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Dec 08

Database of Condos

I made this Condo Database in 2015 because someone doing research and analysis needed a database of condos in Excel format and asked me if I can make it, he told me to scrap data from a website. I choose SingaporeExpats, later published the database here for sale in case other people doing similar research may be interested in purchasing it. In 2016 did the same for PropertyGuru for another person needing more data.


SingaporeExpats condos

Condo database, directory of private properties in Singapore

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Fields completion percentage
Condo name 100%
Condo address 100%
Property type 100%
District 100%
Developer 72.40%
Tenure 80.33%
Estimated TOP 74.65%
Number of units 71.56%
Description 98.43%
Facilities 61.31%

Update list
Oct 2015 – 2809 properties
Nov 2015 – 2810 properties
May 2016 – 3112 properties
Dec 2016 – 3112 properties
(I ran the scraper again and found that SingaporeExpats didn’t added any new condo last 7 months!)
I check SingaporeExpats monthly and when they update their site I will update my database too

PropertyGuru condos

Condo database, directory of private properties in Singapore

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Fields completion percentage
Condo name 100%
Condo address 100%
Postal code 100%
District 100%
Property type 100%
Tenure 99.94%
Developer 72.86%
Completion year 86.67%
Number of floors 31.05%
Number of units 77.28%
Facilities 47.48%
Amenities 56.81%

Update list
Jul 2016 – 3176 properties
Jan 2017 – 3195 properties

Managing agent database

Management Corpoations and Managing Agent contact number

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Fields completion percentage
MCST No 100%
UEN 100%
Date of MC Constitution 100%
Development Name 94.20%
Status 99.90%
Development Location 95.18%
MC Address 94.25%
MC Contact No 87.51%
Name of Managing Agent 84.20%
Managing Agent Contact No 75.65%

 Created at
Jan 2017 – 4210 MCST


While the HDB Database is an original product “Made by Teoalida” by combining manually data from multiple sources plus personal research, the Condo Database data belongs to SingaporeExpats and PropertyGuru websites, I do not recommend using this database in making websites. Feel free to use it for research and analysis purposes. I am NOT responsible for any copyright troubles you may face if you use their data commercially, making own website, etc. Please consider the price a fee for data scraping service from website rather than author of data.

Detailed data does exist for all major condos. Most old and small private apartments do not have number of units, TOP year, etc. There may be also small developments (less than 10 units) not included at all in both SingaporeExpats and PropertyGuru condo directories.

History & how database was made

In 2009 I started making a database of all buildings in Singapore, for my personal research, sourcing condo name from map then digging various websites for details such as number of units (imagine how much time would take!). I abandoned the work in 2011 because it required too much effort to be done voluntarily.

In 2012 I published on website a sample of that database of all buildings and also a list of major condos, waiting for feedback to see does worth continuing the project, as paid service for professional use. Took 2 years to get feedback and realize what kind of data people are looking for, I revived the database in 2014 into a database of HDB buildings only, planning to start a separate database for condos, I posted a message in List of major condos page inviting people who are interested in a complete condo directory to contact me.

The first customer to contact me for condo database came only in September 2015, he purchased the HDB Database previously. Incidentally, in August 2015 I learned to scrap data from websites using automatic software, so I offered him 3 options: automatic data scraping from SingaporeExpats for $150 (2809 condos), automatic data scraping from PropertyGuru for $300 (3148 condos, a bit more details for each condo, such as postal code and number of floors), or manual data building, write condo names from then fill up details from above websites, for $1000 (this way would make most complete database). He said that is necessary to be very complete database, agreed with automatic scraping way, even told me specifically to scrap data from PropertyGuru, but this turned impossible because website display a CAPTCHA after every 10 pages accessed by scraping application. I ended in scraping SingaporeExpats.

SingaporeExpats is not a news website but a simple condo directory and it is lagging in terms of updates with latest condo launches, customer complained, and one of my friends (programmer) told me that can make in Visual Basic a custom scraping application for PropertyGuru, so I made him an offer. Programmer spend 2 weeks until finding a way to deal with CAPTCHA and wanted to get paid for this, but the customer was no longer interested to pay extra free (despite that he asked initially to scrap PropertyGuru).

I posted a message inviting people interested in PropertyGuru to contact me and pay 50% fee in advance. Someone paid in July 2016 and programmer made a new scraping application. Now you can purchase your preferred data!

Management Corporations: in August 2016 someone asked me for MCST and managing agent contact number, this info is available for FREE on, however he said that this Excel file is not updated and told me to scrap, to get latest data, but the deal never took place. A second customer asked me to scrap same website in January 2017. Since 2 people demanded this, I paid my programmer partner to make a scraping software and published database here for sale.

I am still willing to make manually a complete condo database, sourcing condo names from map and as much condo data is possible from various property websites, an “original database” that I can claim my copyright and you can use it commercially without risking copyright issues… but this would take a large amount of time so I need first to find a customer generous in payment, also will be difficult to spot new launches condos on map.


Don’t ask when was last updated! I can update database anytime you want! FREE updates for 1 year!
Due to people who ask for updates promising to buy then change mind and no longer buy, you need to pay first then ask me to update database.

Re-scraping SingaporeExpats takes only 3 hours and runs automatically. BUT website itself not updated often.

Re-scraping PropertyGuru involve manual actions, start each district individually, scraper stops randomly in CAPTCHA pages, scraping may take one or more days depending by how fast I restart scraper after each stop. There is always a risk that some day, PropertyGuru will change website code and need to pay extra fee to make a new scraping application in Visual Basic.

Re-scraping BCA website for management corporations takes about 8 hours and runs automatically.

The biggest condos (over 800 apartments)

Name Planning area Address District Tenure TOP Units
D’leedon Bukit Timah 1 – 15 Leedon Heights 10 99-year 2014 1715
Melville Park Tampines 12 – 28 Simei Street 1 18 99-year 1996 1232
The Minton Hougang 2 – 14a Hougang Street 11 19 99-year 2014 1145
Reflections At Keppel Bay Bukit Merah 1 – 33 Keppel Bay View 4 99-year 2011 1129
The Sail @ Marina Bay Central Area 2, 6 Marina Boulevard 1 99-year 2008 1111
Bayshore Park Bedok (East Coast) 50 – 66 Bayshore Road 16 99-year 1986 1093
The Interlace Bukit Merah 180 – 226 Depot Road 4 99-year 2013 1040
The Bayshore Bedok (East Coast) 22 – 34 Bayshore Road 16 99-year 1999 1038
Mandarin Gardens Bedok (East Coast) 1 – 15 Siglap Road 15 99-year 1986 1000
Watertown Punggol 61 – 81 Punggol Central 19 99-year 2017 992
Caribbean At Keppel Bay Bukit Merah 4 – 46 Keppel Bay Drive 4 99-year 2004 969
Parc Oasis Jurong East 35 – 55 Jurong East Avenue 1 22 99-year 1995 950
Signature Park Bukit Timah 46a – 58 Toh Tuck Road 21 Freehold 1998 928
D’nest Pasir Ris 127 – 149 Pasir Ris Grove 18 99-year 2017 912
City Square Residences Kallang-Whampoa 2 – 14 Kitchener Link 8 Freehold 2009 910
Costa Del Sol Bedok (East Coast) 68 – 84 Bayshore Road 16 99-year 2003 906
The Palette Pasir Ris 101 – 123 Pasir Ris Grove 18 99-year 2016 892
A Treasure Trove Punggol 50 – 76 Punggol Walk 19 99-year 2015 882
Bartley Ridge Toa Payoh 30 – 46 Mount Vernon Road 19 99-year 2018 868
Eight Riversuites Kallang-Whampoa 2 – 48 Whampoa East 15 99-year 2016 862
Lakeshore Jurong West 29 – 33 Jurong West St 41 22 99-year 2007 841
La Fiesta Sengkang 50 – 74 Sengkang Square 19 99-year 2017 810

Singapore condo facts

Private properties are leasehold (99 or 999 years) or freehold. First condominium was built in 1974, few condominiums were built until early 1990 and they were aimed to high income people, the apartment sizes were approximately double than HDB ones. Meantime non-condo private apartments did existed, without poll, guards or other condo facilities, aimed to middle class, priced like top-end HDB flats, there is no much info about their apartment sizes.

Since mid-1990s more and more condominium projects were launched, most of them are aimed to middle class, so the apartment sizes are comparable with HDB ones, while non-condo private developments became rare. Like HDBs, condos were downsized too after 2000, some being even smaller than HDB. The difference is made by facilities: security guards, swimming pools, tennis courts… which leads to a bigger price than public housing.Singapore risk to become a second Hong Kong! Since 2009 there is a strange trend of “shoebox apartments” denoting the flats under 500 square feet, and developers are desperate to fit as many units possible, sometimes making units with view to small courtyards.

According the private condos have been shrunk from 121 sqm in Q1 2010 to 93 sqm in Q1 2013, while executive condos have been growth a little.
According ST Property the average size is is 667 sq ft = 62 sqm.
According PropertyGuru average size to estimate number of units in government land sales programme is 85 sqm and for EC is 100 sqm, as 2012.
Where is the truth? Did someone included landed houses and other did not?

Smallest apartment in Singapore is 24 sqm (258 sq ft), 4 units in Suites @ Guillemard. All other studio apartments are 35+ sqm and have separate bed area. This because of URA which regulate minimum apartment size. However we need regulations of minimum apartment size for each number of rooms, to prevent extremely crowded condos like in the following examples:

Alexis Condo, 1-bedroom 36 sqm, 1-bedroom+study 47 sqm, 2-bedroom 56 sqm, very crowded layout, some apartments have no view.
Tree Scape @ Telok Kurau, 1-bedroom+study 40 sqm , 2-bedroom 49 sqm, 3-bedroom 56-65 sqm, 4-bedroom 84 sqm.
Natura @ Hillview, 1-bedroom 42 sqm, 2-bedroom 48-50 sqm, 3-bedroom 59-61 sqm, bedrooms sized like in Hong Kong (2×2 m).

The first condos

Condo is defined by having pool and other shared facilities (unlike normal Apartment).
First condo: The Beverly Mai, Thomson Road, built 1974
First condo with private lifts: Futura, 14 Leonie Hill Road, built 1976
First condo with parking on each floor, living room parking bay: Hamilton Scotts, 37 Scotts Road, built 2012. See video how the parking works.

The biggest apartments

Here are some examples found by me, with biggest regular 3/4-bedroom apartment sizes. Condos having one huge penthouse all other apartments small are not included.

The list was compiled in 2013. Since 2015 SingaporeExpats no longer show unit types and their floor areas… sadly.

Arcadia Garden (1983): 3 bedrooms 322 – 347 sq m, 4 bedrooms 345 – 434 sq m, Maisonette 610 sq m, Penthouse 697 sq m.
Fontana Heights (1985): 4 bedrooms 321 – 442 sq m, Penthouse 1102 sq m.
The Claymore (1985): 3 bedrooms 249 sq m, 4 bedrooms 311 sq m, Penthouse 457 sq m.
Astrid Meadows (1990): 3 bedrooms 180 – 240 sq m, 4 bedrooms 247 – 354 sq m, Penthouse 622 sq m.
Ardmore Park (2001): 4 bedrooms 268 sq m, Penthouse 812 sq m.
Grange Residences (2004) 4+1 bedrooms 2600 – 2853 sq ft.
Dairy Farm Estate (1989): 3 bedrooms: 181 – 205 sq m, Maisonette: 148 – 217 sq m.
Hillcrest Arcadia (1980): 3 bedrooms 132 – 183 sq m, Maisonette 255 – 269 sq m, Penthouse 213 – 235 sq m.

Also: Cairnhill Crest supposedly having 7 bedroom maisonettes… while all others apartments of Singapore have max 4-5 bedrooms. I would like to see an actual floor plan…

Looking for Singapore condo floor plans and sale brochures? Visit

William Chui ARTRA Redhill Your ad here


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  1. Property Investment Singapore Blog

    Perhaps you can include average psf pricing for each of these condominiums listed in CCR, OCR and RCR.
    This will also help property investors & buyers to further assess….

  2. Scaning

    First of all I would like to say a big “thank you” for so many amazing work been done here. and it did provide very useful information and vision to me in the real estate.
    I am also a BIG FAN at Real Estate and data analysis as well and thinking to do something similar, for example, some visionary/graphic display of data analysis. I wonder whether there is chance we can collaborate together in certain ways & aspects, to make this website better?

    You may contact me by my email. Look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Teoalida

      If you have any suggestion for website theme, colors, or content, feel free to speak! Or we can collaborate in making new research.
      Why did you posted this in Condo List? are you particularly interested in condos? I am HDB fan!

    2. Teoalida

      I emailed you but you never replied… why did you asked me to contact you???

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    If we were to purchase this list, can we arrange for a quarterly update?

    1. Teoalida

      YES… I can update the database (re-scrap SingaporeExpats or PropertyGuru) anytime you need an update. But we will see the update frequency of the source website.

  6. location voiture casablanca

    great website. keep posting . waiting for your next update

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