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Feb 02

List of BTO brochures

I started collecting the PDF brochures of BTO projects in early 2010. Saving every brochure in my computer. And now uploaded them here on my website… because HDB do not keep them available for more than 1-2 years, and we are needing them!

On 23 November 2016 I received an email from HDB regarding copyright infringement, requesting me to cease publication of brochures.

I am sorry for all people who loved my website (especially people applying at Sale of Balance Flats and students doing research) but HDB do not appreciate my good intentions to help all Singaporeans by offering for FREE DOWNLOAD their BTO brochures that were offered on HDB website at the time of launch, also for FREE DOWNLOAD.

I hope HDB will give me permission to keep brochures, but if this don’t happen, what do I should do?


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  1. Aiim

    Hi there,

    Drop by to check if you have link of Admiralty Flora brochure? As iam keen to buy a unit in that area.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Syida

    Hie.. Jus wanna ask whether do u have the floor plan for hdb bto 4-rm Matilda edge Punggol? Thanks..

  3. Vel

    Appreciate your efforts.

    Sincerely hope HDB will allow you to place back the Bouchers soon.
    It is really a hassle for us to find the past BTO brouchers for our SBF. And, when you try to look for it via HDB site, They are taken down. Sometimes, I kept wondering what HDB is trying to hide.

    I came over your site looking for broucher on Eastlink II BTO. Is that a way that you can PM me or something?

  4. David

    Hi, do you have brochurs for Marsiling Heights? Please share with me if you have it.
    Thank you.

    1. Teoalida (site owner)

      I have them but if HDB sent me the above email what I should do?

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