Caesar 3

Caesar III CoverCaesar III is one of my favorite games. I got the demo version in 2000 and I loved it, but unfortunately I could not get the full version until 2005. I played it a lot in 2005-2006, then in 2008, and a little since October 2011, the moment in which I launched this fan page. But in 2012 the business forced me to quit games.

I played all career scenarios, but what I like most is the free scenarios (city construction kit), where I tried to built the largest city possible on each map. I heard about other city-building games such as Pharaoh and Zeus only in 2007, too late to enjoy them. Anyway, Caesar 3 is the BEST game.

Check this useful Caesar III .XLS table made by me in Excel, containing house evolution, empire locations, best city layout plans and more.
Do you want to download any .sav file? Contact me and I will send you.

Biggest Caesar3 cities – Maps from City Construction Kit

September 2005
Population 10100
Typical 2005 design, inefficient infrastructure, excessive intersections made to use every corner of map, but this worsened walkers and required a lot more buildings.
Remade in October 2011
Population 16300
Total new design, farmland and sea coast optimized, road infrastructure reduced at minimum possible, roads at 6 squares apart and grouped houses up to 3 squares beyond roads… 60% more population.
Made in 2005, improved in 2009
Population 24300
Remade in may 2012
Population 43600.
Widespread famine, as the farmland is insufficient, and fires are frequent.
January 2008
Population 24000.
Second attempt made in January 2008
Population 25800
Third attempt made in October 2008
Population 30000+
Improved in 2011
Population 35500
Some houses are non-grouped so further improvement is possible.
Made in 2006.
Population 12800.
Pretty good design for its time, but too many elite buildings, academies and colloseums eats precious land.
Remade using new skills in October 2011.
Population 19900
Farmland and housing land optimized.

Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro (map downloaded from
Made in November 2008
Population 32800
Many building stopped working, fires appeared everywhere in the city, no matters how many prefectures I built, in certain areas none got employees.
Made in September 2005
Population 19800

ToletumToletum modified
First attempt in February 2008
Population 21500. Farms could not sustain more population. (removed invasions and the earthquake which smash the precious farmland)
ToletumToletum modified
Second attempt, March 2008
Population 24500.
Farmland usage and road network highly optimized. I wasn’t aware that most fishing wharf were not working, fishing boats can’t navigate due to a piece of land.
ToletumToletum modified
Remade using new skills in May 2012
Population 31500.
Navigation problem solved by serving wharfs from one half of water with shipyard then built wharfs in the other side of water.
Made in 2005
Population ~17000.
Remade in February 2012.
Population 31500.
Again employment problems, pottery problems appeared since population 20000.
Made in 2005
Population ~15000, never finished (did not built up to data limit)
Remade in February 2012
Population 45000
Little pottery problems but everything else is OK.

See my evolution!!

You can notice in my early cities, I misunderstood the principle of the game “make as few intersection is possible” and I made all cities in grid network (I am sure that most beginner players did this mistake), straight roads long as much is possible, even worse, numerous short roads were added at edge of land (sea, mountains), to improve land usage and use every corner of map, rather than improve road network efficiency. Not only roads were grid but also I placed fountains every 4 houses, each fountain had a prefecture and a engineers post on each side (same layout used on Northern provinces with no fire risk = prefectures are not necessary), making the city to look beautiful, but reducing the chances for houses to merge. Residential and community zones were well defined.

I always let the houses as they appeared, merged or non-merged. I played until reached Data Limit of 2000 buildings, resulting at most 20000 people, then quitted and started another.

Since 2008 I use a complex road network, curved, S-shaped roads and loops to cover more land without having intersections.

Since 2009 I started to demolish the houses that does not group and I built new houses elsewhere. The city size is now limited by the amount of farmland and its usage efficiency (distance to granaries).

Starting from 2011 I am trying to maximize merged houses, I build houses in in groups of 4, group by group, see if they merge, I use the space for community buildings, this is why you can see community buildings placed randomly in middle of residential area (example: Valentia).


Is very hard to raise population over 25000. Can’t understand how I put 30000 souls on Londinium in 2008. In february 2012 I found a .sav from someone that put 50000 people on Tarraco, using gatehouses, I decided to try in my classic style (all neighborhoods linked, no gatehouses), but reached only a little over 30000 because because of strange employment problems, many building stopped working due to “No one is living nearby”, even if they were surrounded by houses, fires appeared everywhere in the map, no matters how many prefectures I built, in certain areas none got employees (same problem like on Rio de Janeiro in 2008). I tried on Valencia too and got 45000 people, surprisingly, no employment problems! Did anyone know the cause?

Caesar III gives you messages about population milestones at 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, then is quiet. The game was NOT designed to sustain cities with over 30000 inhabitants.

Caesar 3 Data limit

What limits the city size is the data limit of 1999 buildings on map. If you are asking for hacks to remove the data limit, I tell you that data limit cannot be removed.

Why do you want to remove the limit? You can win all scenarios without going closer to limit.

What will be the point of game without such data limit? You could build huge cities filling enormous map at an undesirable housing density, you will hate maps with large amounts of water, etc.

I am happy that the data limit exists. My point is to make largest city in terms of population with less than 2000 buildings.

Pottery problem

Large cities get strange pottery problems, workshops produce pottery but warehouses do not receive it. Seems that this is related by population living in houses demanding pottery and capable to evolve above Small casa, I do not get any other explanation why pottery appear again if I cut the houses’ food source.

Pottery problems in cities over 25000 inhabitants can be avoided by not supplying certain parts of city with pottery and keeping at Small Casa, leaving only certain zones supplied with pottery, zones which probably you want to rise to Luxury Palace.

Houses merging in groups of 4

The worst part of Caesar 3 is how the houses combine (or refuse to combine). When a game is started, the map generate a set of merging tiles.
Houses which are on merging tiles group of they are at same level of evolution, if they evolve differently, you can delete and rebuilt them, or just delete their water source, at tent level they have all the chances to group IF they are on merging tiles. If they still not group, means that tiles are not merging tiles, and you cannot do anything! See the screenshots, how I maximized the quantity of grouped houses!

he only way to “force” house merging is to raise them above level 11 (Large Insulae) which require 4 tiles. However houses cannot be kept stable to Large Insulae in an open city, but only on a small loop with no intersections (which can be done with gates), and when it devolve, it splits into four 1-tile Medium Insulae (or lower level) then regroup if are on merging tiles. Since my cities are built up to data limit, a 4-tile Large Insulae risk to devolve into a 1-tile Medium Insulae and lose 75% of population, thus I avoid Large Insulaes in my cities made after 2011.

Biggest Caesar 3 cities – maps designed by me

First Caesar 3 map by Teoalida designed for making highest population possibleI prefer to use Central Provinces. Desert provinces are too prone to fire and fountain coverage is smaller, while Northern Provinces although that have no fire risk and prefectures will be not necessary, they require much more farms to produce same quantity of food.

I do not try to raise houses to villas and palaces, as they have less population than large insulae and is hard to keep them stable. They are good only to raise prosperity rating and make money from taxes.

First city

After I played all original maps, reaching at most 25000 people, in november 2005 I wanted to design my own map using Caesar 3 Map Editor I planned the city in same grid-network, not only the roads were grid, but also fountains, prefectures and engineers. This severely prevented houses to group, population: only 31500.

Second and third city

In january 2008, I tried again, this time I designed a map with separate clusters, each cluster have own farms and is served by a rectangular loop road and the city have no intersections (except ones under Granary). All houses to be capped at Small Casa to avoid the need of industry, warehouses and a lot of extra buildings. Population over 40000.

Then I heard that I can control the city traffic using Gatehouses. in march I designed another map with gated residential neighborhoods connected to a central production zone. I also deleted some of the non-grouped houses until I reached a population of over 50000.

Second Caesar 3 map by Teoalida Third Caesar 3 map by Teoalida

What limits the population is the fucking houses that refuses to group. The single way to force houses to group is to upgrade them to Large Insulae. For this, I need to build industry and have pottery, furniture and oil.

Failed attempt to break the population recordFourth city – FAIL

OK, in 2009 I tried to design another map, each residential cluster have 6 fountains and one reservoir serve 2 clusters, 4 clusters are served by a central production zone. Residential clusters are 39×14 and can have a max population 4452 at Large Insulae. I made several tests to equalize production with consumption and see how big should be the industrial zone.

Final test, I succeeded to stabilize population at about 17500, then I built second zone of city, I could not reach 35000 because I got same fucking problems with pottery supply, causing most of houses to fell at Small Casa and population stopped growing above 28000-29000.

I halted wheat production, causing most of city houses to downgrade to Large Tent and population reduced to under 20000, this resumed production of pottery, then I resumed wheat production, causing the city population to boost at 31600 but soon they ran out of pottery and felt back to ~26000. See screenshot at the population peak!

Suggestion to achieve high population: don’t build industry, use only Small Casas.

Greatest Caesar III map by Teoalida, population record 118848Fifth city

Since 2009 I planned to break the record, using Small Casa but a enormous map where I would have space to delete all single houses and keep only grouped houses. I spent dozens of hours for testing walkers path distance and the best road layout. I estimated that I can reach a population of at least 110.000. Due to lack of time for games, I did not made the final city until february 2012. Sorry for delay.

I used a northern province to avoid need of prefectures, I checked Rome supplies wheat (a normal city should be made with farms, but this time I just wanted highest possible population).
I divided the map in 8 road loops each one surrounding two reservoirs, 8 fountains per reservoir.
Due to building data limit, 6½ loops are built. 13 reservoirs, 104 fountains, and unemployment ratio 95%. Probably can be improved but only slightly.

Gods were turned off and money cheat was used (in c3_model.txt I set a -$10000 negative price for a building.

To get as many houses grouped is possible, I built houses one by one, starting from corners of area covered by each fountain, towards the fountain. I waited people to occupy their tents and deleted all houses that refused to group. I kept entire city to Tent level until I reached about 100 buildings left until Data limit. Only at this stage, I built the reservoir and the public buildings to raise the tents to Small Casa.

Took about 10 hours to build the city, 300 in-game years passed. Max population achieved: 118848 !!

Tiny Caesar 3 map by Teoalida for highest population

Biggest & best cities on each map size

Also, I tried to overcrowd the tiny map (40×40 squares) with the largest population possible. Final population 10800. The reason for which some houses are not Small Casa is the desirability. Made probably in 2009.




Optimal cities in Caesar III – maps designed by Teoalida

How much food is required for X population?

My tests made with cities with 10000-15000 population housed in Large Insulae revealed that for 10000 people is necessary ~50 wheat farms (central provinces) or ~65 wheat farms (northern provinces), 8 pottery workshops, 8 furniture workshops, 5 oil workshops, also one raw material per each workshop.

Note that larger is the city, lower is the food efficiency. In case the nearest granary is full, cart pushers go to a further distant granary and until they reach it, it may get filled by others.

I will publish more precise results, completed with screenshots, when I will succeed to stabilize the houses!

Attempt to build a perfect city

I am working for a stable city with all population in Large Insulae on a medium map, 20000+ people. Update: I finalized the city but is barely stable and don’t know why.

In March I tried a smaller city with 10000 people. Longer loops having gatehouses at both ends. 8 market per loop. But still unhappy by the results.
I realized that making smaller lops and building more markets increase house stability. Then no time for games.

Caesar 3 Perfect City designed by TeoalidaThe Perfect City for 6000 people

In May 2012 I got a great idea to make a windmill-shaped city rather than symmetric city, on a tiny map. In 2 corners I designed 2 loops each containing 36 Large Insulaes, in the other 2 corners I placed the farms. Surprisingly, the space remained in center of map fits perfectly 2 granaries and 6 warehouses. There are no houses in the production area, all labour is served by the houses at 2 squares apart roads Target population: 6048 people.

Results: for 6000 people you need 34 wheat farms (central provinces) / 40 wheat farms (northern provinces), 4 workshops of each type (pottery, furniture and oil). But the oil will be in slight overproduction. Trading prevent warehouses to get filled.

Central province: Perfect file, year 60.sav file, year 200.sav file. First final test: I built one loop in first year then the second loop I built trough year 10 to 50 to reduce population age fluctuation. In the year 55-60 the city reached peak population, a little over 6000 but not 6048. Over next 140 years, the city lost 10% of population even if all houses supposed to be full.

Northern province: Perfect file, year 65.sav file, year 200.sav file. I tested again, now on northern, slightly different layout. one extra market per block, for perfect housing stability. I built 18 houses in the first 2 years and the rest of 54 houses built from year 10 to year 64, this caused uniform age pyramid. The city lost 13% of population over next 135 years.

Refer at Caesar III .XLS file for the city plan. You can use it for testing purposes, for example delete all wheat farms and built vegetables farms.

Highest taxes level?

In a city where everything is good (enough food for all, no unemployment, all citizens praise the city), I succeeded to raise taxes to 18%. City sentiment was “People are annoyed / upset with you”, I constantly got messages “People disgrountled”, but nothing worse, no theft or riot unless unemployment reached to 5%. Due to fluctiations in population age, I had to constantly build and demolish academies (for 100 denarii you get 30 jobs) to reduce unemployment and prevent worker shortage. High taxes prevented immigration, but birth rate kept city population stable.

Emigration starts when unemployment is over 20% but it can be prevented by keeping taxes low. Wages should be Rome +5.

Caesar 3 population age and employment

People aged 0-15 are school age, 15-20 academy age, 20-50 working-class and 50-100 retirers.

When a new city is built, most of immigrants are working-class people, aged up to 55 years, they will make babies each new year, but if all housing is full, the babies will disappear. Cities such as the ones above, with all population in Small Casas and minimal of public buildings, reach an unemployment ratio of 80%. Even with this huge unemployment, after about 30-40 years they will ran out of workers, because of aging population (photo 1). Houses will devolve causing the city to lose even more workers, then a new group of working-class people will come and restore the city, but the unemployment will still fluctuate from 0% to 50% in the next 50 years. About 200-400 years are required to stabilize the age (photo 2).

A stable and healthy city will have after hundred years same number of people between 0-60 years and a constant decrease of people 60-100 years. Average life span is 80 years but only 3/8 will be workers, that’s TOO BAD. Sierra shall make the game with retirement age at 60 years old, and obviously, more workers required for each building.

Solution: if you are going to build a city that should remain stable for hundred years, simply do not built all at once, built it over a period of 40 years. If the city is already build, demolish a reservoir to cause houses devolve then built it back, working-age immigrants will come. Save game before, sometimes when houses devolve you will lose mostly working-age people rather than all-ages people.

Caesar 3 aging Caesar 3 population age

Another strange phenomenon is that the city is losing population over time. I had played two perfectly stable cities of 3000-5000 people for 1000 years and they lost 10-20% of population in this way, even if every house was supposed to be full. And they still consume same quantity of food like that when it was brand new.

Tips & Tricks + Useful info asked by visitors of my website

You can have an one-road city with actor colony at one end and theater at other end, all houses get entertainment access!

Walker control
You can use gatehouses to control random walkers, they do not pass through gatehouses. Only point-to-point walkers (immigrants, cart pushers, prefects going to extinguish a fire, entertainment people going from training center to venue) pass through gatehouses.

What is the purpose of oracles?
In my early years I did not understood their purpose, as they do not send walkers, so I placed a shitload of temples.
A oracle please 5 gods for 500 people, a small temple please one good for 750 people, a large temple please one god for 1500 people. So, if you have 1500 people in the city, to please all gods you need 3 oracles or 10 small temples (2 x 5 gods).
However a city with only oracles do not work. Only temples provide house access to religion.

Connecting roads with gardens
I downloaded some cities and noticed some roads being broken by 1 tile of garden. My experiments did not revealed the purpose, the gardens are threaten as roads by all walkers. Does anyone know the purpose?

Caesar 3 map sizes
Tiny map – 40×40
Small map – 60×60
Medium map – 80×80
Large map – 100×100
Huge map – 120×120
Enormous map – 160×160

Have questions? Want more tricks? Just ask me!

Age of Empires

Excel tables made by me, containing list and tree of buildings, villagers, military units, boats, animals, research and upgrades. Hit points, attack, armor, piercing armor, range, speed, cost, time required to produce, etc.

Download here:

I got Age of Empires I in 1998 from a neighbor, in fact, it was my first Windows-based game, started playing on our brand-new computer with Windows 95 (previously I played only DOS-based games, as my first computer had only MS-DOS and Windows 3.1).

It is probably most played game by me, in first year, my “playing” style was just roaming around with the four villagers, trying to hide from attacks. I was too young to understand english, I did not know purpose of Houses (that allows creation of 4 more people), once I built houses but seeing that they do not create any units, I did not build them again. I did not know how to advance through ages, that I need two buildings from each age, etc.

But later, I learned english and read entire Help file and became a great Age of Empires player, frequently defeating computer on any map! I also built about 20 own maps, intended for multiplayer gaming, thinking that in some day I will join a LAN network and I can challenge with other players. I played these maps only against computer.

Got connected to apartment block’s LAN in 2004 and internet in 2005, but I was disappointed that nobody play this game anymore. I never challenged any human.

In 2007 I got Age of Empires II but never enjoyed it so much like first Age of Empires. I hate that the Age of Empires 2 map is so zoomed in, cannot even see a quarter of my city even at biggest screen resolution, in first Age of Empires I could see entire city at once.

In September 2012, due to increase popularity of my Caesar 3 fan page, I decided to create a page for Age of Empires too, as both games were launched almost same time and are played by same kind of people.
Let’s see how many visitors I will get, and if they have any suggestion to improve my Age of Empires fan page!

Age of Empires game review

  • I hate that Age of Empires AI is very poor.
  • Computer never put villagers in transport boats, to be able to construct buildings and manage resources on other lands.
  • On my own maps I banned siege weapons. Computer frequently bring catapults to hand-to-hand fights, they shoot enemy units but the catapult damage area kill own units and allied units too. If you hit allied civilizations 2 or 3 times, alliance is broken.
  • I cannot command troops to return in original position after the threat has been eliminated, the computer do this all time. As human, I can only command them to Stand Ground, but they will not move at all, making them vulnerable to archers.
  • When I play on hardest difficulty, computer civilizations advance through ages faster than my civilization, I get numerous early attacks of bronze age troops while I am still in tool age, and only with a good city planning and good controlling of troops I can survive. Computer can control individually 50 units at same time, no human can do this.
  • If I survive the early attacks, and reach Iron age, I do not get any more attacks! For unknown reason, computer stops creating new villagers if I kill them, so it is unable to get more resources or to repair the buildings, this made computer easy to be defeated. The game is NOT fun anymore!
  • I did some experiments, using a small map with 4 civilizations, all enemy each other, plus a 5th civilization controlled by me, allied with all four. I used cheats to reveal entire map and see the computer-vs-computer fights. In one hour 3 civilizations were almost defeated, killed all villagers and they did not had resources to create new villagers, I donated them food, and I revive them. But after 10 hours, the game still had NO WINNER. Computer never take care to fully kill a civilization, they just attack buildings and people that they find in the way, while other buildings remain.
  • CONCLUSION: if you use a large map and know where to hide, computer will never beat you!

My playing strategy

  • I take care of natural features when place the city. Optimal is to built at least 4 towers in a narrow pass and some walls around towers to make enemies to walk in zig-zag within tower range and get shot by all towers before being able reach the towers and do damage to your city.
  • I start attacking only when I have created an army with at least 30 units and resources for making a second army.

For more strategies and tricks, just ask me!

Beetle Crazy Cup

Note that this is a FAN PAGE intended for people who already have the game. Do not ask me for link to download full game because I do not support piracy, go and buy it from stores or search yourself in torrent websites.

Beetle Crazy Cup, also know on warez websites as Beetle Buggin’ (probably due to amount of software bugs included in game), or Käfer Total, is one of the worst racing games I ever played… but it can be fun if is played at home with a friend.

Beetle Crazy Cup is the most recent game that can be played with 2 persons at same computer, know by me. Do you know other such games?

I created an Excel table: Beetle Crazy Cup.xls containing statistics such as vehicle list with car prices and car top speed in each gear.


Game review

  • Horrible physics: Buggy cars have similar acceleration, but the speed makes the difference; Speed cars have similar top speed, but the acceleration makes the difference (see the Excel file for details); with the slowest Speed cars is impossible to reach top speed on normal track.
  • Lack of realism: walls throw you back with the same speed. In Cross events, is better to crash with full speed in the walls at certain angle, rather than use handbrake and turn without hitting walls (cars don’t take damage anyway). Beware that some walls are bugged and you can pass through them!
  • Gearbox trick: Automatic transmission change to next gear only when the top speed of each gear is reached. This causes waste of acceleration. You can do much better times using manual transmission and change to next gear at redline. But surprise: the gearbox is not saved by replay. In replay the speed shown on tachometer is determined by acceleration rather than actual speed of car, if you select manual transmission the replay will show only 1st gear.
  • CRAZY TRICK: Select manual gearbox and drive entire track in 1st gear, without raising finger from acceleration. Save the replay, select automatic gearbox then watch how in replay your speed is going crazy! This trick was useful for me to determine the top speed of some cars with slow acceleration, if the road was not long enough to reach top speed (especially in Jump events).

GTA Vice City & San Andreas

Note that this is a FAN PAGE intended for people who already have the game. Do not ask me for link to download full game because I do not support piracy, go and buy it from stores or search yourself in torrent websites.

Probably one of most played games today is Grand Theft Auto. Although I do not like violent games, I still played Vice City and San Andreas around 2005-2007, more as a driving game, not shooting and killing as many is possible (as my friends were doing!), but I also finished all missions of the story line.

I show here the Excel files made by me with statistics about game:
GTA Vice City mission tree, property list, weapons list, vehicle list with their top speed and other info.
GTA San Andreas vehicle list with their top speed and other specs, mission tree, weapons.

I left the world of gaming after 2007.

Need For Speed

Note that this is a FAN PAGE intended for people who already have the game. Do not ask me for link to download full game because I do not support piracy, go and buy it from stores or search yourself in torrent websites.

My favorite racing game was Need For Speed: Porsche 2000 / Porsche Unleashed. I got it in 2003 from a friend. I made this table NFS Porsche 2000.xls, including car list, top speed of each car, written my personal records, and other stuff.

The next Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 was a worsen game, as they moved to Arcade style of racing, no damage. Got it from friends. I made table NFS Hot Pursuit 2.xls, containing car list, car max speed, career track, prices, etc.

Then I was very disappointed when they switched to “underground” style of racing, with only 4 players, the beautifulness of Need For Speed was destroyed for ever!

But, thanks of internet connection, I still played (and finished) the first Need For Speed: Underground, in 2005-2007. Download NFS Underground.xls, my database including career events, list of cars and their performance, list of tuning items, etc.

Later I got older Need for Speed games, currently I have all games from NFS 2 to 7 aka Underground 1 but the Porsche game remain the best! So sad that nobody make anymore such beautiful games.

To make NFS series enjoyable again, they should make a NFS game with a free mode to drive around the city, like Grand Theft Auto and Midtown Madness, to reintroduce damage and to offer daylight races (daylight racing do exist in NFS Most Wanted but were removed again in subsequent games). LOL! I found in 2014 that exactly the game following the last game I played, Need for Speed Underground II, introduced free roaming concept. But nowadays I no longer have time to play it.

The Sims 2

The Sims 2 is my favorite game, beside making functional homes and playing the game in normal way, I also practiced my urban planning talent by building planned cities with decorative apartment-like blocks.

I had played The Sims 1 too and made nice houses, but I don’t think that worth to post here because today nobody play it anymore. I never entered in The Sims 1 since I have The Sims 2.

Since February 2013 was The Sims 2 section was moved a separate WordPress installation (sub-website).

Enter The Sims sub-website

The Sims 2 fan page has been initially made in 2009 as ONE page on

Since September 2012 I made a new website to replace the crappy one, and The Sims 2 section was a Category with 30+ pages.

After adding non-gaming stuff to, I decided on 1 february 2013 to give to The Sims 2 a separate sub-website instead of a category, URL remained the same: and I added a bit about The Sims 3 as well! See List of updates.

Choosing a good web hosting service

There are 3 types of hosting services:

Free web hosting services with pre-made templates, used by me between 2009 and 2012, is the most limited web hosting service ever! Not recommended! Other free web hosting services are All these have higher storage and bandwidth limits than, but they running on same principle, offering you a website builder with several pre-made templates with limited freedom of customization, a free subdomain with option to add a top-level domain.

Over time your expectations grown beyond limits of their site builder, you would like to move to another hosting service, you cannot export website because each hosting have own format of storing content, so you will need to rebuild your website from scratch, copying articles and uploading images one by one into the new hosting.

I recommend you and, these are only that I know that allow exporting as XML.

See also Comparison of free web hosting services on Wikipedia.

Free web hosting with PHP and MySQL, similar with paid hosting

Three come in my mind:, They offer a crappy website builder, free subdomain with not-so-friendly name, but you can buy a domain name from a third-party domain registrar and set up DNS to redirect to your free-hosted website.

You are advised to NOT use their website builder, because PHP and MySQL support allow you to install a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, etc, or plain HTML website) and you have the freedom to customize it up to limit of imagination, and if you want to change hosting, you can easily download all files via FTP and export MySQL database, and upload them elsewhere.

These free hosting services are useful for students learning how to code a custom website. They are NOT recommended for a commercial website. Free web hosting have many downtimes, and your website can be suspended if it grow over few hundreds visitors per day, use too much CPU power, or if they determine that it is money-productive and you can pay for hosting.

Paid hosting services

If you can afford a PAID hosting, pay a professional hosting service, with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, PHP and MySQL, for prices starting from $2 per month., even in the most expensive plan, DO NOT offer any of these! Also avoid premium plans on Ucoz, Weebly, or Wix

The most popular are,,, etc. Note: popular companies tend to charge quite high prices. Thousands of small companies exist, if your website represent a local business you may want a hosting company with servers in your country for faster loading times. If you are beginner you are advised to choose a hosting company that offer live chat customer support with friendly employees, which may help you if you go into trouble. HostGator live chat have quite long waiting times. Personally I used from 2012 until I moved to VPS in 2015, it cost $3.99 per month if paid for one year, but you can pay only $24 per year if you use coupon code “discount$2“.

All above hosting companies offer shared hosting and VPS hosting.

Shared hosting often offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, but unlimited does mean that you can grow a website to infinite. They have other limits, such as CPU usage limits, simultaneous processes limit, MySQL limit. If you exceed CPU usage limit the website may go down for few minutes, and if this happens often you can have your website suspended to protect other websites that share server with you.

How much traffic you can have before getting suspended for exceeding CPU usage, depends by what CMS do you use, and what plugins you install over them. Certain plugins are very CPU hungry. Normally shared hosting can handle without problems website with several thousand visitors per day. Compared with free hosting services, paid hosting services to not delete suspended websites, you are given choice to upgrade to a higher plan or download your website to host it elsewhere.

Shared hosting is supposed to be used only to host a website. It should not be use for storage, backup, game servers or other purpose. If your account host a website with 10 daily visitors per day, but use 100 GB of storage, it will raise red flags and you will be warned to reduce disk usage or your account will be suspended.

VPS hosting offer limited storage and bandwidth, but do not have limits in CPU power or processes that can lead to account suspension. You may still be suspended if you upload illegal material (viruses, pirated software, child pornography, etc). On a VPS you can host as many websites you want. A VPS is a must-have if you want to host something else than a website, for example host a Counter-Strike, GTA SA-MP, Minecraft or other gaming server.

Dedicated sever means that a whole computer is yours. Big websites like Amazon and eBay run on multiple load-balanced dedicated servers. vs comparison

  • You can put Adsense on Blogger but not on WordPress.
  • You can upload any kind of files on WordPress but only images on Blogger.
  • You can add a paid domain name on Blogger for free, but on will cost you additional $5.
  • WordPress have 10 GB bandwidth (20x more than!), Blogger bandwidth is unknown, probably unlimited.

Which is better between and Hard to decide, depending by what do you want! Obviously the best is to download the blogging platform from (not .com) and install it on a PAID hosting, (or on the free hosting services with PHP support as long you do not have too much traffic to get suspended) by this way you enjoy no restrictions imposed by blogs hosted on

Please do not confuse paid DOMAIN with paid HOSTING!

You can have for example instead of without paying for hosting.

Many beginners get fooled by the fact that offer FREE domain if you purchase 1 year of hosting, while Blogger do not sell domains. But you can have a .com .org .net website for only $10 per year by buying domain from a registrar like or, host the website for free on Blogger, and attach the domain to Blogger at NO EXTRA FEE. Webs do not allow attaching domain names bought from other registrars, unless you have premium account on Webs, which starts at $50 per year, OR transfer the domain to Webs at an additional fee of $15. Domains bought from are overpriced, 30$ per year.

If you will eventually get pissed off by Webs limitations and lack of features in SiteBuilder, and want to move to another hosting service, if you bought the domain from Webs, you will have to pay additional fee to attach domain to another website at other hosting company. You are WARNED!

My personal experience with and

In 2012, when I decided to leave for a WordPress-based website, I choose to host it on It was advertised as free hosting with 100 GB monthly bandwidth (highest for a FREE hosting), but later I realized that it have hidden limitations such as 20%+ CPU usage limit.

After 3 months of testing with The Sims content, I started moving high-traffic content from to the new website, and during November 2012 suspended my website 3 times.

On 6 November got suspended due to the bots leaving SPAM comments, I installed a Captcha plugin to prevent it. Got unsuspended automatically at midnight.

On 12 November got suspended for exceeding CPU usage after someone posted my link on Facebook and sent me 800 visitors in 4 hours. Got unsuspended automatically at midnight.

On 28 November got suspended for exceeding CPU usage despite that I had only usual 200 daily visitors, midnight passed without being unsuspended, so I submitted a ticket after 36 hours and someone replied that I should be patient and I will be unsuspended in 24 hours. LOL! Only in 3rd day a staff member told me that I will be NOT unsuspended and I need to upgrade to ($4.84 per month) to get website back. I believe that they noticed that my website is money-making and THEY decided to suspend it and refuse to unsuspend, to get some money from me. So I upgraded to Hosting24, it was my first experience with paid hosting, and I never regret it. In 3 years of using I did not had any downtime lasting more than an hour.

In 2015 I further upgraded from shared hosting to VPS on same, they offer several OS and control panels, including Webuzo (free alternative to cPanel). The horror stories began. offer “unmanaged VPS” with a stupid policy to NOT offer customer support for VPS as they offer for shared servers.

In 2016 Hosting24 node (mother server) crashed, I could not even connect via SSH, I reported the problem, of course many people reported it and after a hour they said that fixed the node. I could connect via SSH but website was not running. They blamed me for misconfiguring my VPS and said that is not their responsiblity to handle website-related problems. I was so frustrated that I rebuild OS and reinstalled website. Took me 4 hours and lost the database of customers. Few days later, their node crashed again, tired of reinstalling website, I asked Webuzo support and gave them the root password, they replied after about 30 hours and fixed my website by typing in SSH “service nginx restart“. In conclusion: the solution to restore my website after node crash was simple, Hosting24 staff was aware of, but refused to help me because of their policy of “unmanaged VPS servers” and blame customers for server problems.

Hosting24 do not offer SSL certificates for VPS so we have to buy them from third-parties and install ourselves. Again, Hosting24 staff refused to help me with installation, and despite of exchanging about 20 emails with the SSL provider, I did not succeded to install SSL. That day I said FUCK HOSTING24 and moved to, it is an expensive VPS provider, but they do sell SSL certificates, cPanel license and their staff helped me numerous times despite that they offer “unmanaged VPS”.

Between 2013 and 2015 I had a gambling head&tail website on and in 2016 another website on, they did not had any major problem. Is also true that traffic was less than 10 daily visitors.

I highly recommend for small websites and shared hosting for medium-sized websites, but if you are looking for a VPS, stay away from them. review – WORST hosting ever?

Written by me, with 8+ years experience in webdesign…

If you want a personal blog, a family photo album, a gaming clan forum or something else really stupid, go with

If you want a professional / business website and do SEO to appear on 1st page of Google, to have over 100 daily visitors, STAY AWAY FROM WEBS.COM!!!

DON’T be an idiot and pay for Premium plans to get features that you can get for FREE on other FREE hosting services! was launched in 2001, that times were not many free web hosting services. It currently host over 40 million websites, however most of them are currently abandoned and forgotten by their authors. seems to cater the lowest segment of the web development industry, aka children and people with no coding knowledge and low expectations, as offer easy-to-use SiteBuilder but do not offer flexibility that experienced web developers would like to have. is extremely limited compared with other free hosting services, and you get a lot ads and pop-ups telling you to upgrade, as well as weekly emails about Premium services with 50% off… but these Premium services lack features that should exists at any paid hosting services (see below What you CANNOT do on offer a tiny 42 MB storage space and stupid 500 MB monthly bandwidth, unchanged since at least 2008. The template does not count towards bandwidth, but only text, images and other files you add, you need to host all images on third-party websites to save bandwidth. If you exceed bandwidth, you will get a message threatening that your site is in danger of being deactivated, telling you to upgrade (seen in the above photo).

You can stay calm for some time, the deactivation occur only if you exceed 200% of the bandwidth, and it will be automatically reactivated at the monthly reset date of bandwidth. became a bigger, bigger, bigger SHIT

Is a common trend for hosting services to add new features in their free plans over time. marketing strategy is opposite: overtime Webs remove features from free accounts and tell you to upgrade to Premium to continue using them.

One of website visitors told me that in early times, was limited to 7 pages and 7 paragraphs per page. When I found in 2008, the limit was 20 pages and unlimited paragraphs per page. Does anyone know when the limit was increased to 20 pages?

  • In mid-2011 limited number of pages to 10 (instead of 20) for free accounts, I do not understand this marketing strategy, since nowadays there is a trend for web hosts to move to unlimited pages. You could buy unlimited pages from Credit Shop. I still recommended to friends.
  • In June 2012 Webs launched the “revolutionary” SiteBuilder3, “easiest to use” for any NOOB, using drag-and-drop interface with modules for text, photos, etc. SiteBuilder 3 removed numerous must-have features, including ability to customize CSS, ability to have a sidebar that update for all pages, etc. SiteBuilder3 do not have ability to switch from WYSIWYG to HTML editor (useful for beginners to learn HTML codes or to create more complex websites), instead it offer a Custom HTML module. Webs motivated that “too few of our users are using them”. These features are no longer available even for premium plans. Sites created after June 2012 are forced to use SiteBuilder3, on older sites you can still switch between original Site Builder (1) and New Site Builder (2) or you can convert to SiteBuilder3. The conversion is one-way, you cannot convert from SiteBuilder 3 to Sitebuilder 1/2, but the old website is kept as backup for 7 days time in which you can rollback to SiteBuilder 1/2 (changes made after conversion to SiteBuilder 3 will be lost).

Since this date I do NOT recommennd to anyone! Fuck it!

  • In January 2014 disabled the Custom HTML module for free users, so you need to pay a Premium plan in order to add widgets, polls, Facebook comment boxes, games, etc, motivating that many people are using it fraudulently (what a lie! – in 12 years of history were no such remarks). This caused anger over Support Forum (valid for SiteBuilder3 only, who still have old SiteBuilder, can still add widgets in HTML paragraph editor). However in SiteBuilder3 this can be overcome by uploading HTML pages in File Manager.
  • On 22 September 2014 set a new limit to 5 pages and additional features were removed from free accounts, in desperate attempt to force users to pay for Premium services.
  • In 2014 or 2015 the ability to upload HTML files in FileManager was also restricted to Premium users. Web Store ecommerce app is also Premium only. Credit Shop which allowed you to buy unlimited pages, free domain name and other goodies was also discontinued, causing anger along people who clicked Credit Shop daily to earn 5 free credits hoping to accumulate 3000 credits to get a free domain name coupon.

Webs turned from a professional website maker into a NOOB-ONLY website maker! No wonder that less and less people use!

Note: sites made before June 2012 (like retain the classic SiteBuilder and the great features, widgets, custom HTML, etc. Notice my custom-made sidebar and Zopim live chat widget in bottom-left corner? This cannot be done on anymore if you created your site June 2012!

For a NOOB with no HTML knowledge, Webs may be a good place for start (with its easy-to-use Site Builder). For someone who actually wants to learn HTML and have growing expectations over time, Webs is NOT a good choice.

Who the fuck will pay for Premium package to get unlimited pages, more bandwidth, ability to add HTML, etc, as long there are so many other web hosting services offering these features for FREE?

But if is catering lowest segment of web, meaning children with no money, how do they expect us to be able to pay them?

About me: how I started using

In 2007 I found some nice websites hosted on Later I tested Blogspot and WordPress… that times many idiots were creating blogs on Blogspot and WordPress, posting their diary and stupid stuff, personally I wanted something more professional, a WEBSITE with static pages rather than a BLOG with posts sorted by date.

So in April 2009 when I made as portfolio of my works, I choose have a variety of templates making it great for personal websites and home businesses. This fooled me to make this bad choice. have nice applications such as Blog, Calendar, Forum, Guestbook, Photos, WebStore, etc, that fooled other people (personally I did not use any of them, except Blog).

Another thing that fooled me is the traffic stats in, non-existent in Blogspot and WordPress, that moment I did not realized that traffic stats are actually provided by a third-party service which can be used for ANY website regardless of being hosted.

About me: how I migrated away from bullshit

In 2011 I bought domain from for $10, and I was disappointed that I cannot use it for unless I upgrade to Premium (I did not had 3000 credits to buy the domain for free from But I do not want to pay a single cent to this SHIT hosting!

My website grow to 50 pages in 2012 (see Traffic Stats page), including a BIG page Singapore HDB Floor Plans page that became extremely popular, causing my website to get deactivated for exceeding bandwidth. That page was also the biggest, HTML code was around 100 KB and being the landing page for 40% of the 100+ daily visitors, it was eating 5 MB bandwidth per day, 150 MB per month, and considering that almost half of people were browsing other pages as well, I quickly exceeded the 500 MB bandwidth limit (even if all images were hosted on third-party sites to not eat bandwidth).

I bought additional 1 GB bandwidth using 1000 credits in March 2012, but several months later I reached 200+ daily visitors and exceeded the expanded bandwidth too.

So, instead of buying another domain name when I accumulated 3000 credits and upgrade bandwidth again, in August 2012 I decided to start from scratch a NEW website hosted on (FREE hosting with 100 GB monthly bandwidth), under domain name, and manually copy-pasted each of the 50+ personal and business pages to the new website (I let on the site only the four pages “for users” and home page, for people who bookmarked it along time).

Moving to .com domain name and WordPress platform turned to be a smart choice, people saw me as serious website and started paying for my services, my hobbies turned into money-making BUSINESS!

Conclusion: starting a business using was a huge mistake. I could have been richer today if I would have started with WordPress from first time.

Rule: FIRST, be sure that you have a proper hosting with enough bandwidth and professional features, THEN buy a domain name!

What you CANNOT do on

What you CANNOT ever do on (not even by paying a Premium account)

  • A 404 page, or redirect to home page when visitors enter an invalid URL (possible on WordPress).
  • Export/backup the website (possible on most free hosting services, including Blogspot and WordPress).
  • 301 redirect and .htaccess (typically only in paid hosting, and on
  • Use any form of PHP and MySQL (typically only in paid hosting, and on
  • Having customer support that actually READ your questions instead of copy-pasting a stupid answer!

What you CANNOT do with SiteBuilder3 (and you could do earlier SiteBuilders)

  • Use FTP (in old SiteBuilder FTP was available although only for Premium accounts).
  • Customizing template with CSS.
  • Switch editor to HTML mode instead of WYSIWYG for advanced editing, add ALT and TITLE tags for images.
  • Adding any HTML code, needed to add widgets and scripts from other third-party websites (since January 2014, unless you pay for Premium plan).
  • Inserting multiple images per paragraph (not sure).
  • Text wrap around image (not sure).
  • Easy copying of text and images from one page to another.
  • Having a sidebar that updates on all pages at once.
  • Having a sidebar that you can edit, on Application pages.
  • Insert music on background (unnecessary, unprofessional, childish feature).
  • Insert polls, shoutboxes, comments, and other widgets.
  • Adding a live chat widget, a must-have for the sites selling stuff or offering services (notice my chat in lower-right corner? it uses Javascript which is not possible on SiteBuilder3).

What you CAN do on but cannot do on

  • Having applications, photo gallery, forums, etc.
  • Upload files.

What you CAN do on but cannot do on

  • Having applications, photo gallery, forums, etc.

What you CAN do on but cannot do using on a professional hosting

  • Probably nothing (with tons of plugins for WordPress, the only limit is your imagination).

Please tell me me more things that you cannot do on! Leave comments!

Webs Credits Toolbar launched a toolbar in October 2009 I think, which allowed you to earn 10 credits daily (beside the 5 free daily credits available by logging in Credit Shop) and spent them on goodies, personally I bought unlimited pages and extra bandwidth.

Webs deprecated Credits Toolbar in September 2011, by removing the link from home page to Credits Toolbar download page, the staff announced in Webs Forum that we will no longer earn credits AND told us to uninstall the toolbar (this is fucking funny!). Official reason was that toolbar is incompatible with “something”, personal I think that the real reason was that people gained free credits too fast, they told us that we can sill earn credits by completing sponsors offers (which are not free).

Personally I still have it installed, not one, but 2 toolbars installed, and I keep earning, 15-20 credits per day from toolbar plus 5 credits from Credit Shop, 1000+ credits earned from September 2011 to February 2012 when I saw Credit Toolbar Deprecation in Webs Forum, without even knowing that supposedly discontinued it and I shall uninstall it since 5 months ago!!

I stopped using the toolbar in mid-2012 because I decided to abandon and start a new website using WordPress platform on a paid hosting service. I accumulated over 3000 credits and I have nothing to do with them.

Note: In December 2012 one of website visitors reported me that cannot earn credits because “No rewards until tomorrow“, same thing happen at me. I do not know if is a temporary problem or Webs really did something to prevent us earning more credits using toolbar. We can earn still earn 5 credits daily by clicking Credit Shop.

Credits Shop was discontinued

In 2013 a website visitor informed me that the Credits Shop does not exist in newly-created websites. I am not sure when, but probably the Credits Shop was disabled at launch of SiteBuilder3 in June 2012, this means that you can still earn credits, but you cannot use them to buy goodies.

Credits Shop is available ONLY for websites created before June 2012 with SiteBuilder1/2, eventually converted to SiteBuilder3. Check yourself and see if you have Credit Shop.

In 2015, after few months in which I did not logged in Webs anymore, I found that I no longer have Credits Shop for my website. Looks that Credits Shop was removed for all websites, causing anger along people who clicked Credit Shop daily to earn 5 free credits hoping to accumulate 3000 credits to get a free domain name coupon.

What we could buy from Credits Shop

Credit Shop Launch Special (get 5 free credits once a day) 0 Credits
Spotlight 10 credits
Extra 100Mb of web storage 100 Credits
Extra 500Mb of web storage 300 Credits
Premium Templates 500 Credits
Master Password – Password Protection 500 Credits
Extra 500 Webform Submissions 500 Credits
24/7 Live Chat Support 500 Credits
Rich Email Blasts 600 Credits
Unlimited Pages 800 Credits
1Gb extra bandwidth 1000 Credits
Domain Name Coupon 3000 Credits
25Gb extra bandwidth 5000 Credits
200Gb extra bandwidth 20000 Credits

I was wondering if anyone saved the installation .exe of the Webs Credits Toolbar to give me and put it here for everyone to download it, until… in a day of March I opened Internet Explorer and got a message “Click here for activate toolbar”, I clicked and it sent me to saying that toolbar was activated. Days later I was curious what happen if I open the activation page in Mozilla Firefox where I never had toolbar installed… SURPRISE: I can download Webs Credits Toolbar from that page!

Funny: how I had 2 toolbars installed

In 2009 when the Webs Credits Toolbar was launched, I downloaded and installed it, I searched but earned nothing. I was frustrated so I removed it from Internet Explorer. One month later I clicked again the download link, I installed again and I was surprised: I earned credits by searching! Then I had a second surprise, the first toolbar that I removed from Internet Explorer, was not completely uninstalled, so could activate again and had both toolbars same browser, earning up to 20 credits per day. They are not the same, one is 5.06 MB and other one 5.85 MB.

In March 2012 I tried to install the same Webs Toolbar multiple times, resulting multiple installations in Program Files, but only one instance of second toolbar appeared in Internet Explorer.

Today I think that the single way of having multiple Webs Credits Toolbars installed is if they are different versions. The above striketrough link is from first version, being 5.06 MB, but I don’t have the installation kit of it.

I am sure that a skilled programmer can install the Webs Credits Toolbar manually, try running all .exe files with correct parameters, also try RegEdit and add the entries. If anyone succeeded, please share with us how you did!

Funny: instant credits

Toolbar warn you “Just search naturally through out your day – No fake searches or your rewards will be disabled“. I did stupid searches, I never got anything disabled, but I noticed that I do not get credited if I search non-english words or if I search same word twice.

Since 2011 the protection for fake searches no longer exists. I can write any character (even a space) in the search box, press enter 10 times in 10 seconds (pressing 10 times in <2 seconds may not work) and earn instantly all the 10 daily credits!

Tips and tricks for Webs users

This page was originally written in 2011 on address, containing tricks for users of hosting, but later I added some tricks useful for any website owner.

How to choose a good domain name

Domain name is most important element of your website, because it cannot be easily changed as you can change website title or URL of subpages.

You need to decide what domain name to use since first day. I advise you to choose a short and easy to remember domain name. If you choose a bad domain and decide later to change it, you need to start over building your reputation. Although you can redirect traffic from the old domain name, the number of Facebook likes cannot be transferred and you start from 0.

Some beginners may think that choosing a keyword-rich domain name may have some advantages in terms of SEO (example: WRONG! Google do not pay much attention to keywords in URL. Is better to use a short domain name containing a name that people can type easily, avoiding hyphens (example, so when people talk with their friends, they can easily say “I bought a car from” which is much easier to remember and friends are likely to visit your website. Use “Used cars for sale in New York City” in website title instead of domain name, you can change title anytime.

How to put your website in Google search results

This is valid for ANY website, not limited to I am writing this here in 2013 because numerous users asked me if is possible to get their website in Google without upgrading to Premium package.

You DO NOT need Premium package to appear in Google, and Premium package do not guarantee that you will appear. Google cannot know who is paying and who not.

NEVER PAY anyone or anything that promise you to submit your website to search engines and directories. Such “services” are there to fool naive people who do not know that can appear in Google for FREE.

Correct way: You can get indexed by Google by simply posting a link to your website in other websites that are already indexed by Google. Google robots are visiting each website every few days, will follow your link and your website will be indexed as well. Do not post links using comments, because in 90% websites the script add NOFOLLOW tag to all links in comments. Best if you have account on a forum and large number of posts in it, put the link in the signature!

Using Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics do NOT help you appearing in search results, but you are advised to use them to optimize your website.

How to put your website on 1st page in Google search results

Check if Google has indexed your website by searching ““, if any results appears, then you are indexed. If you are indexed, but do not get traffic, it may not appear in search results for your keywords or appear but not on first 10 positions, where people are looking. This means that your website is not optimized for Google, you have too little content, non-original content (copying articles from other websites makes Google to downrank you), or website title is too common word.

You should use a descriptive title up to 60 characters, using keywords that people are likely to type in Google search box, for example if you sell cars, use a title like “Buy used cars in New York City” instead of “Great cars” because thousand other websites use “cars” word in their title, and “great” is not a keyword that we type in search. Never use “My family photo blog” or funny spelling “Th3 Kill3rs Gaming Klan“, who would search these words? Personally I am #1 at search “european car database” and within 10 results at “car database xls“.

Watch the bounce ratio: if your website is badly designed, non user-friendly, or content is not relevant for the keywords used in page title, people may click it in search results and press Back button to return in search results in few seconds. Google is able to track how many users bounce back in search results and automatically uprank or downrank your website for respective keywords. See Traffic Stats, my website bounce ratio is about 60% according Clicky. If your website have bounce ratio over 70-80%, then Google thinks that your website is spammy, uninteresting and downrank it. Do note that bounce ratio shown by Webs stats and Clicky stats which counts people who opened only 1 page without navigating in the rest of your website, differently than Google bounce ratio used to determine ranking in search results.

Uninteresting website: along Webs users who asked me various tricks, I noticed that most are children who created a website just to show to friends that they have a website, these websites offer no useful information thus have NO real purpose for the world. Google is trying to show in the search results the most relevant sites, so if you write your diary, write jokes, post photos with friends, or other stupid stuff, do not expect to be on 1st page of Google.

Trick: I noticed that if you have a subpage indexed but not getting traffic, doing yourself a Google search using a full phrase from your page, eventually in quotes (exact phrase), and clicking it in search results, may boost your ranking and get traffic for normal keywords (works only once or few times, don’t think that doing at infinite will boost your website to top position in Google).

Do not take in serious emails that sounds like this:I am John, SEO consultant at a reputed company. I have analyzed your website, you have errors that damage your ranking in Google, making almost impossible for customers to find you. We can help you to get 1st on Google and up to 500% more visitors“, they are NOT actual visitors of your website, they use software to discover automatically email addresses of web owners and send generic emails, waiting for someone to reply, then run an automatic web analyzer to show you bad points and invite you to let your website in their hands for a monthly fee. I get such emails everyday, mostly from India. Read more: SEO SPAM from India.

Anyone with enough time and experience can do search engine optimization himself. Start reading Beginners guide to SEO on

However, do NOT expect that you can easily put your newborn website above well established websites, as they are optimized as well. Google is able to track activity in social networks, so if you create original and interesting content, people are likely to click the LIKE and TWEET buttons to share to their friends. In 2014 multiple people shared my new website (for the very interesting info I provide about Singapore real estate) on Facebook got few hundred LIKES during 1 month, Google has upranked my website and I started getting 10% more visitors from Google, a boost that last even today!

How to sell products via your website – make money online is often praised for being the single FREE hosting service with WebStore e-commerce application, many people choose in attempt to make money by sell online, which is a BIG MISTAKE. You risk wasting time, you can get even 1 million visitors without having any sale.

The WebStore application do not offer instant automatic download, making it useless to sell digital products. Lots of, Blogspot, WordPress websites are abandoned and nobody is replying anymore at their contact info. People may not trust that you WILL email the product, or if you sell physical products, there is even less likely for people to trust that you WILL ship the product. People will not trust your free-hosted website like how they trust BIG online stores or, because they cannot sue you if they did not received the product. If you ever managed to sell something using WebStore application, then you found a very naive customer!

You can sell digital products with instant automatic download on any free web hosting by putting a PayPal BUY NOW, and as checkout, put the link of your digital product (but there is a risk, who is smart enough to look into page source code, can guess file URL and download it without paying).

My advice: if you want to sell products, you should invest in a top-level domain name, paid hosting, where you can install WordPress plus a shopping cart plugin that feature digital downloads, or Magento or any other kind of CMS that include ecommerce plugins. Regardless you sell digital or physical products, is likely that 99% people who visit your online store to leave without buying anything.

To increase sales volume, you should add a big CONTACT US button, write your phone number, or better, use a LIVE CHAT service, for example Zopim used by me, so customers can speak with website owner, and you can convince them that you are alive and ready to send the products.

Tips and tricks for websites

Note: before asking me questions like “how to make more than 10 pages on” or “how to remove banner Webs – Create your own free website today” or other things impossible on, and insulting me if I don’t provide you a working solution. You should think what mistake you made by choosing The most limited hosting service, which add new limitations from year to year!

Read these articles: WORST hosting ever and choosing a good web-hosting service.

For users: How to make 15-20 pages instead of 10 on free accounts (easy way)

You cannot add more normal (blank) pages since you have 10 total pages 5 pages since October 2014, but you can add application pages anytime no matters how many pages you have. So, when you start a website, first create 10 text pages, you can hide them for navigation bar if you do not need them, after creating 10 text pages, add applications such as Blog, Calendar, Forum, Guestbook, Photo Album, Web Store, etc… in case you will later need 10 text pages, make them visible back. Together with application pages, you can have up to 20 pages in this way.

For users: How to have unlimited pages and add Custom HTML for free (hard way)
(no longer work) is the ONLY free hosting service limited to 10 pages, and if this was not enough, their retardadmins decided in January 2014 to remove the Custom HTML module from free accounts (SiteBuilder3), in attempt to fool naive Webs users to pay a Premium service!

Websites created up to June 2012, can continue using the old SiteBuilder without modules, they are not affected by this decision.
You can fool the retardadmins and don’t pay them a cent! However the procedure takes time and hassle for average Webs users who don’t know HTML. I suggest using another free hosting service that do not limit number of pages.

For advanced users who bear the hassle: you can create HTML pages in your computer with any other software and upload them via File Manager or code yourself the HTML code in File Manager using WebzEdit. To mimic the existing website theme, create the page as you normally do in SiteBuilder, view it in browser as normal visitors do, right click > Save page as HTML and upload in file Manager, then delete the page from SiteBuilder and repeat the procedure. You can also have unlimited pages in this way (works for both SiteBuilder3 and older SiteBuilders).

Note 1: in the first 7 days since you created website, you cannot upload in File Manager certain file types including .htm. Be patient 1 week.

Note 2: every time you add a page, you may want to make it appearing in the navigation bar, for this you need to edit in File Manager each page individually, copy-pasting HTML code of navigation bar. A bit difficult for typical Webs users who don’t know a shit of HTML.

Note 3: the trick no longer work. in May 2015 a visitor reported that cannot upload HTML files without upgrading to premium. Last time I checked was in 2013. Does anyone know when the restriction was put in place? Fuck the Webs retardadmins… they realized that some people use this trick and decided to ban HTML uploading for free accounts!

How to have unlimited pages for life
(no longer work)

Accumulate 800 credits and buy “Unlimited pages”, which will be active for one year. Create several hundred empty pages and hide them from navigation bar, such pages will not be deleted when Unlimited pages will expire. If in the future you need more pages, make them visible and add content! This is what I did myself in 2011 to exceed the limit of 20 pages.

Note: Credit Shop is not available for websites created after 2013, and since 2014 is no longer available for old websites too. Now free users are stuck in the fucking 5-page limit.

How to remove the banner “Webs – Create your own free website today”

There’s NO WAY to remove it. All sites made since 2012 using SiteBuilder3 have the banner hard-coded by My website, being created in 2009, gets a simple button “Create a free website” visible only when you scroll down, instead of the fucking screen-wide banner which eats precious vertical screen real estate.

How to have HTML website without downgrading to HTML
(no longer work)

Some experienced webdesigners choose to start a website using SiteBuilder then downgrade account to HTML for advanced edits. This is irreversible, meaning that after downgrading you will not have SiteBuilder anymore.
Webs SiteBuilder3 even removed the option of downgrade account to HTML. But we not need the option to downgrade. Just open your website in browser, save each page in your computer as HTML, then upload each HTML page via File Manager. Delete or rename the pages in SiteBuilder to prevent page name conflicts.

Note: trick no longer work since 2014 or 2015 when banned uploading HTML files for free accounts.

How to have custom page titles and meta tags on Webs free accounts
(no longer work)

Webs tell you that you need to upgrade to Premium in order to do this, but you CAN DO without upgrading. Pages created via SiteBuilder does not appear in File Manager, so here is the trick: open any HTML file in the File Manger with WebzEdit (if there is no HTML file, upload one), in the WebzEdit click File > Open, and you can see hidden files like the pages created via SiteBuilder, open them and feel free to edit the page title, meta tags and everything in <HEAD>!

Note: trick no longer work since 2014 or 2015 when Webs banned uploading HTML files for free accounts (unless you have already uploaded at least one HTML files before the ban took place = still works for my website, but cannot upload new HTML files).

How to put AdSense on Webs free accounts (added August 2012) Terms of Service say that you cannot put AdSense unless you upgrade to Premium. Probably this is just one of the many ways to encourage you to pay them!

I saw numerous websites having AdSense without problems, on free account. So is nothing impossible, but Webs may suspend you for violating TOS, although never heard cases of being suspended for adding AdSense (the general rule: if you do not pay for something, they have no guarantee to offer you the free service).

Note: no longer possible on SiteBuilder3 since January 2014 due to removal of Custom HTML module for free accounts. Still possible for sites created before June 2012 using older SiteBuilder.

How to see how many people visit your website (and what pages they open) is partner with Clicky, but the SiteBuilder3 launched in 2012 does not include the button to Clicky, as Webs made their own stats (which is less-detailed compared with Clicky stats). But the partnership with Clicky still remains and you can activate it from This is what you can see about each visitor: IP, country, operating system, screen resolution, and each page they access: Example Clicky.

How to get a .com domain (get rid of “.webs” in URL) (added April 2015)

A top-level domain (.com, .net, .org, and others) is NOT FREE, but not expensive either. Just $10 per year, at or However you will not be able to attach the domain to your site unless you pay an additional fee of $15 or buy a Premium account (starting from $50 per year). A dilemma: if premium plan expires, will the domain still work? On or on you can attach domain without extra fees, while on the fee is $5. Buying a domain from will cost you triple, $30 per year. Professional hosting services starts at $24 per year, example with coupon code “discount$2” and include a FREE domain name.

So here is my advice: if you can spend money for a .com domain, DO NOT host your website on! If you do not want to spend money, stay on Google do not make difference between subdomains and top-level domains, my website reached over 200 daily visitors in 2012 while running on subdomain. AVOID using the FREE top-level domains .tk and, Google banned all .tk and websites from appearing in search results.

How to reduce website bandwidth usage (added April 2013) have the lowest bandwidth limit along all free hosting services: just 500 MB per month! Exceeding it display a warning message, and the suspension occurs only if you reach double (1000 MB) bandwidth.

Personally I exceeded 500 MB bandwidth only when I reached over 100 daily visitors, in early 2012. However I was asked for help from people who exceeded their bandwidth only with 20 daily visitors, they committed a BIG mistake: uploaded all images on account. There’s NO requirement to have images uploaded in your account in order to display them in your site. You can save bandwidth by using a third-party image hosting, Imageshack, Photobucket, Flickr, etc.

You can also reduce the size of each page by switching from Paragraph Editor to Raw HTML Paragraph and delete unnecessary HTML codes (SiteBuilder 1/2).

How to move sidebar on left side (added September 2012 – for SiteBuilder 1/2)

My current website theme (Air) had sidebar on right side, so I added this CSS code:
#fw-bigcontain {float: right !important; padding-left: 8px;}

Note: praise SiteBuilder3 for having customizable templates able to swap sidebar, but SiteBuilder3 removed Custom CSS feature, so customization is limited, while on SiteBuilder 1/2 with the Custom CSS box you can customize up to limit of imagination!

Anytime you need a CSS code, do a Google search, for example CSS remove link underline.

How to have navigation bar links different than actual page names

See this sidebar, full with colors and even country flags?
When I originally made the website, I choose page titles to provide best user experience on sidebar. But this is anti-SEO. So I renamed pages to have the best-describing title, and I added on sidebar a text box where I wrote manually all the links.

How to transfer credits between accounts say that is not possible to transfer credits between accounts. But an idea came in my mind: buy the domain name coupon with Webs Credits and use the domain name for another website. This is not really transfer of credits, but may be useful. The coupon once purchased from Webs is valid 1 month to purchase a domain for 1 year. I never tried and don’t know if works. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

How to export / transfer website from Webs to other hosting services

Fuck Webs! A must-have automatic export feature is missing! My fans were asking how I transferred most of Webs-based to WordPress-based I used copy-paste, manually, 50 pages, hundreds of paragraphs, one by one, took me FEW HOURS.

Warning: how to rename pages on Webs – the CORRECT way to not lose visitors

Webs do not allow you making a custom 404 page displaying website navigation bar or a redirect to home page. If you simply rename a page, all people who click the link in searches, on Facebook, bookmark, will get a generic 404 Not Found page which do not display links to your website. People will be not able to find the new page and will think that entire website does not exists. Also, as long as the old page is still in Google index, Google bots may see the new page as duplicate content and will NOT index it.

SOLUTION: make a file in Notepad with the text shown below (including the META redirect at 0 seconds, indicating to Google bot to index new URL – of course change my links with your links), save it under the name of the page which was moved, including .htm extension, and upload it in Webs File Manager.

Note: Chrome users will get a pop-up asking if they wants to be redirected, while Internet Explorer and Firefox users may be redirected automatically, but this may scary them and they may click BACK button, to help this you should put some text in page body, to inform users why are redirected, and allow them to click manually the link to the new page.

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=“>
<TITLE>301 moved permanently</TITLE>
<P>Since 31 February 2099, the page has been moved on <A href=””></A>. Click it if you are not redirected automatically!</P>

A trick with Webs partner: GetClicky use to track the visitors. Clicky itself offer premium services separate than Webs premium services.

Clicky premium accounts track page views, downloads (image or files clicks), outbound links, etc. also have an useful Spy feature to view visitors in real time.

Clicky free accounts track only page views and you can view only last 31 days, so the visitors spending hours on ONE page of your website, clicking dozens of images, but never opening any other page, may be counted as bouncers.
When you register in Clicky you will get 2 weeks of trial account with all premium features enabled.

See, screenshots showing visitors of my website for ENTIRE YEAR, showing all premium features despite that I never paid a single cent to either Webs or Clicky!

Here is the TRICK:
Just opt out from Clicky and then enable Clicky stats again. You will get another 15 days of trial account with all premium features enabled for FREE. This does not work for accounts registered via, just for the ones registered through You can use the tracking code from Webs’s Clicky service to track visitors of any website regardless where it is hosted.
Personally I do this every 2 weeks since 2010.

Note: at re-enabling stats, there are about 25% chances to get in the same tracking channel (so you will be able to see the traffic that you had before you opted out), if you see all numbers as 0, opt out and re-enable again. You have 90% chances to find the same tracking channel in max 10 attempts. I never had more than 20 attempts.
Warning: opt out from Clicky ONLY if you had at least one visitor in current day. A friend of mine opted out and in over 100 times, always see 0 numbers, he could to this at infinite without being aware when he found same tracking channel, because had no visitors in current day. He told me that was checking visitors for past month, but in the first day after re-enabling stats you cannot see the traffic of past days. So I warn you!

No longer works since February 2017. Clicky figured out the trick. So currently I am paying Clicky account registered via (not via and able to track visitors of up to 10 websites.

Ratings & Comments widgets problem – cause and SOLUTION

I posted this message in Webs Support forums and the fucking moderators deleted it saying that SB2 bugs will not be solved, although it is a HELPFUL message for all users.

In August 2011 had terrible problems, Sign In pages randomly appeared when you tried to view normal pages, and all comments widgets got broken for about one week. Who try to post a comment get a stupid message “Please wait for us to finish processing“, but I can still see the comments from website control panel (Manage Comments Widgets).

After that week, half of the widgets from my website came back to normal, other half remained broken for life. I was tired to wait for Webs employees to solve the problem, so I created new comment widgets, everything was OK again until… one newly-created widget broke again!

Sometimes they broke just temporary and after several days are working again, but also got broken for ever. Also some widgets display comments in wrong order or display wrong comments count.

CAUSE: since August 2011 the widgets are breaking if they contains a comment longer than 640 characters (before that date, anyone could leave comments of any length without problems), the saddest part is that most broken widgets were broken by me, by leaving long replies to visitors questions, via website control panel, without visiting website and see what happens.

SOLUTION: if you are tired of waiting for Webs employees to make them working again with long comments, simply delete yourself the longest comments in order, until the comments will be loading again!

Do not suggest me to use a Guestbook or a Forum. I had a forum, but people were not using it. Having comments widgets at bottom of each page, which do not require any signing in, is most convenient.

SEO SPAM from India

Never hire a SEO company emailing you saying that they visited your website, it is not ranking well in Google and promise you to be #1. They are NOT real visitors of your website and may try to scam you.

Anyone can do SEO himself if you have skills and free time, if you are a busy man and need help from professionals, do a search and find a reputable company which itself appear on first page of Google.

Are you working in an Indian SEO company? I would like to hear an “inside opinion”. Leave a comment on page!
DON’T contact me at email (I really collect lots of indian emails on this email address, being posted there in plain format).
I have found a solution to STOP (most of) India Webdesign & SEO spam!

India email spam SEO SPAM from India

This page is NOT intended to offend any specific company or India country as whole.
Since 2013 I get lots of emails about Web Development and SEO outsourcing, 90% of them originating from India.

Webdesign SPAM emails ask me if I interested in redesigning my website, the email body being entirely a generic text. But how do they know that I have a website?

SEO SPAM emails are most intriguing, some of them contain my name or URL in the email subject and also within email body (example of subject: “Proposal for“), but the rest of email body is a generic message telling me that my website do not appear on first page in Google, that I am missing headings, META, ALT and TITLE tags, etc, when in reality my website do not have these problems.
They guarantee that will push my website to top of Google search results, 101% recovery from Panda and Penguin penalties, etc (for your info: No one can guarantee #1 in Google. What if multiple websites in same niche apply for their services, who will be #1?). I asked them how they do that, but most of them do not provide details, they just insist to get paid and let my website on their hands.

The rule is simple: if they CAN, I can too, if I CAN’T, nobody else can. I don’t want to let my PERSONAL website in the hands of other persons.

The internet is full with tutorials how to optimize your website yourself. Example: Beginners guide to SEO on

How they know how to contact me?

BEWARE: Unlike most beginners think, most of these spammers are NOT actual visitors of my website.
My website gets some traffic from India, mostly architects, contractors, house builders interested in architecture-related things, it’s unlikely that they are owners or partners with Web Development & SEO companies. I am monitoring traffic with Clicky for each individual visitor, and only after I replied to these SPAM emails, they visited my website for the first time (from an IP or even city from where nobody visited me before).

The emails are sent automatically. They have an automated script to blast mass email with website title, URL and email added within email body.
Sometimes I get a second email, apparently reply to a previous email (but their “previous email” sometimes never reached me), saying that they never heard from me and ask me again if am interested in their services, which often fool people thinking that is a personal email. Again, second email is automated too.

Email addresses are harvested (collected) by robots. I added a javascript anti-spam for my main Yahoo email in About Me page. Meantime, I created an address, forwarder to my main email, hidden where human can hardly see it, but a robot can harvest it immediately. It quickly filled up with SPAM emails, but the main contact email was still spammed. I found later that main contact email was still displayed in certain subpages. Once I deleted the email from every page, the amount of SPAM emails was reduced significantly. Later I removed from website the and I periodically create new spam-catcher emails. I still get SPAM emails on both Yahoo email and on, while other SPAM goes to current spam-catching email.

Final conclusion: some spammers crawl the web from time to time, to collect email addresses, and sell to other spammers the database of websites and emails found in them, so an email address once posted on web is likely to be spammed whole life even if was removed from the web. I also get SPAM emails selling a “list of businesses contact info”, probably SEO companies are buying such things.

Additional note: most spammers target business website owners looking for ways to increase ranking in Google or website redesign. How their email-crawl robot differentiate business websites from personal blogs or other non-profit websites that dominate the web, we don’t know!

But some times I get emails like this: “Are you looking for a company to outsource your Web Design, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or Mobile App development work? I at (company name) have helped businesses like yourself“.

Some spammers are actually looking for partnership with other web designers, who may want to grow their business by outsourcing to India. Some pages of my site are titled for example “Architecture & CAD Design services – Teoalida’s Website“, as you can see it contains the words Website + Design, this may have fooled the robot harvesting email addresses of web designers, although I am clearly NOT offering web design services.

Some spammers are also browsing internet manually for web design companies in United States and Europe and send manual emails as well as phone calls, hoping to convince them to outsource to India.

I would like to hear an “inside opinion” from someone who worked for a SEO company and tell us their secrets.

More info about their SEO email marketing

  • To not damage the reputation of their company, most do not tell their company name on first email.
  • The first email is often send from a FREE Gmail accounts… they are aware that they are spamming and once they got their email disabled, they open another Gmail account (while replying to them, it bounced back from MAILER DAEMON telling that their account was disabled), or the initial email was not send by an employee but rather a partner helping that company to get clients.
  • They claim that is compliant with CAN-SPAM act of 2003, maybe it do not violate the law but are still unsolicited email.
  • Do not take in serious their base country. Some companies appear to be based in US, UK, Australia, etc, but when I gave them a link to my website, an Indian IP visited me. The company manager may be an american but employees are Indians to lower the costs, thus their services will be Indian-quality.
  • The initial email may look being written by a kid from his bedroom, but after I reply, the second email say that they are a big company with 100-200 SEO professionals, with 5 years experience and who served hundreds of clients over United States, Europe, Asia, etc. I am very doubt about that. A Google search show that their website have PageRank 0 or max 1, aka they are newborn companies who their own websites do not rank in Google (webdesign is also highly competitive niche) so their only way to get clients is by spamming emails and lying about their experience. But I once got SEO spam email from a company with PageRank 4 and headquarters in massive 4-storey building visible in Google Earth.
  • Their website display a portfolio with their clients, websites showing a list of 5-10 keywords that they helped appearing #1 in Google. These keywords are usually combinations of 3 words which have low search volume but also low competition thus any amateur can get himself #1 in Google with minimum of effort, by using desired keywords in page titles and repeating them few times in body text (LOL! I can make a list of over 100 two- and three-word keywords for which my own website appear #1 in Google, and I never paid a single cent for that).
  • Beware! Most of SEO spammers are NOT experts in how to do a business and FAIL on long term, they exploit flaws in Google algorithms, aka Black Hat SEO techniques, build links unnaturally, abusive link exchange, keyword stuffing, etc. They take your money, raise website ranking on short them, but since Google algorithms are in constant change to to downrank the sites using such techniques, soon you fall in a worse place than you were originally, then they take you more money to restore ranking failure due to an unexpected Google algorithm change, or you broke collaboration and try to find another SEO company to fix what they damaged. Google Webmaster Central Forum is full with people asking for help how to lift Google penalty received after hiring “SEO experts from India”.
  • Link building by spam in blogs. Probably you have seen generic comments like “Useful article, amazing blog, etc” having comment author a weird name and linking a website, these are comments left by by Indians which their SEO plan include using automatic robots to create spammy backlinks for their clients from all over the world. Personally I get hundreds such comments per day, Akismet is a FREE plugin for WordPress blogs that blocks 99% of SPAM comments, but 1% escape and if you browse few of my website pages you can see comments left by Indian SEO companies!

If I will ever need professional SEO services, I will do a search on Google and pick myself a legitimate company, I will NOT work with spammers picking me. Outsourcing to India is a worldwide trend, but many unskilled Indians are trying to join the outsourcing business, damaging image of their whole country.

Spam in blogs
Indian webdesign company epic fail

Link exchange SPAM from India

Indian web developers use same technique, robots to crawl email addresses, to get in contact with other web developers to do link exchange and improve rankings of their clients.

I received from multiple people a message like the below example.
First time, I replied normally and they actually put my link on their website, then when I started receiving identical emails from other people, I replied asking them few questions but I always received standard reply that my link was added, and no answers my questions. Probably they configured an email answering machine, but at least… we did the link exchange.

if I didn’t replied first time, I could think that they are just spam and I would never replied to all.

However, I stopped replying at link exchange requests in mid-2013, since I realized that link exchange violate Google Webmaster Guidelines, practicing it excessively will lead to penalty from Google for BOTH of us (website drop in search results). Also, they often put my link on a /links.htm, a page with PR 0 or even not in Google index, thus giving no benefits for me.


Actually i was searching for quality partners for link exchange and I found that you are posting high quality content on (URL of a random page of my website) so I want to know if you are interested in exchanging link with our

If you are interested to exchange the links, please send me the following details of your site:

Title, Url and Description

I’ll add your link  in the next 24 hours. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll send you a confirmation email.

We’d appreciate it if you place a link back to our site using the following HTML code (just copy and paste it into your links page):

(their code)


I’m pleased to inform you that your link was added to our site on the (URL of their site) page
I just want to know if you are interested in our other sites for exchanging links.

The links details are as as follows :
(3 sites)

After adding the links you just reply us that where you have added
these links and we will add your links to all the  WEBSITES within 48
hours .
we will send you the email after adding all the links .

A very FUNNY-STRANGE case was to receive on an email written in romanian language soliciting link exchange. Indeed I am originating from Romania, but my website is in english and worldwide targeted. How his/her email crawling bot knew my nationality?
The email had name Daniela Ionescu, common female name in Romania, but email text used male words, a non-understandable language written probably with Google Translator. it also contained a link to THIS LinkedIn profile profile with a photo with a woman clearly not made in Romania, stating that she studied at a romanian academy. But the words are terribly wrong. Even school name was misspelled (we call university, not academy)!
I replied and asked her few questions in romanian, but she did not understand me so I switched to english, she admitted that is not native romanian. She visited my website from Indian IP and along her SEO clients were few romanian websites. Interesting (FAIL) way for Indian spammers to get clients in other countries?

Other types of SPAM from India

Spamming emails is not only used by web designers. I also got SPAM emails from India promoting CAD design services, they are real visitors of my website. For example: a spammer opened just main page ( and saw numerous floor plans from Singapore, then clicked Contact page, and sent me email saying that they offer 2D and 3D floorplan conversion service using SketchUp. He did not opened other pages to see that I offering same service, using AutoCAD.

I replied like this:
I will never hire a designer using that SHIT called SketchUp. You sure don’t need an AutoCAD designer to do better quality floor plans and 3D models for your customers? See my works and

His reply:
My location is Dhaka, Bangladesh. where my resources are working for less than $5/hr. Im sure that i will never able to hire you.
After going though your site and feedback from others, i have understood that, i need to start developing AutoCAD 3D team.
Thanks a lot. feeling lucky to have multiple replies from an expert guy like you.

Other spammers use AutoCAD, I asked them to design a house for my customers, but their service is limited to converting floor plans into AutoCAD drawings, as well as 3D design based on our floor plans. They do not make house plans from their imagination like architects.

How to stop email SPAM from India

The general rule: DO NOT post your email in plain format (, robots pick it regardless if it is clickable or not, instead you can:
– Don’t post the email at all, use a Contact form (on your website).
– Write the email as “name_at_example_dot_com” (on websites that aren’t yours).
– Write the email in an image uploaded on Photobucket and post the image (on websites that aren’t yours).
– Write as javascript code, example: <script type=”text/javascript” language=”JavaScript”>// <![CDATA [emailE = (‘name@’ + ‘’) document.write(‘<A href=”mailto:’ + emailE + ‘”>’ + emailE + ‘</a>’)// ]]&gt;// ]]></script>
TROLL WITH THEM (as I do myself): make a new email address specially for being spammed, post it on your website in plain format, hidden somewhere where humans do not look but bots can harvest it, then reply at their spam emails, ask details about their company, ask advice and other help, waste their time and promise that you will pay later, but never send them a cent!
If we all troll with them, the fucking Indians will realize that spamming emails will hardly bring real clients we may discourage them to spam in the future!

On the plain, unprotected emails, you may get other types of SPAM:
– Chinese manufacturers trying to sell you various products. Their marketing is very bad targeted, I have a website about real estate and I often get emails trying to sell me construction materials for buildings, furniture, bearings, led display, office paper, etc.
Domain name scams (informing you that a chinese company is trying to register which is similar with, so they offer you to register yourself and dozens of other domains before someone else will register, at a very high fee). NEVER reply to such emails, they are mass mail sent to thousands of website owners on email addresses crawled and website name inserted in email body automatically. By replying them, you may attract attention about your existence and they may actually register a domain similar with yours for $10 then attempt to sell you for $200! (example domain email scam).

Note: if the email was displayed on website for long time, then you protect it, you will still get SPAM emails. Make a new email address if possible.

Note: these rules protect you from automated spam only. If you are in webdesign industry, you are likely to get manual spam. Few webdesign companies I talked with, informed me that they get promotional messages from India via their contact form, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as phone calls from Indian SEO companies.

How I deal with Indian spammers & FUNNY cases

Note that I am fan of DO IT YOURSELF. as is a PERSONAL website, I don’t accept professional help from others, I accept only suggestions and do all the work myself. My web building knowledge is not at professional level, but I prefer to learn instead of being dependent by professionals.

If you SPAM our emails, expect to get replies from people NOT interested in your services, students or owners of non-profit websites, or who like wasting your time (LIKE ME!).

I occasionally replied to spammers acting like a customer looking for help. Half of them never reply, once I received a second email “We did not heard from you“. So what is the point of spamming potential customers? Conclusion: so many people reply at their emails, probably bullshit replies, and they do not have time to read all, and reply to potential customers.

I also send them often funny and short replies, sometimes swearing them, sometimes slightly serious.
From first email I warn them that “I am NOT interested in outsourcing but if you have any suggestions for my website, feel free to speak!“, despite of warning that I am NOT interested, they still ask me for Google Talk and Skype ID, as well as phone number, etc. As I read in various forums, some people were repeatedly disturbed via phone by Indian SEO companies, speaking like this “Hi, we analysed your website and seems that its ranking in Google is dropping, you have broken links on your website, you have W3C errors, you are losing potential customers, blah blah… We are there to help you! Are you 100% sure that you don’t need our SEO services? For only 199$/month we guarantee you #1 place in Google!!!“. This is very AGGRESSIVE way to turn people into their customers.

If they are friendly enough to ask for my Google Talk and Skype ID, insisting to have a chat with me, I engage them in friendly talk, asking how to, ideas for my website, most of them do not answer my questions and insist to let my website on their hands. But few times I managed to learn new SEO strategies and few useful advice, which I applied to my website myself instead of hiring them. Once I got a very detailed report in PDF format, listing things that were done good and things that need fix or improvement, offering me to fix all the problems for several hundred $.

Sooner or later they realize that I am NOT going to pay, they stop replying at my emails, they block me on Skype, etc. But guess what… they SPAM me again with their original email offer!


His email:
Greetings! My name is (…) from a reputed leading SEO company based in India. We provide….

My reply:
If you are ashamed to tell us the name of your “leading company” in your first email, you can as well don’t tell that you are from India! Especially on freelance websites, Indians suffer from bad reputation for LOW price but VERY LOW quality.
and BTW, a “leading company” would NOT try to get customers in this way, by spamming emails!

More funny replies written by me:

This is the 10th SEO services email received this week. I can hire 1 SEO company, not 10 different SEO companies every week, sorry!

This is the 10th SEO promotional email received this week. If I was in need for SEO services I would have hired one already.

One of my friends have hired a SEO company from India, his traffic increased with 20% during first month but second month he lost 80% of traffic being penalized by Google Penguin due to link building done by that so-called SEO expert… so I am NOT interested in your fucking ANTI-SEO services.

Thanks for contacting, I NEED YOUR HELP regarding 1 single problem: how to display my email on website to protect it from being crawled by fucking spammers like YOU!

Fuck off, your employees / workmates are fucking SPAMMERS. I have got exactly same fucking message from another 2 email addresses. I already replied once that I am NOT interested in your FUCKING SERVICES.

Spammers SUCKS, if you want customers, make yourself a website and we will contact you!” (if the email did not contained any URL of their company and also did not specified that he visited “my website”)

Let’s hope that they will not SPAM me again, and I will discourage overall Web Development & SEO SPAM from India.

Other sites discussing same subject

– warn us: “Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue” and “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google“.