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Customer that I cannot understand (2018-04-10)

Does anyone understand what this guy wanted from me?

Offline Message left on 10 Apr 2018, 04:21 AM (GMT+0)

Can you send me payment plan Dave


What are you paying for? May I know if you are interested in my design services or asking about housing mortgage or something else?


I thought you where advert selling house in phillioines
Thats why i ask for payment plan for the house i see
Your email was there so i asked for the plan
I must be wrong you not advert to sell houses


if you are a developer I can advertise you with a banner in Philippines or other World pages… similar with what I did for real estate agents in
Price: $20 per month as written in
from ” Can you send me payment plan ” how I was supposed to understand…?


Think we forget this
A house was advertised
It say contact agent
That was you
I did send for more information on that house
Now its getting complicated
So lets forget the whole thing ok


I don’t understand!!!!

It say contact agent – That was you ?????????

If you read my website further (About me) you will see that I am NOT agent, my background is in AutoCAD architectural design, but currently I am focusing on data providing because is more profitable. So advertising houses for sale does NOT interfere with my own business. What do you want to advertise? I see you from Thailand but message was sent from Philippines page.
For faster communication visit website and send message via live chat again


Also, and the real estate agents advertised there are doing business strictly in Singapore so there is no problem to advertise a housing development in Philippines on this page they won’t interfere each other.

Please don’t understand me wrong, I AM NOT AGENT, the agent is William Chui who is paying me monthly to advertise his house selling service… I also don’t understand what do you want from me, what do you want to advertise, etc. Can you explain more clearly?

If you don’t want to advertise on my website, no problem, I don’t care about losing $20 per month when I am earning 4 digits per month from my services.