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Feb 02

List of BTO brochures

I started collecting the PDF brochures of BTO projects in early 2010. Saving every brochure in my computer. And now uploaded them here on my website… because HDB do not keep them available for more than 1-2 years, and we are needing them!

On 23 November 2016 I received an email from HDB regarding copyright infringement, requesting me to cease publication of brochures.

I am sorry for all people who loved my website (especially people applying at Sale of Balance Flats and students doing research) but HDB do not appreciate my good intentions to help all Singaporeans by offering for FREE DOWNLOAD their BTO brochures that were offered on HDB website at the time of launch, also for FREE DOWNLOAD.

I hope HDB will give me permission to keep brochures, but if this don’t happen, what do I should do?


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  1. kim lee

    I love this website. I found the pdf I am looking for. I wished you had the golden lotus pdf as well

  2. Cheng

    Hi do u have the brochure for the pinnacle@duxton?

    1. Teoalida

      That was launched 5 years before I started collecting brochures.

  3. Sam

    Found 2016 Feb BTO pdf link:

    1. Teoalida

      Added on the list. Thank you!

  4. Minghui

    Dear Teoalida,

    Thank you for your service over the years! Have read your reply to HDB and find it very reasonable. I certainly hope they will consider your request!

  5. Ashley

    hello! Do you have the brochures for eastwave at canberra? I can’t find it anywhere online! or do you know where can I get them? Thank you!

    1. Teoalida

      I have it, I have all BTO brochures since 2010, but HDB told me to cease publishing and redistributing them, so what to do?
      Every day people ask me via chat for brochure of X project. People need brochures but HDB is rude with me!

  6. Sam

    You are not selling the brochures, is free download, maybe HDB should upload those past brochures in their website.

    1. Teoalida

      BTO Brochures are for free download, SBF floor plans were for paid download (because they require large amount of time to collect them). And hHDB did not specified exactly which page need to be edited/deleted. Moreover I offer various paid services on this website and HDB may accuse me for using brochures to increase traffic and get customers for my other services (although will be absurdity).

      I was advised to delete all stuff downloaded from HDB as they requested me, then negotiate with HDB to post back on website, but they don’t reply.

      1. Sam

        Luckily I have download before you remove it. Anyway, your link still work for Aug16.

  7. CML

    How could they ask you to cease when they also not providing this service? Its very useful to all of us here

  8. Goh

    Is there any alternative to those past BTO brochures? It will be helpful to me as Im looking for some of the past release regions.

  9. Rahmat

    Was wondering u have e 3 room bto floor plan for woodlands glen bto.

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