may be built here.

Marine Parade

This early 1970s estate remains the most expensive HDB estate as price per sqft, thus HDB will need to compensate residents with too high sums of money to make SERS worth it. I believe that HDB will keep it intact until blocks will be 50-60-70 years old and value of flat will be lower, then do SERS. Most likely after Paya Lebar airbase will be closed and height restriction of ~25 floors will be removed. Where can be the replacement site?


Commonwealth View and Tanglin Halt, built in early 1960s, underwent MUP in batches between 1992 and 2000, they sit on prime land with potential of 50-storey blocks so may be a good idea to do SERS in late 2010s or 2020s. But due of large number of blocks, doing SERS would take at least 2 decades and is difficult to predict which will be the first to be demolished. Blocks 74-80 were identified for SERS in 2008.
After 6 more years, SURPRISE happened! All remaining Tanglin Halt was identified for SERS (3538 flats).
We expect Commonwealth (3384 flats) to have same fate in 6 or more years, the replacement site may be in Tanglin Halt which will be demolished around 2021.

Mei Ling / Stirling Road blocks 151-164 got MUP in 1996-1998, blocks 167-170 underwent MUP in 1993, both nothing else after, while nearby blocks 165, 166, 168A, 171 that got MUP in 1993 too got also LUP in 2009. This may indicate that the blocks 167-170 are reserved for demolition, or they did not had lifts upgraded during MUP due of costs.

Ghim Moh and Dover all remaining blocks got MUP in 1997, 1999, 2000 and nothing else after, since Ghim Moh blocks 9-12 got SERS in 2006 and demolished in 2014-2015, we expect a new SERS site soon!

Toa Payoh

Last SERS site in Toa Payoh was 2003, so we expect a new SERS site soon.

Blocks 1-3 got MUP in 1990 then nothing else, may be a SERS site soon!

Blocks 4-15 got MUP in 1994 then nothing else, may be included in same SERS site.

Blocks 34, 38, 47, 51-53, 56-61, 107-128, 158-163, 168-174 … got MUP in 1993-1995 and nothing else, are also candidates for SERS but not in near future, may take 10-20 years to replace all them, nobody can tell which ones will be first.


One of biggest dilemmas is the SERS potential of SIT terraced houses in Stirling Road and Jalan Bahagia. Lots of terraced houses were demolished during 1990s but the fact that after 2000 no more were demolished may indicate that HDB is willing to preserve these two clusters of terraced houses, how long… nobody knows. If they will get SERS, HDB need to compensate owners with record sums of money, which will give owners too much profit compared with price of a new HDB flat. Probably HDB is waiting until near end of lease when their market value will be lower. I wish to know what was the process of demolition of terraced houses in Dawson estate in late 1990s, since they are NOT included in official list of SERS sites but they were owned thus owners had to be compensated some way.

Government announced in 2013 that Paya Lebar Airbase will be closed, and according a Wikipedia editor that its edits are being reverted in SERS article, this will happens in 2026, but officially there is NO announcement about closure date. This will eliminate height restriction and make potential SERS sites the MacPherson 1960s estate as well as large areas in Geylang and Hougang. I am questioning if the 280 meter nationwide height limit will be removed too.

Page history

– Page created in January 2012, showing all completed and in progress SERS sites. For in progress SERS sites (2008-present) I had info about Replacement Sites and Deadline for Submission of Resale / Transfer Applications, taken from HDB website. For completed SERS sites, HDB do not provide an official list of replacement blocks, so I have to look on map and guess which blocks could be the replacement for SERS sites. I found that is possible to see older press releases on and get the info about replacement blocks, but I constantly get messages that the server is down or page not found…
– June 2012: added info about replacement blocks for 2005-2007 SERS sites from, as well as the number of units for all 2005-present SERS sites.
– October 2012: added info for 1995/1997 sites from I can add built year too. I should expand the table (number of columns)? Suggestions are welcome!
– July 2014: I found that HDB added on its official website the complete list of replacement blocks (this happened since early 2014, but I was not aware of). I remade the table, deleted from website the additional info such as number of units and Deadline. If you are interested in this info you can view it in the XLS version of above table.


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  1. Yeoh

    Commonwealth Crescent has many old and low flats that are far apart and has high ratio, so are these good potential for en bloc?

    1. Muhammad Rafi'uddin Bin Mohmmed

      It should be. They have high potential for redevelopment.

      Commonwealth Crescent might be the first to demolish. The residents might be relocated to Holland Close or Holland Village, due to its proximity. Or, they might be relocated to Tanglin Halt, once redevelopment is ready by 2021.

      1. Mark

        Relocation of Tanglin Halt residents shld be done by 2021/22, followed by demolition from about 2023. Stay tuned for new SERS plans once the existing old flats are cleared.

        1. Teoalida

          I added Commonwealth View on the list of potential SERS sites since 2014 Tanglin Halt selection, why do you still leave comment? I also wonder if Yeoh ever visited my website again to see what people replied at this comment.

          1. Teo Admin

            Sorry for my boss behaviour.he love sick with hungry boyfriend

  2. Kenny

    I live in Jalan Batu. When an estate is announced SERS, does it bring any benefit to the owner ? Will the government compensate at above, present or below market rate ? I remembered someone told me government pays you 1971 prices.

    1. Teoalida

      HDB give you compensation based on current market value. But I am not sure if everyone having same floor area gets same value, or higher floors gets higher value like on resale market.
      Biggest benefit is that you can buy a new flat with discount, with a fresh 99-year lease, taller and usually closer to MRT, which you can sell in 5 years for much higher value.

  3. AT

    Dear Teoalida,

    I recently bought a high-floor corner unit at Blk 100, Toa Payoh Lorong 1. I note that you did not identify it as a potential SERS. But when do you think it would be SERSed?

    Unlike most people, I hope we don’t get SERSed for at least the next 10 years. Because I’m sinking money into reno. And it’s 5 mins’ walk from the Braddell MRT, which is nice and quiet : ) SERS is a nice deal for some people, and I think I’d like but not for now.

    It has upgraded utility room and lift at every floor. It’s about 15 floors. It’s a dense area, has some rental flats. But as you noted, some of these factors may no longer make it unlikely for SERS. It is also very old 1970. Sekali HDB SERS the whole place : (

    Any analysis from you would be very appreciated, please. Thank you v much.

    1. Teoalida

      Nobody can answer WHEN a block will get SERS!
      There are so many potentials SERS blocks in Toa Payoh but block 91-106 are less likely to be among the first to get SERS because blocks 92, 94, 95 got LUP in 2006.

  4. AT

    Just to add – government seems keen to add more HDB flats in mature centrally located estates, so Toa Payoh might be considered from that point of view?

    1. Teo Admin

      Yes u are smarter than my gay boss

  5. Gary

    Hi Teoalida,

    This is a great compilation. Can see the passion and effort put into this.

    I have a query, Jalan Batu Blk 10 and 11 Announced LUP on Aug 2015 (From HDB maps services). Blk 1-9 and blk 12-14 has no LUP listed yet (I did a physical check for 12-14, the lifts stop at every floor)!

    Does this affect your prediction if the Blks will get SERS for Blk 10 and 11.

    noted that. “We had a big surprise in 2016 to have first blocks with LUP selected for SERS: West Coast Road blocks 513-520 (IUP 1998, LUP 2008), in this case hundreds of blocks with lifts upgraded turn into potential SERS sites? Predictions became IMPOSSIBLE!”



    1. Kenny

      I live in Jalan Batu Block 11. We had a major upgrade (includes toilets and windows) in 2000 that includes lift upgrade that stops on every floor. So, I do not understand why they announced LUP on Aug 2015 when it was already done 16 years ago.

      On a side note, only block 10 and 11 did not have extension rooms when the major upgrade was carried out

    2. Teo Admin

      Are you saying this is a fake spam website?

      1. Gary

        Oh. I just meant that i read and noted your earlier comment.

    3. Teoalida

      Jalan Batu blocks 10 and 11 had some units with no direct lift access. I know this because at the time I checked every block and compiled I marked the blocks saying no direct lift access for some units. Now is too late to check which units had no direct lift access. Anyway, this makes whole estate less likely to get SERS.

      Ignore this idiot using name Teo Admin who left about 30 stupid comments so far (see….. and you, dear idiot, don’t you realize that using “Admin” in name makes yourself looking like an idiot as everyone can realize that you’re not admin at anything?

    4. april

      i’m staying at Jalan Batu. I pray we get SERS soon, next 1 to 2 years. Now that Dakota will be demolised. maybe that area will be new relocation area for Jalan Batu estates.

      1. Timothy Mok

        Correct. “SERS is originally meant for flats who do not have direct lift access, and together with the redevelopment potential”. This is unavoidable now since Clementi already got SERS.

        “Pandan Gardens blk 410-412 did not got LUP in 2009 when neighbor blocks got. They got only IUP in 1994 and as far I know IUP do not upgrade lifts like MUP, so they are likely a SERS site, but how soon?” – All of the Pandan Gardens may be affected, just like West Coast HDB SERS.

        1. Jimmy

          Yes, now that HSR is developing with Lakeside gateway launching, Pandan Gardens could have the enbloc potential to make way for new high rise waterfront living.

          Correct. “SERS is originally meant for flats who do not have direct lift access, and together with the redevelopment potential”. This is unavoidable now since Clementi already got SERS.

          “Pandan Gardens blk 410-412 did not got LUP in 2009 when neighbor blocks got. They got only IUP in 1994 and as far I know IUP do not upgrade lifts like MUP, so they are likely a SERS site, but how soon?” – All of the Pandan Gardens may be affected, just like West Coast HDB SERS.

  6. Lily

    Hello! I’d like to add for MacPherson estate, the Paya Lebar Way flats (Block 120-125) have received the LUP a few years ago. Currently, we are also doing the HIP upgrading and they did some works to the entire carpark. Do you think that this area might be selected for SERS when the airbase finally close?


    1. Teoalida

      Blocks 120-125 are NOT part of MacPherson estate (blk 1-94), but part of Geylang East estate (blk 95-125), they are newer and likely to stand more. HIP confirm this.

  7. Chee Kee

    Hi Hi. Greetings from me Blk 208 AMK Avenue 1. Thank you very much for the list of the SERs sites. Its very informative as I notice prior 2008 there are good no. of blessed residents almost every year. the world economy has not been good since 2008 and with the new president, i suspect our govt might be more cautious with SERs (touchwood). Mr Goh Chok Tong is the prime minister from 1990 to 2004 and that probably explain why the high no. of SERs over those years. i guess its the way the govt shares the fruits with the people. i read that he also started the foundation whereby the singaporeans students were given $ in their edu fund for education. I am honored to see that you list blk 208 AMK under your list of potential SERs site. I am not too sure if we will have the good fortune or not. hopefully the govt can consider the stretch from blk 208 to Blk 202 for development. but i have to say that the previous selection of blk 307 etc which is opposite my house is a much better choice. they are much nearer to the swimming pool. the only advantage of blk 208 may perhaps only be the straight stretch of blocks till 202 and the closeness to amk central. time will tell… finger about you? are your house located in potential SERs too 🙂 for me, no matter SERs or no SERs my long term plan is to relocate to Malaysia, its cheaper to build a landed house there. my gf is there. my brother is married got his own new flat in 2011. my parents are 81 and 86. he bought this house in 1978 for $17 000….

    1. Teoalida

      Blocks 201, 202, 204 got LUP but others may be demolished especially as there are 2 rental blocks, can you check if there are many empty rental flats?


    Hi Teoalida. Thank you for replying in December and esp. your comments. I didn’t realize you have replied over here (instead of email) till I visit your site tonight again as I was reading the Straits Times en bloc article on block 246 to 252 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. (Trying to get a hint how the govt thinks when selecting SERs site, Block 244 and 245 which are 2 room flats are left out of the scheme somehow. Maybe the reason is because if they are SERs these residents might not be able to afford new 3 room flats?). Hmm the residents got their replacement flats and already moved to block 307A to 310C. (I always wonder where Block 244 to 252 residents move to). That was a GIANT shift from their original flats from west to east, they are now so much nearer to AMK central and MRT. Good for them, they are very blessed. The Bishan park opposite their flats are so much nicer than the other half too. The article mentioned that block 246 to 249 will be demolished next month i.e Feb 2017 and this will be completed in Sept 2018. The article mentioned Blk 250 to 252 have already been demolished in 2013 and new flats are been built. I will like to go to take a look for myself to check out the developments. Maybe I can visit the HDB branch office to find out when will these new flats be ready. Once the flats are ready, maybe the govt might be ready to announce the next SERs in AMK? Will there be a great SHIFT from east to west of residents this time round? Sure I will go to check out if there are many empty rental units in these 2 blocks by visiting every floor of the flats myself and chat with the residents. I will keep you posted if there are any unusual activities or rumors going on there. So far no news nor letters from HDB regarding the Home Improvement Programme for my block 208. 215, 216, 207, 205 no HIP too. Ironically 204 (just a street opposite 205), 202, 201 have HIP. And 218, 219 has HIP too. Neither is there any painting for our flats too since 2 general elections ago. I asked AMK town council a year ago and they told me the painting for flats will usually be at least 7 years. I thought the norm is 5 ? Maybe there is a change of policy. Let us wait for the next SERs announcement. Take care and a joyful CNY in advance !

    1. Teoalida

      Do I need to reply to everyone via email to make sure they see my reply? You could tick a checkbox ” Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”, HOWEVER I realized recently that Hotmail blacklisted my IP and blocked all notification emails. That’s why you been not aware that I replied there. Most people in Singapore use Hotmail over Yahoo or Gmail. I talked few days ago with my hosting company and they asked Hotmail to whitelist the IP.
      Where did you read that blocks 246-249 will be demolished next month? As far I knew they are already emptied from original residents and currently used as interim housing.

      1. Forginer

        U not singaporean?

  9. tan

    Blk 215, 216, 205, 207 and 208 have been selected for mup before.

  10. marineparader

    You think Marine Crescent is up for SERS next?

    1. Levis

      Myself dun think so as too expensive. And they already found a new land to build HDB and private housing at east coast there

      1. marineparader

        Maybe they plan to shift the people there but it does’nt seem smart …one prime land to another. You’re probably right.

        1. Teoalida

          I am happy that visitors talk also with other visitors and not just with me. What new land did they found on East Coast to build HDB?

          1. marineparader

            Haha. Not sure. I think gonna reclaim some more land. Its going to be called bayshore estate if I’m not wrong.

          2. Teo admin

            Listening to my master will do good to your ladies

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