Sep 25

Database of HDB resale flat prices

Is anybody interested in a table containing HDB Resale Transactions listings, but made in Excel and including 140.000+ flats transacted since 2008 onward (5+ years of transactions)?

Download a FREE SAMPLE!
FULL database available in the store.

I offer it in 3 versions:
Original: 26 sheets, 1 flat = 2 rows (as copied from HDB website).
Enhanced: 26 sheets, 1 flat = 1 row, added colors, filter and sort macros.
Enhanced & towns merged: one sheet containing all 26 towns.

Why I made the HDB database and selling it?
On 1 April 2009, HDB improved its Resale Flat Prices e-service, now showing last 1 year instead of last 3 months, also added flat model beside floor area.
I copied the listings for 1 year (April 2008 – March 2009) in Microsoft Excel, initially for purpose of personal analysis for example estimate average apartment size nationwide and per town, showing the results in HDB Statistics page. Later I decided to update he database regularly.

I have posted it for sale on website in August 2012 because by monitoring website traffic, I noticed 2 people searching on Google exactly the text shown on HDB Statistics page “I copied HDB Resale Transactions for one year in Microsoft Excel to make calculations”, probably they were trying to find the XLS file, or the original source of statistics (thinking that the Statistics were not mine but copied from elsewhere), in reality the only way to get the XLS was to contact me.
So, some people may be interested in it, so I offer it here.

Note: I am aware that the XLS table can be used by agents for a detailed analysis of real estate market, which is not possible in web version, or it can be even converted to MySQL and used in websites by people who intend to make profit. So I am selling it at a price that may be out of reach for private people. People who wants just to view HDB flat prices (but only last 1 year) can do this for FREE on HDB website.
I am spending about 20 hours each time I update the XLS file, regardless if I update every month or once per year. Time is money! If you want frequent updates you should pay my time.

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