Hi, I am Mr. X

People who previously chatted with me, when they visit my website again, are advised to say Hi, I am Mr. X, to help me knowing that are same person.

But sometimes people who visit my website for first time also use this form of addressing, and if their name is identical, the chat turns FUNNY!

Chat started on Sunday, July 24, 2016 11:37:57 AM
Country: Singapore
Page URL: http://www.teoalida.com/

(11:37:57 AM) *** Visitor 32677139 has joined the chat ***
(11:37:57 AM) Visitor 32677139: Hello?
(11:38:21 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(11:38:22 AM) Teoalida: hi
(11:38:35 AM) Visitor 32677139: Hi, do I address you as Teo or Alida?
(11:38:40 AM) Visitor 32677139: This is William by the way. 😀
(11:38:52 AM) Teoalida: oh, any news?
(11:39:10 AM) Visitor 32677139: I just noticed your messaging option this time. I came to your site a while ago.
(11:39:12 AM) Visitor 32677139: Very nice site.
(11:39:28 AM) Visitor 32677139: I am going to buy the floor plans from your website as an appreciation of all the work you have done.
(11:39:29 AM) Teoalida: like that is the first time you see it
(11:39:41 AM) Teoalida: what messaging option?
(11:39:56 AM) Visitor 32677139: Yes, did you always have the messaging option?
(11:40:00 AM) Visitor 32677139: Maybe I have never seen you online.
(11:40:07 AM) Visitor 32677139: I just thought I’d say Hi and Thanks.
(11:40:08 AM) Teoalida: ????!!!! I don’t understand
(11:40:27 AM) Teoalida: BTW, any comments about the last EC customer I sent you?
(11:40:36 AM) Visitor 32677139: oh…
(11:40:44 AM) Visitor 32677139: I think you have mistaken me for some other William.
(11:40:48 AM) Visitor 32677139: I have never spoken to you before.
(11:41:00 AM) Visitor 32677139: I am not an agent, I am just someone looking at HDB to buy and am thankful for your site.
(11:41:15 AM) Teoalida: Indeed I have an agent partner named William… if you’re not him, this is name coincidence
(11:41:22 AM) Visitor 32677139: LOL
(11:41:44 AM) Visitor 32677139: I’m sorry, I only mention that I am William.
(11:41:53 AM) Visitor 32677139: I didn’t know how to address you. Because your site is called Teoalida.
(11:43:26 AM) Visitor 32677139 has changed their name to William.
(11:45:25 AM) Teoalida: well… so can I help you with anything?
(11:46:08 AM) William: I came to your site looking for the Pinnacles Duxton floor plan as well as some old resale HDBs in Clementi.

Chat continued for one more hour… that was all funny part.

Funny horny girl

A lonely but horny girl, visited The Sims section of my website and started talking about something totally unrelated with website content! I replied her, with funny messages but still maintained a level of seriousness.


Wednesday, 9 Jul, 2014
Country: United States
[1:41] chat support @ teoalida.com (trigger): Hello and welcome to my The Sims fan page… if you need anything or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
[1:42] Visitor: so how are you
[1:42] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[1:42] Teoalida: happy, why?
[1:42] Visitor: just asking are u a boy or a girl
[1:42] Teoalida: boy
[1:43] Visitor: how old are u
[1:43] Teoalida: hmm… give me an age?
[1:43] Visitor: for me
[1:44] Visitor: wanna have sex
[1:44] Teoalida: Why do you ask for personal info without telling first what do you want
[1:44] Visitor: sex
[1:44] Teoalida: but I see what do you want… to have fun on online chats!
[1:45] Visitor: i guess so but have sex with me
[1:45] Teoalida: are you girl or boy?
[1:45] Visitor: girl
[1:45] Teoalida: because I am NOT gay
[1:46] Teoalida: Are you serious?
[1:46] Visitor: yes
[1:46] Teoalida: Long time passed since last time I heard a girl saying that wants sex
[1:47] Visitor: really but so sex or not
[1:48] Teoalida: How to have sex online???!!!
[1:48] Visitor: we can meet up somewhere but i need to how old u are
[1:49] Teoalida: 25… and you?
[1:49] Visitor: 23
[1:49] Teoalida: Wanna met? let me open Google Earth to measure
[1:50] Visitor: ok
[1:50] Teoalida: 8830 km
[1:50] Visitor: where do u want to meet
[1:50] Teoalida: distance between your city and my city
[1:51] Visitor: where do u want to meet
[1:52] Teoalida: You are kidding so much…. can you come to me? I don’t have passport
[1:52] Visitor: sure but where do u live
[1:53] Teoalida: Keep browsing my website and you will see
[1:54] Visitor: okay when i get there fuck me hard til i scream
[1:54] Teoalida: I see that you opened a single page and opened chat right away
[1:54] Visitor: yep i sure did
[1:55] Teoalida: there’s 3 buildings from my country that I built in The Sims and published on website
[1:55] Visitor: so are u going to do it
[1:55] Teoalida: No, because I am a serious man
[1:55] Visitor: are u white or black
[1:56] Teoalida: I don’t enjoy joking so much
[1:56] Teoalida: c’mon I am not from USA in case that’s what do you think
[1:57] Visitor: so are u fuck me or not answer the question please
[1:57] Teoalida: I have sex only with serious girls
[1:57] Visitor: i am a serious girl honest
[1:59] Visitor: so are u white or black can u please answer this question
[1:59] Teoalida: clearly you AREN’T…. a serious girl will NEVER ask for sex a boy met online especially if met in a The Sims fan page and don’t know anything about him, instead of met in a dating website
[1:59] Teoalida: white
[1:59] Visitor is now known as Kathy123
[2:01] Kathy123: me too i so sorry i just really want sex i seen everybody doing it i just thought it would be cool if some did it to me because i want know how it feels
[2:02] Teoalida: You don’t have boyfriends in your own city?
[2:03] Kathy123: i did he never wanted to do with me and we broke up because he had to move
[2:03] Teoalida: I am not referring at ONE… you don’t have boys in your city to make one boyfriend?
[2:04] Kathy123: did not think of that i gonna go out and try find one and have sex with him
[2:05] Kathy123: so can we be friends
[2:05] Teoalida: most boys I know love sex…. any estimation how many boys refuse a girl asking for sex?
[2:06] Teoalida: how much % of boys refuse a girl asking for sex?
[2:06] Kathy123: 100%
[2:07] Kathy123: or none i dont know
[2:07] Teoalida: Can’t believe
[2:07] Teoalida: or you are superugly or something else that keep boys away
[2:08] Kathy123: i have to go i dont spend time with boys u call me ugly
[2:08] Teoalida: sorry if was offence
[2:08] Kathy123: its okay so friends
[2:08] Teoalida: and yes we can be friends BUT CAN YOU talk about something else? related with website
[2:09] Teoalida: I haven’t put this chat to talk about sex and other kidding
[2:09] Kathy123: bye r u going to be on tomorrow
[2:10] Teoalida: wait… can I post this chat in FUNNY CHATS section? you were really funny!
[2:10] Kathy123: it was all a joke any way
[2:10] Teoalida: in 2 years you were only 2nd person who talk about sex
[2:11] Teoalida: For your laughing… this was 1st http://www.teoalida.com/chat/chat-2012-08-30/
[2:11] Kathy123: r u going to be on tomorrow
[2:12] Teoalida: yes, everyday… but if you visit my website later hour than now, I will be sleeping
[2:12] Kathy123: bye
[2:12] Teoalida: I go to sleep in about 30 min
[2:13] Teoalida: = I will be offline
[2:13] Kathy123: okay lmao
[2:16] Kathy123 has left the conversation

Wednesday, 9 Jul, 2014
Country: United States

[2:24] chat support @ teoalida.com (trigger): Hello and welcome to my The Sims fan page… if you need anything or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
[2:27] Kathy123 is now known as Maria Anderson
[2:27] Maria Anderson: do u have any glass houses
[2:28] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[2:28] Teoalida: There is one posted under name The cube of glass
[2:28] Maria Anderson: is that the only one
[2:28] Teoalida: or… how do you define glass house?
[2:28] Teoalida: show me examples?
[2:29] Maria Anderson: glass all over the house
[2:29] Teoalida: And look there for photos with all http://www.teoalida.com/thesims/list-of-houses/
[2:29] Teoalida: which is the most beautiful and most ugly?
[2:29] Maria Anderson: thank you very much u are very helpful
[2:32] Maria Anderson: do have small house with one or two or three bedrooms
[2:32] Teoalida: I have 3 houses, that table should help you to find right house
[2:32] Teoalida: BUT… you never build? only download ready-made houses by other players?
[2:33] Maria Anderson: thanks i have a question
[2:34] Teoalida: I have 37 houses… I mean
[2:35] Maria Anderson: i have made to the cube of glass but i can`t see the house
[2:36] Teoalida: Works fine at me
[2:36] Teoalida: images displayed, download link working
[2:36] Teoalida: what you can’t see
[2:36] Maria Anderson: the picture of the house to see the inside like the other ones
[2:37] Teoalida: There are few photos not working because I deleted all from Photobucket, instead of reuploading same screenshots on own server, I wanted to go in game to take new screenshots… but didn’t had time
[2:37] Maria Anderson: okay bye
[2:37] Teoalida: Do you mean that I didn’t posted floorplan?
[2:37] Teoalida: is done on purpose
[2:38] Maria Anderson has left the conversation

The funny idiot call me robot

Talking for 5 min and still believing that he is talking with a ROBOT!

Real robots reply fixed messages based by certain words.
How to identify chat bots: write single-word messages with bad grammar (robots would not understand), or repeat same question (robots would repeat too).

23 May 2012:
Website address: http://teoalida.webs.com/thesims2.htm
Chat transcript:
(14:08:20)  Teoalida Hello, as the website admin, I made this chat to can talk with visitors … Do you enjoy my website or have any questions? Reply here to start a live chat with me!
(14:08:20)  Visitor Hello.
(14:08:38)  Visitor Are you alive?

He closed chat window in 20 sec, faster that I could answer

24 May 2012:
Website address: http://teoalida.webs.com/thesims2.htm

Chat transcript:
(16:23:41) Teoalida Hello, I am not a robot, I am the website admin, I made this chat to can talk with Visitors … How I can help you? Do you have any questions? Reply here to start a live chat with me!
(16:23:41) Visitor Is this thing automated?
(16:23:51) Visitor Hello?
(16:23:55) Teoalida What to be automated?
(16:24:06) Visitor Are you a real person?
(16:24:12) Teoalida What do you think?
(16:24:19) Teoalida C’mon test me
(16:24:32) Visitor What is your hair color?
(16:24:44) Teoalida black, why matters that?
(16:25:12) Visitor How black is it? Pure black or with a slight grayish tint to it?
(16:25:30) Teoalida aka brunette
(16:26:01) Visitor How often do you log in?
(16:26:12) Teoalida where to log in?
(16:26:21) Teoalida I am online every evening
(16:26:25) Visitor How often do you use the computer? Do you sleep?
(16:26:34) Teoalida But what is all this…
(16:26:43) Teoalida How old are you?
(16:26:55) Teoalida Are you still believe that you talk with a robot?
(16:27:27) Visitor An artifically intelligent robot.
(16:27:53) Teoalida Visitors of all other pages talk with me normally…. only Visitors of Gaming-related pages ignore the chat pop-up or behave crazy
Live chat transcript times in GMT.

He disconnected while I was typing, explaining him how the chat works. Maybe I shall give a link, to check www.snapengage.com, maybe he would understand.


Incredible! Same person came back on 3 Nov 2012, causing another funny crazy chat… calling me NO-LIFER that sits at computer 24/24 just because I was online when he visited me 3 times at SAME time of day.
So, who visit me when I am online call me no-lifer, who visit me while I sleep, may not believe that someone WILL be ever online!
Dear idiots, please visit me in morning, evening and night, before saying that I sit at computer 24/24.

Dilemma: is this commercial or not?

Despite being online on CHAT, a visitor made an enquiry via EMAIL regarding Car Database
Beside answering his questions, I also added:

Do my chat popped up in your lower-right corner? You are not the first one who seems to ignore chat pop-up and use email to contact me. No problem to email me, but I am curious why most ignore the chat that would help you to get FASTER answer…

His reply:
I did not click chat because it looks a bit like commercial or spam so I was careful.

One more reply from me:
What do you mean “commercial or spam” ?? Since I sell stuff I can call it commercial, but SPAM… what?!

Days later, a visitor using the chat said contrary…
[14:58] Visitor: I was searching sth about HDB
[14:59] Visitor: and I found you collect quite a lot of information about that
[14:59] Visitor: and I cannot see any commercial purpose from you .. so I am a bit curious … about YOU 😀
[14:59] Teoalida: I was sure that you were looking for HDB
[14:59] Teoalida: But can I know exact google search?
[15:00] Teoalida: to understand how do you landed in About me page instead of in any page about HDB?
[15:00] Teoalida: Commercial purpose? what do you mean?
[15:01] Teoalida: someone emailed me saying that I looks commercial
[15:02] Visitor: the first page I landed is “HDB history”
We talked for 15 min and he went away without explaining what did mean with commercial…

I am confused! What does mean commercial? I am commercial or not?

ANGRY Filipino customer

How I can help someone addressing me cursing words?
I try to be nice even with the angry people because some people may swear me then turn into customers (example), but the following one keep swearing me that I can’t help… is not clear what help he needed.

Note: I have no proof that he is from Philippines, I assume this, because he asked me if I am filipino, but mispelled, thus he may be a foreigner interested in Philippines. Also people from Philippines are generally nice, in 2 years of business he remains the only one who insulted me.

Thursday, 15 May, 2014
Country: Saudi Arabia
Page URL: http://www.teoalida.com/
[17:41] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
[17:41] Visitor: fuck you
[17:41] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[17:41] Teoalida: reason?
[17:42] Visitor: i cant find a good plan for a flat
[17:42] Teoalida: Sorry but this is not a reason to swear, you could ask me instead
[17:42] Visitor: with c.m
[17:42] Teoalida: which flat are you talking about?
[17:43] Visitor: your mothers
[17:43] Teoalida: Certain HDB flat… or are you real estate developer?
[17:43] Teoalida: building own apartment block?
[17:43] Visitor: where are you?
[17:44] Teoalida: Singapore, why?
(NOTE: so far he clicked 8 floor plans of Singapore HDB flats show on my website, so I though that he is singaporean asking for floor plan of a HDB flat)
[17:44] Visitor: are you a real person
[17:44] Visitor: ?
[17:44] Teoalida: C’mon what is wrong with you?
[17:45] Teoalida: Let me know how I can help you
[17:45] Visitor: i know you are a mistake i told your mother to take pells
[17:45] Teoalida: I don’t see the point of these questions
[17:46] Visitor: you are a felepino
[17:46] Teoalida: filipino?
[17:46] Visitor: i hate engineering there i hate you too
[17:47] Visitor: u r girl or boy?
[17:47] Teoalida: I am not from Philippines but for your info: I have designed few buildings in Philippines, about half of customers contacted me from Middle East countries
[17:48] Teoalida: but in Middle East are also indians and singaporeans asking me about HDB flats
[17:48] Teoalida: in case you are from Philippines looking for apartment plans to build… why you don’t say this from first time?
[17:48] Teoalida: What is all this rude language?
[17:48] Teoalida: See http://www.teoalida.com/design/houseplans
[17:49] Visitor: so where can i find an apartment with five spaces in c.m just an example please
[17:49] *** Visitor is now viewing http://www.teoalida.com/design/houseplans/ ***
[17:49] Teoalida: 5-room apartment?
[17:49] Teoalida: or 5 apartments in one building?
[17:49] Visitor: no just five spaces
[17:50] Visitor: no no one apartment only
[17:50] Visitor: with five spaces
[17:51] Teoalida: something like these? http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/5763/5roomapartments.png
[17:51] Visitor: are these in c.m
[17:51] Teoalida: five spaces in c.m – what is C.M ?
[17:52] Visitor: canti meters
[17:52] Teoalida: what is CANTI? I show the rooms size in SQUARE meters
[17:52] Teoalida: anyway, if you want to help you with a apartment design, I need land dimensions (length and width)
[17:53] Visitor: thank you ,you didnt help with anythink dickhead
[17:54] Visitor: whats your instagram account??
[17:54] Teoalida: and YOU didn’t asked me anything clear… just swearing
[17:54] Teoalida: I don’t use instagram
[17:54] Visitor: what do u ude?
[17:54] Visitor: use***
[17:54] Teoalida: use for…?
[17:55] Teoalida: Yahoo and Gtalk are enough for communication
[17:55] Teoalida: Images are hosted on my own server
[17:55] Visitor: no i mean for social life friends and bitches??
[17:56] Visitor: do u wanna go to a nightclub stripclup??
[17:56] Teoalida: Social life means face-to-face, no? how I can use a software
[17:56] Teoalida: I chat with real life friends via Yahoo messenger, eventually Facebook
[17:56] Visitor: seriously !!!!
[17:56] Teoalida: if that’s what do you ask
[17:56] Teoalida: but let’s stop kidding
[17:56] Visitor: see you in hell
[17:57] Teoalida: Your behavior give impression of a kid browsing random websites to swear the owners…. not like a customer
[17:58] Teoalida: I am in DOUBT if anyone will help you if you address with such language
[17:58] Visitor has left the conversation


Multiple people have asked me if I heard of Bitcoin, if I am so IT person why I am not investing into cryptocurrency, or asked how much I earned once I told them that am I already investing, or asked if I do trading after they noticed in Checkout page that I accept crypto payments. After discussing privately with few people, I am writing this page to explain to everyone my journal of crypto trading. Page published May 2018.

Information for newbies

Today there are over 1000 cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency invented in 2009 and as 2018 it remains the dominant cryptocurrency. Each cryptocurrency have a limited supply of coins and the value of each coin is decided by how many people are purchasing it. CoinMarketCap.com multiply coin value with circulation supply to estimate market capitalization of each coin, the total market cap of all coins has grown from 15 billion USD in January 2017 to 830 billion USD in January 2018, and value of coins grown accordingly.

Most money sits in exchanges, and most exchanges use Bitcoin as primary currency, people buy altcoins with Bitcoin and sell altcoins to get back Bitcoin. When a coin is listed in an exchange or integrated in some product, people rush to buy it and its value rise. When something negative appears in the news, Bitcoin fall as people sell it to flat money, altcoins fall even more because people panic and sell altcoins back to Bitcoin.

Trading cryptocurrencies is like playing at casino, for someone to win, someone else need to lose, but while casinos have a house edge of 1-5%, the cryptocurrency market is rising over time so you are more likely to win than to lose.

Being a successful crypto trader means to spend significant time reading news spread on Reddit community, Twitter, watch daily YouTube live streams made by famous crypto investors, you need to invest few thousand dollars otherwise profits will not cope time spent. Focus on cryptocurrencies with low marketshare that have potential of growing in the future and stay away from those with no future development planned. Do not invest more that you can afford to lose!

My story in cryptocurrency trading

I heard first time about Bitcoin in 2013, but did not paid attention to it, in November 2013 while playing a game, other players asked me if I know what is Bitcoin, I said that is an online payment system similar with Paypal, we argued a bit because he claimed that Bitcoin does have a value and Paypal not. 2 days later I saw on TV news program how Bitcoin was invented and rose in value to over 1000 USD. This was the first time I realized that Bitcoin is not just an online payment system but an alternative currency. By the time I wanted to know more about it, it collapsed sharply. So I never wanted to hear again about this shit.

In June 2017, an online friend that I knew for 9 years, IT businessman, bring me the subject of cryptocurrency, for the first time I realized that there is not just Bitcoin, but several hundreds coins that can be traded, he said that have mined several coins and starting from May 2017 he is exchanging coins. If initially I was afraid of this, reminding 2013 Bitcoin crash, in August 2017 I decided to join the crypto trading world.

I made an account in Bittrex.com and ordered some Bitcoins via Litebit.eu where I transferred some flat money from bank and put as receiver address the Bittrex.com wallet, then on Bittrex I traded Bitcoin with other coins. Intially put only $100, but in September I added $2000.

That times Bitcoin dominance was 48%, I spread all money into several Altcoins which I traded badly, leaving me with only $1500, during October the Bitcoin rose in dominance to  over 60% so if I kept money in Bitcoin without trading I would had at least $3000.

In November 2017 I had biggest profit when I bought Bitcoin Cash in stages at around 0.10-0.12 BTC when I saw it rising. Next morning I was shocked to see that Bitcoin Cash reached 0.40+ BTC thanks to Koreans trading on Bithumb and suddenly collapsed to 0.20 BTC because Bithumb website overloaded and crashed. Many people said that Bitcoin Cash will rise again and will become dominant over original Bitcoin so I did not sold it, I keep holding, and although it had another rise to 0.30 BTC, it continued to fall slowly and sold it too late.

In December 2017 I made a lot of profits when total crypto marketshare doubled pushed heavily by South Koreans and Bitcoin dominance dropped to 33%, I put money in about 30 altcoins which some of them surged 10x in value compared with Bitcoin. The coins did not rose simultaneously, so the lucky guys who had Dash and sold it after rise and immediately buying Cardano and Ripple, could have made over 20x profits. Personally I bought Ripple and Cardano and sold them after initial surge without being aware that they will continue to surge again. I made most profit with Verge which was sleeping at 50-60 satoshi in early December, when I saw it rising on 16 December I bought $300 at 175 satoshi and by 24 December it reached 1900 satoshi, I sold half at 780 on 21th and half at 1330 satoshi on 25th, having profit 7x in one week, regretting for not buying more Verge. But not all coins I bought rose, what I lost from some coins hardly coped the profit from other coins.

On 5th January 2018 total market cap reached over 800 billions and my coins valued $20.000 / 1.2 BTC (from initial investment of about $5000). That day some rumours that South Korea may ban cryptocurrencies, causing a major fall of altcoins, few days later when government confirmed that will not ban them, market started to recover so I spread my Bitcoins into several altcoins that were inflated by South Koreans and deflated by ban rumours, but this was followed by additional rumours of banning and regulations from multiple countries as well as Facebook and Google who banned ICO ads, causing marketshare to drop to 250 billions as March 2018. My money dropped from $20.000 / 1.2 BTC to $5.000 / 0.6 BTC.

Lucky guys those who sold coins at January peak for Tether (USDT) which is a cryptocurrency paired to US dollar rather than volatile by market demands, and bought back coins after they felt in value.

As April 2018, the marketshare started to rise again and altcoins surge in comparison with Bitcoin.

Someone has shared with me that is buying same coin multiple times to sell at peaks and re-buy in the dips. I tried to do the same, I bought Musicoin at 520, sold at 700, bought at 600, sold half at 800 and keep other half thinking that will rise even more but it felt down to 200 so I ended losing more than I won. In other cases I sold at all-time high thinking that will follow a dip, but actually it rose even more so I failed to fully profit from it.

How to NOT enquiry

I have a website about architecture & real estate, but I am not agent, I do not sell properties. I got the following email, is it a SPAM / mass mail or is a personal enquiry for me?

Property Enquiry

survey solutions

For those who do not know: email spamming and fraud is trendy nowadays.
Each day I get about 30 emails in SPAM / JUNK folder. Most is advertising for various products, and invitation to social networks and dating websites, but also such SCAM emails, some of these scam emails are short “I have a business proposal for you, reply me for details“, “I am interested to relocate to your country, can you help me with money?” to give impression that it was sent to you, and fool you to reply… but in reality they are mass mail send to thousands of people, hoping that someone will reply, then the sender start communication to each potential victim.

Occasionally I reply rude and informally to the scam emails, asking them where I live or how do you know me, being curious if they answer…
I replied him. See his reply and what happened next!

The most STUPID question

Update list

Several people asked me when the page was last updated.
If today I correct a spelling error, can be considered updated today?
Last update matter less… instead, please report if I forgot to add something, or suggest what else to add, and I may update it today!

List of updates for Housing in Singapore section

Note that my website was originally on teoalida.webs.com (hosted by Webs free hosting), started in April 2009. I did not wrote update log until Dec 2011.

December 2009

March 2011

  • Added a second page: list of BTO & DBSS projects.

Octomber 2011

  • Text modified, apartments replaced with flats (a FAILED attempt get rid of foreign visitors, reaching here by searching “# sqm apartment“), 2 more floor plans added, list of BTO and DBSS updated.

December 2011

  • 2010s decade rewritten, HDB Statistics.xls updated with Annual Report 2011, 6 more floor plans added (3 JTC floor plans)
  • Originally intended to show the most common HDB floor plans (about 30), but meantime I added too many unique and rare flat types (75 floor plans now), the page grew from 40 to 80 KB and now is eating too much of website bandwidth which on Webs.com free accounts is only 500 MB per month. For a moment I was thinking to make a new website on Blogspot and some day move there all content about Singapore housing, but meantime I accumulated enough Webs Credits to buy additional bandwidth.

January 2012

  • Added a third page: list of SERS sites.
  • HDB statistics moved to a fourth page (BAD idea?).
  • Parts of text removed, 2 photos removed, 6 least-clicked floorplans removed, another 2 floorplans added, according the poll seems that people are not interested in text and photos, just in floorplans. The size of main Singapore page was reduced with 15%.

February 2012

  • Added HDB vs Condo (comparison plus examples of condo crazy floor plans).

March 2012

  • URLs of pages changed, for example HDB%20Statistics%20-%20BTO%20&%20DBSS%20list.htm renamed as hdbbtodbsslist.htm (The previous URL was dating back from a period in which my webdesign knowledge was low, and the page was a simple HTML page made in my computer (instead of using Webs SiteBuilder) and uploaded to server, which replaced each space with “%20” instead of merging the words like in case of Webs SiteBuilder-created pages.
  • Main page also renamed from Singapore.htm in SingaporeHDBFloorplans.htm, the former URL may be reused for the general article about the country, currently found in Housing Around the World page.
  • Several more floorplans added during March, reaching 88 floorplans and 42 photographs.

May 2012

  • Many text updates, enlarged the analysis about the Shrinking Flat Sizes.

July 2012

  • Added offer to sell PDF brochures, as well as preview screenshots of HDB Blocks Database and HDB Resale Transactions Database, maybe someone will be interested to buy my work?
  • Added 2 more floorplans, added subheadings at decade’s floorplans.
  • New page: HDB Flat Types.
  • List of SERS sites updated, more info about replacement blocks.

August 2012

  • HDB vs Condo paragraph deleted from HDB Floor Plans page and added in general Singapore page, the existing Condos paragraph that was here was deleted. The HDB floorplans page should remain HDB-only. HUDC list updated.
  • Added 3 more floorplans (the mysterious 1991-1992 block type).

October 2012

  • Added the graph of average flat size over history (I could and shall made it since much time ago!).
  • Text corrections about blocks’ range of years.
  • Added the last 4 important floor plans that were missing (SIT 2-Room, the 1984 EA, a 2000s 3-room).

2 November 2012

  • Time to move the Singapore-related pages to new website www.teoalida.com which I have started in August. This caused confusion along visitors for about 4 days, that’s why I did in a friday as the traffic over weekend is lower. Originally planned for 28-30 september, I delayed with one month due to SBF launch.
  • BTO and DBSS list are now two separate pages, as people voted, the two analysis Shrinking HDB flat sizes and Will prices drop? are now on own page instead of HDB Floor plans page, HDB Records also on own page, split from HDB Statistics page, Most Beautiful HDB / Condo / House splitted in 3 pages.
    With other words, 8 pages have been converted into 15 pages!

Due to numerous complaints that the website is cluttered, overloaded, too much information, I have decided to STOP adding new articles, images, etc, from now I will only update regularly the lists of BTO, SERS, etc.
If you suggest to post more things, please provide also a suggestion how to de-clutter website!

November 2012

  • EC list added under construction condos, not just the completed ones.
  • HDB Statistics updated after Annual Report 2012 has been released on 15 November.

January 2013

Currently the article contains 42 photos and 100 floor plans.

June 2013

As I am paying for a a shared server with unlimited bandwidth, why I kept hosting HDB floor plans on Photobucket? I moved all images to my own server. And since all links broke and had to be remade, I also renamed all images (for the first time in 3.5 years passed from initial launch).

Now each floor plan is named by exact range of years it was built, not just by estimated year when it was designed. For example HDB-1975-3NG-corridor-67sqm.png was renamed to HDB-1976-1988-3NG-corridor-67sqm.png.

Now I avoid arguing for example if someone ask for “floor plan for Tampines blk X built in 1983, and I give him the 1975 one, he may say “Are you sure this is the right floor plan? All Tampines was built in 1980s!

January 2014

  • Article text reoptimized, 1 floor plan removed, 3 photos removed “Pinnacle = worst HDB” removed too, as well as other info that too few people might be interested. Page length (number of words) reduced with 10%

However, by re-counting them I found 44 photos and 109 floor plans, of which 52 taken from October 2009 SBF (cream-color floor plans), the rest being from random forums.

August 2014

  • Most floor plan images re-made, using floor plans from March 2012 SBF instead of the old floor plans with cream background taken from October 2009 SBF plus floor plans collected from random forums. About 15 images removed (least-clicked floor plans), image thumbnails created, page size reduced with 60%, from 20 MB to 8 MB. This was necessary job, because of the rising website popularity, people were occasionally getting error messages “Resource limit reached”.

Currently the article contains 33 photos and 91 floor plans, of which 70 from March 2012 SBF (enhanced images and labeled), the rest being from random forums.

November 2014

  • A large amount of work done for HDB Database, harmonized table format over all towns, bring all towns up-to-date (previously towns compiled in 2009 were never updated since 2009 while other towns compiled in 2014 were “as 2014”. Number of units in each block will be done at later time, probably when someone will PAY me for massive effort needed.

May 2015

  • First sale of HDB Database! Too bad that he paid only for Yishun, so I spent 2 days to complete number of units for Yishun only.

June 2015

  • A large amount of work for HDB Database, I got now more interest in this project and I completed number of units for all towns, also added postal code.

September 2015

  • I learned to scrap data from websites, someone asked me for a database of condos so I created Condo Database by scraping SingaporeExpats website.

July 2016

  • I also scraped PropertyGuru website to create a better Condo Database.

July 2017

  • I created a drop-down box to show information about HDB blocks

August 2017

  • I added 2 major databases: All buildings database (web scraping from OneMap.sg) and Resale Flat Prices database + analysis.

September 2017

  • I found at a real estate agent a Google Maps map with pins for HDB blocks so I decided to do the same on my website, offering information about HDB blocks in better way than the drop-down box made 2 months earlier.

What I should do next?

Possible suggestions for HDB Floor plans page

I want HDB floor plans categorized by flat type instead of decade?

Interesting idea! BUT have more disadvantages than advantages.

  • People may misbelieve that the all 4-room floor plans posted on category are the all 4-room layouts possible. Nobody could ever have all possible layouts, small differences leads to thousand distinct layouts!
  • Also if I sort floor plans by flat type, will lose the connection between different flat types with similar floor plan within same block.
  • People visit my website to see the flat layout before buying a resale flat, most of them know the block year, if the floor plans will be sorted by flat type, how people would know which layout is the one of their desired block?
  • Some visitors use the chat in lower-right to ask me to identify or to give them floor plan of block number X. I am skilled enough to identify block generation and layouts in it just by looking into satellite photos, then indicate to visitor the block year model where to look.

I will review this idea after moving to new website, and I will have more freedom on webdesign. Meantime, try giving me BETTER suggestions!

Split this page into separate pages for each decade?
Bad idea! On which page should visitors enter? 75% of website visitors do not browse other pages than their landing page. A google search for “4-Room Model A” may land you in 2000s page when you are you looking for 1982 Model A.
Also searching entire HDB history with Ctrl+F will not work anymore.

Someone complained that floor plans are not sorted by address?
Why I WOULD sort them by town or address? Each HDB town may have dozens of floor plans, each floor plan can be found in multiple towns.


Note for other websites using my HDB Floor Plans that no longer display images
My website was originally hosted on Webs.com, a free hosting service with limited, 500 MB bandwidth per month, so all floor plan images were hosted on Photobucket. During 3 years lots of people hotlinked HDB floor plans in various forums, eating 50 GB per month of my Photobucket account which had unlimited bandwidth but since March 2013 it is limited to 10 GB per month (unless I pay for premium account). Read full story.
I had to delete all HDB floor plans from Photobucket. I reuploaded all images on own server and replaced all the links on my website, but on other websites and forums you will see “Image has been moved or deleted”. Sorry for that but I don’t have access in other websites to replace the links.

Digital cameras database

The success with Mobile Phones Database made me to make a new database with Digital Cameras, sourcing data from www.digicamdb.com. Database created in January 2018. Looking for TV, laptops, or other kind of electronics? Please recommend me similar websites to scrap data from and I will create more databases!

Download SAMPLE: Digital Cameras Database.xls (LITE include URL, image, brand, model, year).

Buy FULL database + 1 year of FREE updates:

Buy & download

Price in Singapore Dollar (1 SGD = 0.7 USD)

Digital cameras specifications database

Digital camera brands included

Acer, AgfaPhoto, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Concord, Contax, Epson, Fujifilm, GE, HP, Jenoptik, JVC, Kodak, Konica, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Leica, Minolta, Minox, Nikon, Nokia, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Praktica, Ricoh, Rollei, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma, Sony, Toshiba, Vivitar, Yakumo.

Digital camera specifications included

URL 100%, Image URL 100%, Brand 100%, Model 100%, Also known as 3.97%, Megapixels 50.96%, Effective megapixels 49.04%, Total megapixels 49.04%, Sensor size 100%, Sensor type 100%, Sensor resolution 100%, Max. image resolution 100%, Crop factor 100%, Optical zoom 100%, Digital zoom 100%, ISO 100%, RAW support 9.92%, Manual focus 96.17%, Normal focus range 80.84%, Macro focus range 79.18%, Focal length (35mm equiv.) 86.90%, Aperture priority 98.72%, Max aperture 100%, Max. aperture (35mm equiv.) 100%, Depth of field 99.54%, Metering 100%, Exposure Compensation 100%, Shutter priority 100%, Min. shutter speed 92.25%, Max. shutter speed 92.42%, Built-in flash 98.94%, External flash 98.23%, Viewfinder 99.92%, White balance presets 92.96%, Screen size 98.15%, Screen resolution 87.66%, Video capture 9.92%, Max. video resolution 9.76%, Storage types 98.48%, USB, HDMI 9.95%, Wireless 9.95%, GPS, Battery 97.96%, Weight 95.95%, Dimensions 97.34%, Year 100%.

How the Excel phone database can be used

Filter the digital camera database and get a list of cameras phones having specific features.
Filter the digital camera table by year and make list of features introduced in each year of history.
Analyze data and make statistics what are the best cameras in each range.
Convert Excel spreadsheet to CSV or MySQL and create your own digital camera comparison website or mobile app.