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Oct 16

The BIGGEST Vehicle Database

Download SAMPLE (BMW only)

Car models, engines, transmission, drivetrain, tires, dimensions, weight, performance, etc (Excel)
Alternate formats: CSV and SQL

Buy full database (all makes)

If you are interested in specific data fields and DON’T want to pay a huge price for all 45 fields, you can buy other packages (having SAME number of rows) such as Car Models, Engines (7 columns, 67% discount), Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, Performance (23 columns, 50% discount), or tell me what fields do you need, I will sell part of data at negotiable price lower than the price of complete database.

The BIG Car Database

History & last releases

Original text added in late 2014: Who is interested in the most detailed car database ever existed on internet, please make a price offer, leave a comment a bottom of page or contact me in other ways… Depending by number of offers, I will decide to invest my life expanding the existing database, or will be a waste of time, so I will rather abandon the idea and go to do something else requiring less effort and generating more profit.

As 2014 the biggest database (Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, Performance had 21 columns of technical specs, 19 of them with 99% completion, it hardly got sales, most sales being done by Car Models, Engines, this proved how FEW people are interested in detailed technical data per car vs people looking for a simple list of cars detailed to engine level. I estimated that an potential expansion to 45 columns would generate one sale per month, too few for  project that require about 500 hours of work!

In May 2014 I bought a 24″ 1920×1200 monitor to replace the 17″ crap, this encouraged me to engage in bigger databases.

In June 2014 I added new 20 columns so in the future I can add all possible data from AutoKatalog, filled data for about 100 cars as marketing experiment, inviting people to make an offer.

By end 2014 just 1 person informed me that will like to purchase such BIG database. Few additional people requested to add specific data such as car tires or transmission, so I launched separately Car Tire Database, for other requirements please ask and I will sell them separately too.

However, estimated sales potential not generate at least 10 euro per hour invested, so this will be a LOW priority project, only if I have nothing else to do.

Initially I was adding additional data only for tires and transmission fields, as the customers requested, but in October 2014 I decided that would not take much more time to fill up all 26 additional fields, in defavor of customers waiting for me to complete car tires ASAP, this decision was to avoid needing to do again entire job if a new customer wants an additional data field, by November about 2500 cars (2000-present) had all 45 columns filled up, then I ran out of time due of personal/family problems.

Additional 4500 cars got 45 columns filled in March-May 2015 (1995-present).

I released for sale “The BIG database” in September 2015, 45 columns filled 11000 cars (92% for 1990/1995 package). Finalized 1995-present, the missing 8% is mostly in 1990-1995 period.

96 makes, 1445 models, 16506 versions, as 20 December 2015.
80 makes, 1125 models, 12736 versions, for 1990/1995-present.
61 makes, 706 models, 8507 versions, for 2005-present.
Update with new cars.

100 makes, 1524 models, 16918 versions, as 10 March 2016.
Update with old cars, added Bitter, BMW Alpina, DeLorean, Jensen.
45 columns filled for 14400 cars (98.7% for 1990/1995 package).

103 makes, 1558 models, 17538 versions, as 28 March 2016.
Update with new cars, added Fisker, Tesla, Wiesmann.
45 columns filled for 15000 cars (99.0% for 1990/1995 package).

103 makes, 1576 models, 17941 versions, as 12 August 2016.
Update with new cars.

In the next phase I will not just expand to 45 columns the cars currently in database, but also add few 1980s cars currently missing from database. I am planning to expand all makes to 1970s by end 2016.

Full change log.

Source of data

Primarily AutoKatalog, the german car magazine published since 1957 every year in September, one of most reputable car publications in the world. AutoKatalog shows each year cars currently in production, with no years of production indicated. The years in my database are generated by the books the car appears in, for example if a car appears in AK 2000, 2001, 2002 I indicated year 1999-2002.

Mid-year updates were possible sourcing data from Wikipedia, ADAC, and other online sources.

AutoKatalog was surprisingly discontinued in 2014, in the future the primary source of data will be ADAC.

The original database (2003-2014): initially it included only data that I was personally interested, engine and performance data. In a period of 2005-2006 I was deciding when to make a new row by checking performance data, which have sometimes variations from year to year despite that engine is the same, thus causing some duplicates in engine data.

The current database (2014-present): I made separate rows for each yearly issue of AutoKatalog, but for time economy, in the first stage I filled up only the rows of the first year the car appears in AutoKatalog (or second year, if the first year looks pre-launch data). There are 2 columns of production years, which I filled for just one of the rows for each year of AutoKatalog, then filter up database by deleting rows with empty production years, producing final database having only one row per each engine-body-drivetrain combination, with no duplicates, ignoring the variations in performance data.

Accuracy notes

AutoKatalog itself does have errors, but having myself high experience in cars and data analysis, I have spotted numerous errors and input correct data. However some data remains possibly wrong because I do not know what would be correct values.

The most important data, such as engine and dimensions, are 99.99% accurate. Less accurate data are the following: performance data, where are often variations such as +/- 0.1 litres in fuel consumption between yearly issues of AutoKatalog, suspension type: sometimes it indicate double wishbone on one year and multilink in another year, can’t know which is correct, and tire size (especially the speed indicator is different from yearly issues of AutoKatalog.

Do note that nobody is perfect, 100% accuracy is impossible, but I believe that my manually hand-made car database is the most accurate vehicle database ever existed on internet, given by the comments from my customers who previously bought car databases from other sources which appears to be crawled using automatic software, including junk data, and no human is ever checked for errors.

if you want to counter-check my accuracy, I advise you to check against German websites. Expect small differences for certain cars when checking against websites from other countries, due of the bad sources of data that most websites uses.

Data fields included

Naming: Make, Model, Version, Years, Sold in, Class 100%
Model data: Body type 100.00%, No. of doors 100.00%, No. of seats 99.7%, Engine place 100%, Drivetrain 100%
Engine data: Cylinders 100%, Displacement (cm³) 100%, Power (PS) 100%, Power (kW) 99.0%, Power (rpm) 98.9%, Torque (Nm) 99.8%, Torque (rpm) 98.9%, Bore × Stroke (mm) 86.5%, Compression ratio 86.5%, Valves per cylinder 98.5%, Crankshaft 86.5%, Fuel injection 98.5%, Supercharger 98.4%, Catalytic 2.7%, Manual 98.5%, Automatic 98.5%
Drivetrain data: Suspension front 98.3%, Suspension rear 98.3%, Assisted steering 98.3%, Brakes front 98.3%, Brakes rear 98.3%, ABS 86.7%, ESP 62.2%, Tire size 98.6%, Tire size rear (if different than front) 7.3%
Body data: Wheelbase (mm) 99.2%, Track front (mm) 86.4%, Track rear (mm) 86.4%, Length (mm) 99.2%, Width (mm) 99.2%, Height (mm) 99.2%, Curb weight (kg) 98.4%, Gross weight (kg) 98.2%, Cargo space (litres) 98.9%, Tow weight (kg) 98.2%
Gas tank (litres) 99.1%
Performance data: 0-100 kmph (sec) 99.3%, Max speed (km/h) 99.5%, Fuel efficiency (l/100km) 98.9%, Engine type 99.7%, Fuel type 97.9%, co2 (g/km) 46.6%

Completion percentages are calculated as March 2016 for 1990-present package with 13552 model versions.
The database had until 2014 only 19 fields, I have hardworked in 2014-2015 to fill up additional 25 fields for 96% of cars of 1990/1995-present by October 2015, and 98% by March 2016. Expect these fields to be empty for cars before 1990 because will take few more months to finalize them too (old cars = not a priority). Cars produced after 2013 sourced from ADAC instead of AutoKatalog do not have bore × stroke, compression ratio, crankshaft, etc, this is why percentage is 86%.


Worldwide passenger automobiles sold in Europe market starting from 1970-1990 to present, depending by brand (average 1980-present). See list of manufacturers with their exact coverage, Source of data: AutoKatalog, german car magazine.

Non-European customers can check list of car models included in Excel file and report missing models (sold in your country but not in Europe) and I may add them for you, completed with technical data.

As early 2013 all brands were 1986-present. During 2013-2014 I expanded most European and Japanese brands to 1980 and some even to 1970. American and Russian cars remain 1990-present. I could expanded all brands to 1970, but 90% of customers do not need cars older than 20-30 years old, thus in 2014 I decided to halt historical expansion and focus instead on adding more details for 1990-present cars, making The BIG Car Database, after finishing adding all details for 1990-present in October 2015 I started adding more details for pre-1990 cars and in the same time I am adding missing pre-1990 cars, hoping to have 1970s-present coverage for all brands by 2016. See full change log.

BONUS: 1945-1990 models for BMW, ISO Rivolta, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche. Source of data: Wikipedia and various websites (less data available per car).

Do I shoud add 1945-1980 cars considering lack of detailed data, or focus on new cars?

Add older cars regardless how little and unnaccurate data is available
Don’t add older cars unless some accurate detailed data is available (minimum engine size, horsepower, and production years for each engine), to not damage the overall level of 99% data completion for the main columns
We do not need cars older than 20-30 years. Rather use your free time to add more details about 2000s cars
Please Specify:

Quiz Maker

Poll – abbreviations

The reason for which I use abbreviations is because I sourced data from books which also use abbreviated due of limited amount of paper space, and because when I started this European database in 2003 I had an 1024×768 screen, that’s why I made it in 12 columns only. Now I have a 24″ 1920×1200 screen and this allowed me to expand database to 45 columns, my screen is still not big enough as the database would require a 27″ 2560×1440 screen to display completely, so I choose to hide columns when adding new data. However, after I enter all data from AutoKatalog books going back to 1970, there will be no more reason to have a database that fit in screen width, as the updates with new cars are done via copy-pasting and not manual typing. The databases I made for other continents, America and India, source data from websites which do not have limitations of a printed book, so they use full words, and I wonder if should do the same for European database.

Should I use abbreviations or full names? (in columns body type, drivetrain, injection type, turbocharger, suspension, brakes, fuel type)

Full names
Please Specify:


Poll – tires

How I should indicate tire size for sport cars with different front and rear tires?

one column saying “245/35-305/30 R 20” (this is original AutoKatalog format)
one column saying “front 245/35 R 20 / rear 305/30 R 20”
two columns “tires” and “rear tires (if different than front)”, leave second column empty for 90%+ of cars which have same tires front and back
Please Specify:

Poll Maker

Poll – hierarchy

Data structure is not optimal, causing loss of customers? Don’t go away, YOU can suggest a new data structure!

Please Specify:

Poll Maker

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